Bitcoin System Review: New Auto Crypto Trading Software Claims Instant Profits?

The Bitcoin System, offered at, claims to be a profitable cryptocurrency trading system that uses an automated investing bot to generate income using their software.


As most of our readers may be well aware of, 2020 has seen Bitcoin (as well as many other crypto assets) make a massive comeback — with the premier cryptocurrency scaling to a respectable price point of $10,500 last month after having stopped to a relative low of around $3K during 2019.

Additionally, since the start of March, the global finance sector at large seems to be going through a period of recession, with Nasdaq recording a plunge of more than 7% in a single day recently — which was the market’s worst showing since the meltdown of 2008. However, in the midst of all these price corrections, Bitcoin seems to have come out of the other end of the tunnel relatively unscathed.

Let's review Bitcoin System, found at Best Bitcoin System dot com website, to see if this automated cryptocurrency trading system can actually produce profits for users or see if there are other ways to earn bitcoin online that are much safer and faster.

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What is Bitcoin System?

In its most basic sense, Bitcoin System can be thought of as an all-new platform that allows users to “read and decipher market movements” in a highly streamlined manner. According to the official product website, it makes use of a host of cutting edge technological innovations such as “predictive analysis protocols” so as to help users maximize their profits.

With that being said, the product puts forth a number of dubious claims that are not founded by any factual evidence. For starters, the creators of Bitcoin System have stated that their platform allows users to make mammoth profits of more than $13,000 on a day-to-day basis. This number is not backed by any data and anyone looking to invest in this service should immediately view such a bold proclamation as a massive red flag.

Signs to be Wary of

(i) Claims of the Software being Highly Advanced: All throughout the company’s website, it is mentioned that the Bitcoin System is able to deliver amazing financial results thanks to its easy-to-use software — that allegedly delivers an impressive success ratio of around 89%. This number does not make any sense since there is no statistical data to support this notion even in the slightest,

(ii) False claims of Third-Party Testing: The creators of the Bitcoin System have mentioned on their official website that their offering has been back-tested by a third party expert using a host of unique validation protocols. Again, there is no evidence to suggest that this is true.

(iii) Unrealistic Profit Projections: As mentioned earlier, the creators of the Bitcoin System claim to have helped make their clients profits in excess of $13,000 per day. In this regard, anyone who has dealt with cryptos in the past knows that such tactics are commonly employed by a number of scamsters who are looking to lure in unsuspecting investors.

(iv) Fake Broker Details: Even though the official Bitcoin System website states that the platform “automatically allocates a hand-picked broker” to each individual user as per his/her geographical location, there are no factual details provided for the same.

Verdict — Outright Scam

As is quite obvious for everyone to see, Bitcoin System is an outright scam that has been designed by nefarious individuals looking to leech on the earnings of hard-working people. Thus for people looking to source out quality crypto-investment avenues, we would suggest that they scour the market for options other than Bitcoin System.

FAQ About Best Bitcoin System

Let's cover some of the most commonly asked questions about the best bitcoin system trading platform to see if anyone should actually consider making an investment into the platform.

Can you trust Bitcoin System?

Upon performing a detailed investigation of the platform, we have come to a definitive conclusion that Bitcoin System is a quick cash grab scheme that has been designed by hackers to cheat unsuspecting crypto holders of their valuable assets.

What Claims Does Bitcoin System Put Forth?

As per the official company website, the creators of the platform claim that users who make use of Bitcoin System will be able to rake in daily profits in excess of $13,000. However, we should point out that these numbers are not backed by any factual data whatsoever.

Is Bitcoin System Worth Trying Out at least?

In our opinion, the platform is an outright scam. For starters, the creators of Bitcoin system claim to make use of highly advanced algorithms to allow users to reap amazing profits. This notion is not backed by any data, stats or figures. Secondly, all of the testimonials present on the company’s website are fake. We say this because all of the photos used on the page are stock images that have been taken from Shutterstock — an online media repository.

What is the pricing structure of Bitcoin System?

Even though the creators of Bitcoin System claim that their offering is completely free to use, it bears mentioning that upon signing up users are required to make a minimum deposit of around $200. This tactic is quite commonly used by scam artists looking to make a quick buck and was witnessed all through the ICO boom of 2017 — a time when the market was full of such shady projects.

Final Words

These automatic crypto trading software systems are a dime a dozen. GainBitcoin has reviewed Bitcoin Optimizer, Crypto Comeback Pro, Crypto Genius, Ethereum Code, Ripple Code, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution, Crypto Revolution, Bitcoin Circuit and Bitcoin Storm to a name a few – and one thing you will see between them all, is the same approach, pitch and claims. It is wise to proceed with extreme caution as a buyer beware alert is in order should you try out one of these automated cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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