How to Navigate the Coronavirus Crash by Near Future Report’s Jeff Brown

The Near Future Report by top tech investor Jeff Brown releases latest newsletter about how to navigate the Coronavirus crash (COVID-19) while protecting your health and growing your wealth.


Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has created a massive disruption in the world. It has changed the way that every person lives their lives, including the way that they invest. The stock market has dealt with significant damage in the last week, but there’s a new opportunity from Bonner & Partners that may help consumers navigate this massive crash.

Introduced by Jeff Brown, the new guide aims to eliminate the myths that many people believe about the coronavirus pandemic. Within this guide, consumers will also learn about the necessary item for every household, stocks to avoid, stocks to buy, and even a company that could end up creating a treatment for COVID-19.

The truth is that this virus is more than just a threat to the health of citizens everywhere; it holds the potential for starting a massive recession. While there are many people already panicking, this move is the worst thing that consumers could do for both public health and the stock market. While there are many attempts to inform the public about the state of the pandemic, the crisis is like nothing that many consumers have seen in their lifetime.

Brown states that he’s got a lot of experience in the biotech sector, which is one of the sectors being affected by COVID-19. With his conversations with some of the top public health scholars in the United States, he said that there are four myths that consumers should be aware of:

  • That COVID-19 is no worse than the flu.
  • That every person needs a surgical mask.
  • That it is possible to contain coronavirus.
  • That the stock market will still be okay, and everything will just blow over.

None of these claims are true. Believing any of them could be detrimental to the individual’s health and could even put others around them at risk. In fact, these myths have already been busted by the CDC, and consumers can learn more about protecting themselves at

In the scheme of things, consumers that preserve their health are prepared in one way, but their lack of financial preparation can make the situation much more dire. However, there are many investors wondering if this setback is temporary or if the market is looking at years of healing first. Brown aims to help, and his impressive financial history serves as a good idea of how effective his recommendations are.

This opportunity has direct recommendations, as Brown describes the investments that consumers should make and the investments that they should avoid as well. His reports that he’s developed for consumers include:

  • The 10 Stocks to Avoid During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • The Race to Treat COVID-19: How to Profit
  • The Near Future Report
  • Your Coronavirus Survival Guide
  • How to Profit from the “Cloud Computing” Revolution

Read on below to learn more information about each of these guides.

About The 10 Stocks to Avoid During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In The 10 Stocks to Avoid During the Coronavirus Pandemic, consumers will learn about ten major stocks that have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. It also details how consumers can dump these stocks from their portfolio without a significant amount of damage.

About The Race to Treat COVID-19: How to Profit

The Race to Treat COVID-19: How to Profit shows consumers important details about a biotech company that Brown believes will eventually help to solve the pandemic and heal the world. While it isn’t guaranteed that this company will be behind the solution, it already has a partnership with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

About The Near Future Report

The Near Future Report is published monthly as a way to show consumers how they can profit with the tech market. Brown states that, due to his association with many startups in Silicon Valley, he is able to learn about these advances before anyone else does, giving any consumers with this guide an exclusive advantage.

About Your Coronavirus Survival Guide

Your Coronavirus Survival Guide includes the aforementioned health tips and many others. It also includes the vitamins that consumers need to stock up on and what items that they need to protect themselves.

About How to Profit from the “Cloud Computing” Revolution

How to Profit from the “Cloud Computing” Revolution describes three stocks, rooted in cloud technology, which could maintain the necessary strength in a crisis. Brown even states that these stocks could be the best ones from the tech industry to invest in within the next few months.

Subscribing to The Near Future Report

While three of the guides are free to access, consumers can only get them by subscribing to the monthly Near Future Report. The total cost for a year-long subscription – 12 issues of The Near Future Report – is $49, which is substantially cheaper than many other products on the market right now. If the user keeps the subscription, the following year will cost them $129, as well as each year going forward.

The subscription offers a 60-day return policy, allowing consumers to give up their access for a refund if this product doesn’t work for them. Even if the user decides to cancel, they get to keep their digital copy of the other resources.

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