GainBitcoin is an independent crypto news, bitcoin guide and blockchain-focused portal that delivers well researched media. We publish news about all cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects and bitcoin market activity. Many of the GainBitcoin news reporters have been involved in the space for over four years or more and offer a diverse, experienced background in the emerging bitcoin era.

Over the past decade cryptoassets, lead by bitcoin, have become a living, breathing phenomenon that runs quite literally 24/7/365. Having a breathe of fresh crypto-centric journalism air is just what our dedicated writing team and editorial staff do around the clock.

The primary purpose behind the Gain Bitcoin publishing portal is to educate and inform the world with timely news, genuine updates, thought-provoking headlines.

It’s time to enter the world of GainBitcoin, a trusted site to provide insight and innovation into the digital economy led by bitcoin, blockchain and all its cryptocurrency family.

Why GainBitcoin Now?

GainBitcoin has a decorated past. And its on the rather dim and dark side if sliced down the middle.

The new GainBitcoin has set out to write the wrongs of the past. While the prior relationship to the world GB had with the world may be murky and gloomy, it’s future does not.

The goal of GainBitcoin is to be a truth-seeking guide into the world of bitcoin, crypto coins and blockchain technology.

As this site is all too familiar with, the industry is run rampant with bad actors and wrongdoing, and the only way to preserve through it until the golden age of bitcoin dawns upon us, is to educate, inform and guide accordingly.

There will be no more misleading on GainBitcoin’s watch. Naturally, the priority becomes quality, not quantity, and the ability focus on accuracy within reading, writing and receiving.

Gain Bitcoin provides insight into cryptocurrency world through a unique lens, filled with determined vision.

The Gain Bitcoin Mission

If it takes a village to raise a kid, it 100% takes a community to inform a crypto investor.

We are a team-of-crypto-people who care about rewriting the future of digital finance.

By attracting top-tier authors and boots-on-the-ground beat writers, GainBitcoin is going to stand out from the crowd for its hot-and-heavy, detail-oriented news, guides and reviews.

With a sincere focus on obtaining interviews, quotes, insights and more from popular names in the space, we will be attending a handful to dozen of the best cryptocurrency-minded conference and blockchain-based events to deliver real-time, credible news stories.

This hand-shaking nature will be our difference maker in covering the daily news, growing vocal community and primetime projects within the blossoming bitcoin sector. The budding cryptocurrency industry needs intel that serves to create clarity, granularity and even polarity if controversy presents itself.

In some regards, it should be easy to identify with the GainBitcoin brand. Because as we study the rest of the crypto news media arena, as long as we don’t publish fake news, unbiased guides, sketchy marketing gimmicks or below-board promotional material, it should be simple to understand why GainBitcoin sticks out due to the high standard of journalism upheld here.

As the saying goes, respect is not given, it is earned. Now it’s time for GainBitcoin team of authors, reporters, editors, and publishers to earn your respect and acknowledge us as a trusted cryptocurrency news source in the budding bitcoin universe.

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