Finish Government has declared a collaboration with the popular decentralized protocol Esentia.One, in order to form blockchain based solution for smart logistics.

This new partnership was formed by Esentia.One after the success of the first e-government project with MTK, which increased the value of the company. Also, Matteo Gianpietro Zago, co-founder of Esentia.One firmly believes that they can adopt new technology quickly in order to solve various issues in different government departments using blockchain.

Finland has started various new enterprises maintain its place as the main logistics hubs in the whole world. Various Industry experts are looking for new ideas and solutions in order to solve administration and data management problems in logistics and transportation.

Presently, Esentia.One has partnered with ‘Traffic Lab’, a government organization which provides secure information about end-to-end deliveries. The main purpose behind developing the system is that all the delivery contents and contact information are privately and surely available to authorized investors.

Matteo Gianpietro Zago, further said, “We envision the Essentia protocol completely revolutionizing the methods of data management. The proven power, and benefits of Blockchain technology will give Finland’s international logistics hub that extra competitive edge”.

The pilot is ready and it will be presented to popular Finnish Government Organizations which are connected with logistics industry. The list consists of organizations such as Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish customs, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and also members of the new Corridor as a Service (CaaS) ecosystem.

Finland Government is ready to accept Blockchain

Finnish Government has also examined some of the popular blockchain startups. As a result of this, Finnish Government declared an association with local startup MONI in order to offer refugees with blockchain supported debit cards. These debit cards contain their identity.

MONI CEO Antti Pennanen’s main goal is financial integration and to particularly help people living in the developing countries.


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