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GainBitcoin is an independent news portal that delivers well researched and quality news and articles. We publish news from Crypto Currency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Altcoin & Overall Digital Currency world. Our news reporters are most Experienced and Expert Members in the field of cryptocurrency on the Internet. Our news portal is purely dedicated to those who are searching for Bitcoin News, altcoin happenings and all kinds of digital currency news which is happening around the globe.

The Main Reason Behind this portal is to educate people and provide them with genuine news from around the world related to cryptocurrencies & blockchain. Currently, there are only a few websites which are dedicatedly publishing quality news articles about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Our mission Is to feed news to those crypto geeks and grow their knowledge day in and out.

Why We Started GainBitcoin?

As we know about today the Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherium and other Cryptocurrencies buzz became one of the main media streams in our life. People are spending much time on trading & reading news articles to be update to date with experts in the industry.

Most of the people are investing in crypto these days as they see it as one of the big investing sources to gain more profits. So they need to know more news about cryptocurrency which became the next big thing in the present world. And it has no co-relation with govt. Departments.

But what we observe is to gain their own profits by misleading their reader to buy some coins, few of online news publication sites are writing some flash news and blaming daily news readers. Which is a sad thing to know about?

That’s why we started this website to share most of the latest news and events happening related to cryptocurrencies around the world. We will never post anything as marketing stuff to our readers, instead, we will give them some quality news articles and they can learn things. We know it hard but we will be happy to serve the community.

This is the reason why we started GainBitcoin portal. For detailed case studies on bitcoin and other ICO’s, we will bring popular guest authors and industry experts to share their valuable experience with our readers. Gainbitcoin is one of the best places to gain some credible information about cryptocurrencies that you are interested in reading.

Our Goal

We are not just a crypto news publishing site, rather we will assist our readers to how to make a good path in their crypto journey. We always aim to create high-quality piece of content for readers. And also we will connect fellow enthusiasts who have mutual interests in the crypto world. Our motto is to deliver content which matters you most.

At GainBitcoin we are very serious about journalism and media. We won’t write any fake news and our readers can expect genuine and real unbiased news about crypto. The news articles writes in thie website are originated from different corners of block chain technology, so you can expect some high standards of journalism here, we hate misleading news or statements and marketing gimmicks and we won’t write to anyone’s favour.

Our Vision

Here you will find very close and perfect written aritlces that you want to read about crypto news than any “expert in blockchain technology” on the internet. We are closely observing the pros and cons of this bitcoin industry from the beginning. You can see this website as a very rare place where we deliver very tough heed from our expert writers.

In this website, we don’t ask you to buy or sell any coins. Our main vision is to create a better eco system for the reader to get the best pieces of advice from official sources without any marketing feats. We thrive to deliver news about the latest crypto infomation from official hubs to direct end users like you.

Our experience in this digital money industry pushes our boundaries beyond polls, surveys and ‘advice columns’. We aim is to built crypto masters by providing the top notch articles.

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