How could ExsulCoin become part of Blockchain Humanitarian Revolution?


As soon as you visit the ExsulCoin coin website, you will come across one painful fact. Every single minute, 20 people are being forced to leave their homes due to violence & persecution. When we look at the numbers from the year 2016, a total of 65.6 million people have left their home. We can put all the people in a country which is even bigger than the United Kingdom.

We are facing the issue of refugee crises on a global scale.

A new way to supervise the humanitarian activity

James Song, who is the founder of ExsulCoin is building the Blockchain technology platform for refugee-led projects with the main purpose to change the lives of refugees.

James is formerly a Harvard University Graduate who is being acknowledged by World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader for his work with refugees from different countries such as US, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Uganda.

ExsulCoin is mainly a blockchain technology which is mainly focused to offer refugees and aid organizations with a completely new way to run humanitarian activity.

Utilizing the fixed record of the blockchain, ExsulCoin can support refugees by giving them proven identity credentials.

For various refugees, the main task of just proving who they are can be hard, which will lead to some issues when they are seeking help.

“The major problem for refugees is education”

Education is the main issue which a large number of refugees have to deal with. In order to resolve this issue, the Blockchain-based platform is developing apps for education and vocational training.

James Song said, “The major issue for refugees is education. And even if it’s not basic education, it would be integrated-related education.”

James hopes that training offers refugees in camps to showcase their job skills which can be helpful for their living. Also, apps will also contribute resettled refugees with all the details of laws and regulations which will be required for the integration process.

Presently, ExsulCoin apps can teach English basics to the Rohingya speakers, basics of food safety and simple tips of budgeting.

ExsulCoin is one and only Startup in the industry which is working to offer services which are helpful for refugees with the help of blockchain technology.

Before few months, World Food Programme released a platform in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp which approved thousands of refugees to access food utilizing eye scanning technology. This granted organizers to validate the user and subtract the money which they are using on food from their aid allowance.

Some of the enterprises such as kick-started debate and discussion with the charity sector related to the pros of blockchain technology will be required to support hands and to reduce misconduct of theft or funds.

We hope that ExsulCoin is able to solve the issues of refugees in the near future.


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