Bitfinex, a very well-known cryptocurrency exchange has collaborated with EOS in order to develop EOSfinex. Kasper Rasmussen, who is the marketing head of Bitfinex, declared about the development of the project.

What is EOSfinex dApp?

EOSfinex is the first high performance and a trustless trading platform which is built on EOS.IO Technology. It focuses to enhance trustless trading on cryptocurrencies with an on-change exchange experience which is instant and transparent.

He also stated that the EOSfinex platform will be developed by joining the Bitfinix platform’s expertise along with the scalability and speed of EOS.IO Technology.

The new platform has been designed in order to enhance innovation within EOS and to help in the research and also in the adoption of’s technology, which is aimed at scalability and security of the network. The new platform will also support in testing EOS blockchain as there is a requirement of strict security and quick transactions in high volumes.

Bitfinex has earlier also supported this blockchain network, hence Rasmussen assumes that EOSfinex has a complete potential to change how value exchanges between the partners from the base. He said that EOSfinex development team consists of best skillful persons from the industry. Despite the team developing EOSfinex dApp is small, he believes that the active and flexible team members will support in their mission of building an open source decentralized digital asset space.

Where has EOSfinex reached?

Rasmussen declared that the project is on the completion of the initial development stage. The first public demonstration of EOSfinex was done at the latest Bitfinex hackathon in London. The team has developed three important EOSfinex components. All three components SunBeam EOSfinex Node.js library, the Node OS plugin and the EOSfinex exchange smart contract are available to participants.

Out of which, SunBeam is presently available on GitHub, and developers can freely use it to build projects. CEO of Bitfinex stated that they are aiming to develop high-performance and trustless projects under EOS foundation.


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