MSI Masters Crypto Formula: Cryptocurrency Made Simple Book

MSI Masters Crypto Formula is a new cryptocurrency made simple book and program that helps users earn multiple streams of income in the blockchain industry.


MSI Masters has launched an online course called Crypto Formula.

The course takes you from a cryptocurrency newbie to a crypto expert. You start by learning about crypto wallets and how they work, then learn how to use crypto to generate multiple streams of income.

Is the MSI Masters Crypto Formula online course worth the price? What will you learn in the course? Find out everything you need to know about MSI Masters’ Crypto Formula today in our review.

What is Crypto Formula?

Crypto Formula is an online course created by a company named MSI Masters. That company aims to teach anyone how to generate Multiple Streams of Income (or ‘MSIs’).

Like other online crypto courses, Crypto Formula walks you through the basics of crypto and how it works. You’ll learn what a crypto wallet is and how it works, for example, and how to buy your first cryptocurrency.

The course consists of seven modules. You can exclusively buy the course online today through

MSI Masters sells the course for $27. If you buy today, you also get a range of bonus products from MSI Masters, including guides on starting a business and creating other streams of income.

What will you learn in Crypto Formula? Let’s take a closer look.

What Will You Learn in Crypto Formula?

Crypto Formula consists of seven modules. The first modules explain the most basic aspects of Ethereum, bitcoin and other major blockchains and cryptocurrencies. If you know next-to-nothing about crypto, then Crypto Formula may be the beginner-friendly course you need.

Towards the middle of the course, you’ll learn about some of the grander scope features of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, including how cryptocurrencies give you freedom over traditional money – and why crypto could be the future.

The course wants to convince you that it’s not too late to make your fortune in crypto. Yes, crypto prices skyrocketed in 2017 and many people made their fortune – but we may still be in the early days of crypto. Here’s how the official website explains it:

“The crypto market has a total market capitalization of over $155 billion (on March 15, 2020) and is still growing, it's not too late to get in and secure your crypto-coins…Early adopters – often referred to as “whales” – are among the biggest market participants in crypto – think college kids who now have a net worth in the millions of dollars, all because they saw the potential of this still growing market!”

Overall, Crypto Formula is a basic, digital-only course that explains the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You can find similar information available for free online, although MSI Masters has packaged everything into a convenient online course.

Crypto Formula Modules

Crypto Formula consists of seven modules, each of which covers a different aspect of cryptocurrency, including:

Module 1: What is the Ethereum Blockchain and Why Is It Important? This module highlights the world’s second largest blockchain platform by market cap – Ethereum and its native token Ether (ETH). Ethereum is like a decentralized supercomputer, and we’re only beginning to see its full potential. This module explains why Ethereum could continue changing the world.

Module 2: What is a Crypto Wallet & How Can You Use One? If you have ever bought any cryptocurrency before, then you already have a crypto wallet. This module explains how crypto wallets work, including how they securely store your ETH, BTC, and other coins.

Module 3: How to Get & Safely Store Ethereum: This module explains the different storage options for Ethereum, including how to buy your first Ether (ETH) from an exchange – and where to store that ETH for maximum security.

Module 4: Why Does Decentralized Currency Give You Immense Financial Power? This module explains “life-changing” information for those who want to “gain financial independence”. You’ll learn how cryptocurrency is borderless and can be transferred anywhere in the world in seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional fiat currency.

Module 5: The Top 3 Advantages to Using Cryptocurrency Over Traditional Money: This module builds off the lessons in the previous module, explaining major advantages cryptocurrency has over traditional money. You can transfer cryptocurrency cheaply and efficiently anywhere in the world, for example, and that’s why today’s largest cryptocurrencies have immense value.

Module 6: The Freedom & Flexibility of Cryptocurrency: This module rehashes information covered in the previous two modules, explaining how cryptocurrency lets you bypass traditional banking infrastructure and take full control of your money instead of leaving it as a “hostage” to your bank.

Module 7: Becoming an MSI Master: This course explains how to use cryptocurrency to setup multiple streams of income.

Other Lessons Included with Crypto Formula

By signing up for Crypto Formula today, you get access to a small number of other MSI Masters products, including all of the following:

A Step by Step Turnkey Business System: This guide walks you through creating a business and establishing a secondary stream of income.

Proven, Recommended Income Systems: The executive team at MSI Masters has 70+ years of combined leadership experience and has collectively generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue and commissions. In this guide, the MSI Masters explain proven, recommended income streams.

Private Traffic Black Book: When you purchase Crypto Formula, you get access to the MSI Masters Black Book, which highlights traffic generation strategies used by website owners, affiliate marketers, and others. The guide also discusses private traffic networks, allowing you to share websites with a community in exchange for clicks and visits.

Live Chat Support: Crypto Formula students get access to the MSI Masters customer support team, which includes a Facebook Group, Telegram Group, and live chat via the official website.

How Much Money Can You Make with Crypto Formula?

Crypto Formula is marketed online similar to other get rich quick schemes. The sales page at is filled with testimonials from customers making thousands of dollars by following the Crypto Formula moneymaking system.

As far as we can tell, you make money by referring Crypto Formula to other people. If someone else buys Crypto Formula through your affiliate link, then you earn a slice of their $27 payment. This is the “crypto income stream” secret that MSI Masters hints about.

Some of the advertised claims made on the Crypto Formula sales page include:

One customer claims to have earned $3,127 in 30 days with Crypto Formula

Another customer earned 1 ETH (worth around $400 at the time) in a single day

After 7 weeks of following Crypto Formula’s moneymaking advice, one customer claims to have made over $20,000

Two other customers claim to have made their first commission within 2 to 5 days of joining Crypto Formula

Overall, the Crypto Formula sales page describes the crypto field as a “gold rush”. Even though everyone has already heard of bitcoin, you can still purportedly make your fortune by following the advice in Crypto Formula.

Typically, websites have income disclaimers warning that these results are atypical. However, MSI Masters posts no such income disclaimer, which suggests anyone can earn thousands of dollars by following the Crypto Formula system.

Crypto Formula Pricing

Crypto Formula is priced at $27.

The company claims to be planning to sell the course for $127 eventually, although it’s discounted 80% as part of an early bird launch special.

You can pay online via PayPal, credit card, or cryptocurrency.

Crypto Formula Refund Policy

Crypto Formula does not seem to come with any refund policy. As far as we can tell, your $27 fee is non-refundable.

About MSI Masters

MSI Masters is a private community of online entrepreneurs seeking to create Multiple Streams of Income. The members-only website at provides limited information about the organization upfront.

MSI Masters appears to have launched in June 2020 (which is when the domain was registered). As far as we can tell, Crypto Formula is the first major product from that company. A search for “MSI Masters” online reveals few other search results.

There’s limited information online about MSI Masters, who’s running the organization, or what type of professional experience they have. However, the organization claims its executive group has 70+ years of combined experience running businesses and has generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue.

As far as we can tell, the only way to contact MSI Masters (as a non-member) is via the official website, where you’ll see a live chat form.

Final Word

MSI Masters has launched an online course called Crypto Formula. That course walks you through the basics of cryptocurrency and how it works, including how to setup an ETH wallet and how to buy your first bitcoin.

The course contains information similar to what you can find for free online. However, Crypto Formula aims to differentiate itself by highlighting moneymaking opportunities for average crypto newbies. The course teaches you how to earn affiliate income by teaching other people about crypto online, for example. According to customer testimonials on the sales page, students can earn thousands of dollars per month by following this system.

As far as we can tell, the moneymaking system involves referring other people to buy crypto education products, and then earning a cut of their profit. By telling other people about Crypto Formula, for example, you can earn money whenever someone purchases the course through your link.

Overall, there’s limited information about MSI Masters, Crypto Formula, or the moneymaking opportunity available online. However, you can learn more by visiting


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