Bitcoin Evolution Review: Revolutionary Crypto Trading Bot or Scam?

Bitcoin Evolution claims to be a revolutionary cryptocurrency trading bot that automatically earns users profits via its investment system, but what does the research say about its scam potential?


Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto trading app that claims to use algorithms to generate profits.

Like other crypto trading bots, Bitcoin Evolution claims to make smart trades on your behalf, delivering steady profit to your portfolio with minimal risk. The system has been advertised online with claims of making “guaranteed $10,000 a week”.

Bitcoin Evolution appeared online in January 2020. According to a promotional video, Bitcoin Evolution is currently in its beta test. A limited number of users have been invited to that beta test.

Let's review Bitcoin Evolution to see if the trending auto cryptocurrency trading bot is all that it is praised to be or find out if Bitcoin Evolution is a scam. This overview on the popular bitcoin trading bot will answer the following questions about helping you earn bitcoin online:

  • Is Bitcoin Evolution legit?
  • How does Bitcoin Evolution work?
  • Should you buy Bitcoin Evolution?
  • How much does Bitcoin Evolution cost?

Find out everything you need to know about Bitcoin Evolution today in our review.

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What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is a crypto robot trading app that claims to use algorithmic trading technology to take advantage of the volatility of crypto markets.

You give the Bitcoin Evolution trading bot money, and the robot makes intelligent trades on your behalf to generate profits automatically.

Like other crypto trading bots, there’s limited maintenance required after signup. You don’t need to do anything except monitor the performance of the bot.

Who’s Behind Bitcoin Evolution?

The January 2020 promotional video features a man named Mark Weston, who claims to be the CEO of Bitcoin Evolution.

Weston got the idea for Bitcoin Evolution when he was working a 9-5 office job at a multinational software corporation. One of his colleagues was an early bitcoin investor who made a fortune. Weston was frustrated that he missed the opportunity with bitcoin, but he felt there were other opportunities in crypto.

Weston then decided to build his own crypto trading software, Bitcoin Evolution. Oddly, Weston claims he has no background in software development: he’s an accountant by trade.

It’s unclear if Weston developed Bitcoin Evolution himself or with a team. There’s no information about the company’s location, contact information, or other details available online. He also seems to be a part of the Ethereum Code system as well, if not the Bitcoin Revolution program too.

How Does Bitcoin Evolution Work?

The Bitcoin Evolution website vaguely describes the software and how it works. There’s limited information about the technical side of the software, although there’s plenty of information about how much money you can make (“Automated $10,00/week earnings”, for example).

Bitcoin Evolution claims to use cloud technology to operate 24/7/365. You do not need to download anything to use the software: it’s all available through your normal web browser.

Bitcoin Evolution also claims their platform is “lightning fast” because of the algorithms they use. These algorithms scan the markets thousands of times each minute to find crypto trading opportunities.

How to Use Bitcoin Evolution

Using Bitcoin Evolution is straightforward. You sign up via the official website, then head to the demo trading platform.

At the demo trading platform, you can activate one or more crypto trading bots. You can also customize certain settings with these bots (although Bitcoin Evolution's default settings should work fine for most users).

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to use Bitcoin Evolution:

Step 1) Register: Bitcoin Evolution requires you to enter your full name and email address to sign up. At the next page, Bitcoin Evolution will ask further details from you, including your country of residence, desired password, and phone number.

Step 2) Demo Trading: You have created your account and have access to the demo trading platform. You can test the bots and customize settings without funding your account. Click ‘Go to Demo’ on the left tab. You’ll arrive at a page where you can test the crypto trading bots. Bitcoin Evolution will even give you $1,500 of virtual funds to test the system out. You can use these funds to test trading strategies on real market conditions. To turn on your bots, click ‘Off’ under ‘Auto Trading’. The crypto bots will start making risk-free trades within seconds. Let the bots run for a few minutes (or a few hours), then check your virtual portfolio.

Step 3) Deposit Funds: If you are impressed with your demo trading performance, then you can deposit funds to start using real money. Click ‘Go to Live’ on the left tab to reach the live Trading Room. Then, click ‘Deposit’ under the ‘Current Brokers’ section. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Evolution does not have a streamlined deposit process at the moment. After clicking deposit, you’ll see a message telling you that the administrators of the service will contact you with further instructions. It can take several days to deposit funds.

Step 4) Start Trading: Once funds are in your account, you can run the Bitcoin Evolution trading bots with real funds. Click the ‘Off’ button to activate the bots, and the bots will start trading funds immediately.

How Much Money Can You Make With Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is marketing itself online with crazy claims of making $10,000 a week – guaranteed.

There are plenty of legitimate crypto trading systems available online today, but few systems claim to offer guaranteed profits.

What’s even more unusual is that Bitcoin Evolution claims these profits are completely tax-free. Yes, you can earn $10,000 per week, every week, guaranteed, without paying a dime of taxes. You’ll be a millionaire by the end of year two.

Obviously, these claims are severely exaggerated.

Crypto trading is extremely risky. Yes, some people generate enormous profits by trading cryptocurrency. We’ve all heard about early bitcoin and Ethereum investors. However, many other people lose everything.

Ultimately, it’s hard to evaluate how much money you can make with Bitcoin Evolution, as your experience will vary widely. However, there are very few investment opportunities in the world that will pay you $10,000 per week, guaranteed.

Bitcoin Evolution Features

Bitcoin Evolution advertises all of the following features:

  • Autopilot Trading: Sit back and relax while Bitcoin Evolution does all of the hard work for you.
  • Tax Free Profits: Oddly, Bitcoin Evolution claims that you do not need to pay any taxes on profits generated through the system.
  • Cloud Technology: Bitcoin Evolution claims to run on cloud technology with no downloads required.
  • 24/7/365: Bitcoin Evolution's cloud-based platform runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Fast: Bitcoin Evolution claims its state of the art algorithms scan markets thousands of times a minute for opportunities.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam?

Is Bitcoin Evolution legit? It’s hard to tell. If someone claims an investment will pay you “guaranteed $10,000 per week risk-free”, then you’re absolutely being scammed. The moneymaking claims attached to Bitcoin Evolution are absurd.

However, Bitcoin Evolution seems to have a legitimate platform and interface. You can sign up and test the crypto trading bots.

Crypto trading bots are real. People have spent thousands of hours developing crypto trading algorithms that generate real profits through cryptocurrency trades. These bots have been backtested against historical crypto markets. Some of the best bots can consistently generate profits.

It’s hard to assess the performance of Bitcoin Evolution's trading bots without extensive testing, however. Good crypto trading bot developers don’t need to attach ridiculous earning claims to their bots: they let the performance do the talking.

We do know, however, that the customer testimonials for Bitcoin Evolution are completely fake.

The website quotes a “real user” named “Christopher Farrell”, for example, who claims to have made $9832.79 his first day using the software. A reverse image search on the man’s face, however, shows that it’s the profile picture for a man named David Ingledow who seems to have no connection to the project whatsoever.

Again, legitimate crypto trading bots do not need to use fake testimonials or earning claims.

Who is Mark Weston?

Bitcoin Evolution was reportedly created by a man named Mark Weston. Weston describes himself as CEO of Bitcoin Evolution. He also claims he works for a multinational software developer – although he is an accountant and not a developer.

Aside from this basic information, we know nothing about Mark Weston or his background. It’s unclear if Weston developed Bitcoin Evolution entirely by himself, or if he had a team working with him.

Bitcoin Evolution publishes no contact information online. However, there is an online contact form here:

Bitcoin Evolution  Pricing

Bitcoin Evolution is free to use. Bitcoin Evolution also does not seem to charge any trading fees. Here’s how the company describes its pricing system:

“We in no way are charging for the Bitcoin Evolution system – it is 100% FREE. We will never ask you for banking details. Once you have signed up, we will recommend a broker that works best with our software. You will deposit some funds with the broker to begin trading with – remember this is not a payment for us, but capital to trade with. The money is always YOURS and you can withdraw it from the broker at any time.”

It's possible that Bitcoin Evolution receives a commission from certain brokers.

FAQs About Bitcoin Evolution

Let's summarize the last few questions about the Bitcoin Evolution crypto trading bot system.

Q: How much money can I make with Bitcoin Evolution?

A: Bitcoin Evolution claims users can expect to earn $10,000 per week, guaranteed and tax-free. Obviously, we’re extremely skeptical of that claim.

Q: Who made Bitcoin Evolution?

A: Bitcoin Evolution was made by a man named Mark Weston, who describes himself as the CEO of the company. Weston is an accountant who was motivated to launch Bitcoin Evolution after watching a friend earn thousands through bitcoin trading.

Q: Is Bitcoin Evolution legit?

A: There are signs Bitcoin Evolution is a scam. The website has fake testimonials and ridiculous earning promises, for example. However, the platform seems to work. You can sign up and trade virtual money on the platform in minutes, for example.

Q: Is Bitcoin Evolution easy to use?

A: Bitcoin Evolution is designed for people with limited trading or crypto experience. If you can navigate the internet, then you can use Bitcoin Evolution.

Q: How does Bitcoin Evolution promise tax-free earnings?

A: Bitcoin Evolution claims users can expect to earn thousands of dollars without paying a penny of tax. The company never explains how this works. Just like with Bitcoin Evolution's earning promises, we’re extremely skeptical of the tax-free claim.

Final Word

Bitcoin Evolution is a cryptocurrency trading bot platform that claims to pay you $10,000 per week in guaranteed, tax-free earnings.

We’re skeptical about Bitcoin Evolution and everything surrounding the platform. However, if you want to test your luck, then you can sign up for Bitcoin Evolution online today.

For the best way to make cryptocurrency profits via investing, we recommend checking out the investment of the decade program versus going with a high-likelihood that the cryptocurrency trading bot system known as Bitcoin Evolution will not work out in the long run.

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