Bitcoin South African System Review: Another Hyped Up Trading Platform?

The Bitcoin South African System is another auto digital asset trading system that promises to give investors an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency profits using their platform for making trades.


After the Bitcoin Kiwi System, the Bitcoin Aussie System, the Bitcoin Malay System and the Bitcoin Brit System, which don’t seem in any way legit either, the Bitcoin South African System comes and promises a lot of cash in return for an investment made with a broker recommended by its website, and after registering with an e-mail and a phone number.

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How the Bitcoin South African System Scheme Works?

The website presenting the Bitcoin South African System is almost identical with the one presenting the other programs mentioned in the beginning of this article. Its focused on a video that tells a story about the Bitcoin revolution, story in which new investors should get involved if they want to end up making millions in only a few months, just like other Bitcoin South African System subscribers did. The same video claims the software provided by the Bitcoin South African System can earn ordinary people tremendous profits and that it runs a 99% accurate app, which means it allegedly poses no trading risks. All in all, it says it can make thousands of dollars in a blink of an eye.

No Reliable Testimonials

It should be noted the testimonials in the Bitcoin South African System’s presentation are the exact same ones with those published in the Bitcoin Kiwi System, Bitcoin Aussie System, Bitcoin Malay System and Bitcoin Brit System. Those who get hooked up with the Bitcoin South African System, registering by e-mail and phone, get redirected to an unregulated broker’s page, where they need to make a $250 deposit. It’s very likely that the Bitcoin South African System makes its money on commission.

Complete Anonymity

What’s worse is that the Bitcoin South African System is completely anonymous, just like its website. What it can be understood from the program’s presentation is that it has been created by a South Africa-based technology services company called Bitcoin South African System LTD, but no address or a contact phone number for this company are being provided.

No Track Record of Performance Either

Besides, while saying it provides a 99% accurate trading software, the Bitcoin South African System website doesn’t offer any track record of historical performance to prove its claims. Serious trading platforms like Zulu and eToro always have their historical performance on sight, but the Bitcoin South African System doesn’t, nor does it explain how its software works.

No License in Sight

Last but not least, the Bitcoin South African System is not regulated anywhere. Investors who are attracted to it should keep in mind that companies offering financial services, CFD trade and Forex included, need to be regulated by the appropriate financial authorities, which are different for every country. These authorities guarantee the safety of users’ investments, which means that with regulated companies, the situation in which firms’ owners are running away with their clients’ funds is impossible. Whether it’s Bitcoin or other type of trading, going with regulated financial companies is always the way to go. In other words, the Bitcoin South African System doesn’t seem in any way legit, and by far.

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