The State of the 5G Summit by Jeff Brown is April 8, 2020

Jeff Brown's State of the 5G Summit is on Wednesday, April 8th at 8PM ET, a first-ever event to be hosted by Silicon Valley investing pioneer about the opportunities to unfold for fifth generation wireless technology.


The coronavirus seems to be the only thing on anyone’s mind right now, but Jeff Brown believes that mainstream media is completely wrong about what they’ve been telling the masses, regarding how it relates to the 5G rollout. This is just one of the many things that he plans to teach others in the upcoming 5G Summit that will be taking place in just over a week.

During this event, Jeff plans to show viewers how to enter Phase 2 of the 5G boom as he describes how investments will be impacted. To add even more profits to the user’s financial portfolio, this event will include a massive reveal of three different 5G plays that will soon take place, pushing their value up to 20 times higher in the months ahead of time.

The only way to prepare for these events with Jeff is to register as a member of their training site, as well as sign up for the VIP reminder service. When the user becomes a VIP, they’ll also receive The United States of 5G: Tracking the Buildout of America’s Next Tech Revolution. This report is only available with a VIP membership, and it will also reveal the nearest 5G in the member’s area. The report will only be free for a limited time.

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When Is It?

5g summit

Consumers can tune in to watch this event on Wednesday, April 8th, but registration is required. At 8:00pm that night, consumers can attend the free event and learn the details that consumers need to know abut 5G technology directly from Jeff Brown.

To register, consumers can put their phone number on the official website and register immediately, which will give the Bonner & Partners permission to send other promotional offers in the future. For those interested in Jeff Brown's 5G Academy, make sure to visit today.


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