TransferGo, which is a well-known money transferring app has launched a new feature which allows users to perform transactions in five cryptocurrencies mainly Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ripple [XRP], and Litecoin [LTC], and Ethereum [ETH].

Founder and CEO of TransferGo, Daumantas Dvilinskas stated, “We’ve launched this cryptocurrency trading facility in response to demand from our user base.” He further added, “With over 4,000 users signing up in the first few hours, we can see there is a strong demand in the market for a simple and reliable investment and trading solution.” Within a few hours of the launch, more than 4000 users have signed up. Hence, it is clear that there is a great demand for effective and relevant investment and trading solution in the market.

Using Company’s Android and iOS apps, users can do crypto trading. Here, Anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer policies are same as the company’s other payment services. The main motto behind the new service is to provide a familiar environment to customers to invest in cryptocurrencies. Currently, TransferGo has added 65,000 users and has completed transaction of worth $1 billion.

The company declared new service just 2 years after TransferGo declared the addition of a real-time payment option known as TransferGo Now. TransferGo Now permits a real-time payment facility with a delivery time less than 30 minutes or less. However, the new crypto trading facility will further reduce the delivery time by providing an instant purchasing power to the users.

TrnasferGo is also offering world-class customer service with their customer service support which operates in 7 languages. Also, the service is available via phone, email, and Facebook, to guide the customers related to the process of buying and selling.

TransferGo is believed a disrupter in the money transfer industry, focusing to solve all the barriers which stand between senders and recipients of the money. The FinTech Company has gained a lot of popularity for using desired tech innovation and hedging technology to enhance the speed of money transfers.


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