Ethereum Code Review: Legit Automated Crypto Trading Bot Software or Scam?

Reviewing the Ethereum Code bot that claims to be a profitable, automated cryptocurrency trading robot software service that generates real results using their app platform.


In its most basic sense, Ethereum Code can be thought of as an automated cryptocurrency trading platform with a trading bot that allows investors to speculate on the profits that Ethereum (ETH) can generate at any given point in time. To be a bit more specific, we can see that the Ethereum Code trading bot app makes use of a novel algorithmic trading code that can allegedly take advantage of the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market to help provide users with regular profits in a streamlined, hassle-free manner.

Once a person starts using the Ethereum Code, he/she does not have to employ any other technical indicator or strategies of their own since the application takes care of the rest. All that one has to do is routinely monitor the performance of the bot and see that the trading parameters that had been set beforehand are left as they are.

As per a video available on the official company website, Ethereum Code is currently in its beta testing phase, which means that interested users are welcome to try out the bot absolutely free of cost. Additionally, the video also carries a message from Marc Weston, the CEO of Ethereum Code, in which he speaks about the core idea underlying the product. In his own words, the idea to create Ethereum Code came to him after he started talking to one of his office colleagues who had been able to amass quite a massive fortune by investing in Bitcoin at the turn of the last decade.

Let's review Ethereum Code bot and see if the automatic cryptocurrency trading platform is a scam or it is a legit software program that can truly produce real profits.


About Ethereum Code

The folks behind Ethereum Code claim that the app makes use of a cloud computing framework to function 24/7 in a seamless manner. Additionally, no peripheral downloads (such as runtime libraries) are required to use the application. If that wasn’t enough, owing to the use of novel algorithms, Ethereum Code is able to scan a number of different markets per minute to source out the best crypto trading opportunities available in the market at any given moment.

Other key facets worth pointing out:

  • Tax-Free Returns: The core dev team behind Ethereum Code claims that the profits generated through the use of this app are completely tax-free. However, this statement can be a bit misleading since different countries around the world make use of varying tax structures in relation to automated cryptocurrency trading platforms.
  • Decent Returns: The team behind Ethereum Code believes that regular use of the bot can allow users to make profits of around $3,000 on a regular basis. And while such scenarios may appear to be true during bull seasons, it is highly unlikely that returns of such mammoth proportions can be procured during market lulls and other phases of bearish action.
  • Testimonials: There are a number of people whose testimonies are available online claiming that Ethreum Code helped them make amazing profits time and time again.

Who is the person behind Ethereum Code?

As mentioned in an earlier section, the Ethereum Code is the brainchild of a former accountant by the name of Marc Weston. In his own words, prior to creating this novel trading bot, he worked as a backend staff member for a number of different multinational software corporations. However, he then decided to ditch his 9-5 career in favor of becoming a full-time crypto trader. Whether or not the validity behind Marc Weston is real or not remains to be seen as there is not much information made available to research more about his story and credentials.

How Does Ethereum Code Bot Work?

The Ethereum Code trading platform for cryptocurrency investors is meant to be as easy as 1-2-3-4 from start to finish.

Step 1: Account Creation

As with any exchange platform. Ethereum Code also requires users to create their personal trading account. To do this, one has to click on the ‘start now’ button located at the top right side of the app’s landing page. Following this, users need to fill out their details (such as name, email address, country of residence, etc).

Step 2: Initiate a Demo Trading Run

Before submitting any money into the app, users are provided with an opportunity to run a full trial of the algorithms that govern the trading bot. In order to do this, all one has to do is go and click on the “Go to Demo”. Following this, the platform will automatically take you to a simulation zone where you will be given $1,500 worth of virtual funds. These funds can then be used for trading in real-life market conditions without any risks. The entire process is quite simple and it is recommended that the bot be left to do its thing for a period of at least 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 3: Put Some Money into Your Account

Once the aforementioned demo trading phase has concluded, users can proceed to deposit funds into their personal Ethereum Code accounts (given that they are satisfied with the overall efficacy of the platform first). In order to make a deposit, one has to click on the “Go to Live” button and then proceed with the deposit. Once the process has been initiated, users will be sent a message from the app’s admin staff. The entire process is quite streamlined but a deposit can take a few days to execute fully.

Step 4: Start the Trading Process

Once all of the initial formalities are done, users can start using Ethereum Code by simply clicking on the red “Off” button under the “Auto Trading” tab. As soon as this is done, the app starts to source out the best available trade opportunities available at that given moment.

What Makes Ethereum Code Bot Better Than Others?

While none of this is factually provable upon reviewing The Ethereum Bot trading service, here is what the official website claims:

(i) Easy to use: When compared to a number of other similar products available in the market today, Ethereum Code is extremely simple and straightforward to use.

(ii) Unique Coding Structure: As mentioned earlier, the app makes use of a unique algorithmic coding framework that is quite efficacious and pragmatic in its utility.

(iii) Decent Success Rate: A number of people who have tested out the product online have found the app to deliver a high success rate of almost 70%.

(iv) Free to Use (at least for the time being): Since Ethereum Code is still in its beta testing phase at the moment, it can be used by anyone absolutely free of cost.

(v) No Need to Reveal Private Details: When making use of Ethereum Code, users are not required to reveal any details related to their credit/debit cards or Paypal account.

FAQ About Ethereum Code

As a quick recap on the trending automated cryptocurrency trading software platform, let's answer the most pressing questions about Ethereum Code Bot.

Q: Is Ethereum Code A Scam or Legit?

A: The Ethereum Code Bot claims to be an automated trading software that analyzes current trading trends in the market using a state-of-the-art algorithm that automatically makes trading bets on your behalf. The accuracy, legitimacy and veracity of the Ethereum Code is largely unproven and unfounded despite the numerous claims of producing real results and profits for users.

Q: How Profitable is Ethereum Code Bot?

A: According to the official website, the Ethereum Code trading bot says the sky is the limit about profits it can earn for traders. Depending on the initial amount deposited, users are expected to earn daily profits which is all outlined in the members area. While the Ethereum Bot makers boldly state and would like to have you believe thousands of dollars are possible a day, it is likely not a reality for the majority if any. However, one might suspect some profit is available given the glorification of their trading bot software but it is a buyer beware opportunity to say the least. High risk, medium reward is possibly another way of putting it.

Q: How Much Does Ethereum Code Cost?

A: Apparently this amazing auto-trading bot is free to use for all users. It is unclear how much the full Ethereum Code software service price is despite being free to sign up for users.


While there is never a magic software that can help investors get rich overnight, Ethereum Code seems to be a risky yet semi-legit tool that can allow users to maximize their crypto returns in the easiest, most hassle-free manner possible.

To start making use of the ‘ground-breaking, automated cryptocurrency trading application', all one has to do is go to the official company website and follow the instructions that have been outlined there. The entire process is quite simple and should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Just beware of the inherent risks in using an automated trading platform and service, as either are capable of failing and disappearing overnight.

From using the actual Ethereum Code bot trading service and it being a scam to losing money on its automated investments, either are both possibilities that everyone should keep in mind if opting to try the Ethereum Code. There are other opportunities that may fit the scope of what your goals and needs are in terms of generating cryptocurrency profits like The Investment of the Decade and Crypto Income Quarterly that may be exactly what you are looking for versus using the automated crypto trading bot service, the Ethereum Code.

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