Credit Score Accelerator Review: Layla Jama and Wesley Virgin’s Credit Repair Program

The Credit Score Accelerator program by Layla Jama and Wesley Virgin is a training course that is meant to help users boost and repair their credit scores fast using these banking trade secrets.


A credit score can hold a lot of weight in someone’s life. This score is often attached to the approval for mortgage and car loans, and it can impact the way that new credit cards can be attained. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that have had unforeseen circumstances that have led to bad credit scores, and the path to heal from that damage can seem overwhelming. However, in a new event with Credit Score Accelerator, there’s some light at the end of this long and dark tunnel.

Check Out the Credit Score Accelerator Here

What is the Credit Score Accelerator?

The event makes a major promise to consumers – to help them bring their credit score all the way to 720 with minimal time. More so, the creators behind the event state that it is possible to reach this number while taking family vacations and earning major upgrades to their five-star hotel accommodations.

Through their attendance, consumers are told that they will learn the credit score secrets about:

  • Boosting credit with no debt payoff
  • The way that companies approach both debt and credit
  • How debt can increase the attendee’s score
  • How bill collectors can be defeated without spending any money
  • How to secure approval for any endeavor with a 500 credit score
  • How to quickly remove negative inquiries from the user’s credit report

According to the advertisement, all of these benefits can be accomplished in a matter of 90 days, and the program costs absolutely nothing to be involved in. The credit score repair program teaches consumers about financial independence, and this event is used as a training program by Layla Jama, who has used these techniques herself, along with partner Wesley Virgin.

There are many benefits to increasing the credit store, though the internet is filled with mixed reviews about how useful it actually is. Still, the general consensus reveals that the techniques are seemingly effective in solving credit score issues. Since the program is free to attend, consumers won’t really lose if they participate, even if it just to see what tips are included. However, there’s only 250 spots available, so anyone who is interested should get involved while they can.

How to Register for the Credit Score Accelerator?

The only way to get involved with this event is to register on the official website, where consumers can choose to watch the replay from the day before or register for the next event that day. If the user chooses the event from the current day, they will need to choose which session that they attend, including their time zone to ensure accuracy.

The user will need to include their current country and their phone number in their registration. For those wondering about Wesley Virgin and Layla Jama's Credit Score Accelerator and the banking trade secrets referenced, click the link below to check out a risk-free preview of what the program can do to start boosting and repairing your credit score today.

Check Out the Credit Score Accelerator Here


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