Fast 5 Trades: Kyle Dennis’ Five Minute Swing Trading Training Bootcamp

Kyle Dennis Fast 5 Trades is a five minute training bootcamp that teaches how swing trading works that any investor can implement to become profitable using his strategies.


Fast 5 Trades is a service provided by 29-year old Kyle Dennis to give consumers a tip each week on a stock that they can invest in for major gains. To get access to these recommendations, consumers need to sign up for a year-long subscription.

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What is Fast 5 Trades?

Whether a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the industry, finding the right deals to trade on is essential to growing a financial portfolio. The tech industry is evolving, the cryptocurrency industry is still relatively new, and the traditional stock market is becoming even harder to evaluate. With the guidance of a financial advisor, taking advantage of the market could be much easier, which is what Fast 5 Trades brings to the table.

This stock-picking service is run by Kyle Dennis, who works at Raging Bull, bringing forth options for consumers to trade on a regular basis. Dennis has already earned millions of dollars in his own trades, and he counts the Sniper Report, the FDA Insider report, and Dollar Ace among his services offered. However, this program offers something different.

Every Monday morning, consumers will be privy to an exclusive alert, delivered via email and/or text to the subscribers of this service. So far, consumers seem to be liking this new opportunity, even though it was only recently launched. However, the trades are only a single part of the whole program. Consumers will have access to a section called the 5 Minute Work Week, which is divided into multiple video categories, which are:

  • Swing trading and catalysts
  • Day trading
  • Option trading
  • Trading platform
  • Trading psychology

Even though the better chances of successful trading seem to be with the Fast 5 Trades, these videos offer support to consumers that want to expand.

The other part of the website that adds substantial value is in the three e-books offered by Dennis. The guides include:

  • The Seven Deadly Trading Sins
  • The Middle Class Millionaire
  • The 2.9 Million Dollar Biotech Playbook

Each of these guides are helpful in passing the time between recommendations, giving consumers a clearer view of the market as a whole.

Purchasing Access to Fast 5 Trades

The only way to get involved with Fast 5 Trades is to enroll in a subscription service. While priced at $197 for a year of access (less than $17 a month), this is a fairly small price to pay when consumers consider how many benefits they stand to reap. There’s also the option of a two-year subscription, which presently costs $297 (a massive 75% discount off the typical $1,188 cost).

When it comes to the access that consumers will have, users will be able to view the whole history of all of the trade alerts that the company has ever published, dating as far back as November 11th, 2019. The trade deals are rather well-researched and have a track record of major gains, according to other users of the program.

In the event that the user doesn’t get what they expect out of their membership within the first 30 days, they can request a full refund with no questions asked.

When Is the Next Fast 5 Trade Event?

The next time that consumers will have access to one of the Fast 5 Trades is on Monday, March 2nd, 2020. The five-minute tip is slated and scheduled to happen then become an evergreen model for those interested.

Contacting Customer Service

Whether the user chooses to enroll or is still making the decision, there’s a chance that they will have questions for the customer service team. The team can be reached by filling out the form on the Contact Us page at

To speak with a representative in real time, consumers can also call 1-833-785-0452.


The Fast 5 Trades program offers consumers a clear trade idea every single week, allowing consumers to take the guesswork out of investing. While other services have a list to choose from, users will likely appreciate the directness of the approach, which makes it ideal for individuals that want to make a profit without analyzing the market themselves. Furthermore, considering that the user essentially pays less than what a cup of coffee would cost them for a tip a week, the value cannot be emphasized enough as a reason for getting involved.

Check Out Kyle Dennis' Fast 5 Trades Here


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