How Can Blockchain be applied to Third World?

A large number of third world countries are suffering from poverty, unemployment, hunger, disease, education, political confusion, social insecurity, agricultural resources, etc. A large...

How could ExsulCoin become part of Blockchain Humanitarian Revolution?

As soon as you visit the ExsulCoin coin website, you will come across one painful fact. Every single minute, 20 people are being forced...

VeChain launches VeChain Thor blockchain, Next Big events to look after

VeChain published on Twitter that its separate blockchain VeChainThor is live and has produced its first block. This is the first main step taken...

Niti Aayog and GNFC collaborate to research on Blockchain Technology

Niti Aayog and main fertilizer company, Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited (GNFC) have settled into an agreement to jointly research and exchange...

Finland Partners with Esentia.One to form Blockchain Solutions for Logistics

Finish Government has declared a collaboration with the popular decentralized protocol Esentia.One, in order to form blockchain based solution for smart logistics. This new partnership was...

High Fidelity raises $35 million to bring VR Worldwide

Philip Rosedale, who is the CEO of virtual reality maker High Fidelity firmly believes that a non-interfere ledger technology is must for users to...

EY India builds Blockchain based Solution for Loyalty Management

One of the biggest consultancy firms EY India has developed a Blockchain Solution for loyalty management and the firm is looking forward to passing...

Why Pharma giant takes help of Blockchain to fight fake drugs?

Pharmaceutical Company Merck has used a patent mainly based on the Blockchain Technology which permits to verify products along with its supply chain. The...

EN and Microsoft released Blockchain based solution for Content rights

Microsoft has collaborated with Ernst & Young and released a blockchain based solution for content rights and royalties management. The main purpose behind this...

Lithuanian Blockchain Startups, ICOs Collects €500 Million for the Country

Recently, some of the problematic situations have appeared across the European continent about the rules of the Cryptocurrency Industry, there are few countries who...



Dave Forest’s Strategic Investor: Lithium Geo-Tech Fuel Tesla Deal Report

With the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the global economy mercilessly, more and more people are looking to make smarter investment choices so that they...

Project 303: The Extra Income Project by Andrew Keene

The Great Recession in 2008 cast a dark shadow over the financial portfolios of the whole country. With few people left untouched, it took...

True Wealth Real Estate by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Newest Breakthrough Service

In a recent presentation, Dr. Sjuggerud unveiled his plans for a new project poised to help investors get hold of assets with profit-generating potential....

EtherChain: Smart Contract Ponzi Scheme Running on Ethereum Blockchain

Looking closely at EtherChain, it can easily be seen that this system is nothing short of an MLM Ponzi scheme, that runs on the...

Crypto Engine Review: Crypto Auto Trading Platform in Fact Another Scam?

Bitcoin Engine looks more like a scam automated trading software and app. It’s advertised to be a crypto robot that can offer investors the...