Bitcoin Cash (BCH) gets attack threats by a bizarre group


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was earlier attached by a bizarre group with the name #LightningNetwork and the firm is again back. However, now the company is working under the name #BitPico which is an unknown entity well-known for carrying out exploits.

As per the details on medium, this time the firm is accepting that they are operating on Bitcoin Cash Attach which could result in multiple forks. It absolutely unknown if the statement is correct or not, but no one wants this should occur. The unknown engineer who is preparing to attack the Bitcoin Cash Engineer had said individuals about the details just before few days. Also on June 22, the unknown attacker said that the operation has already started and trusts that it will be massive in the upcoming weeks.

Then the attacker was requested to enlist the execution plans. The question was being posted on Pastebin, which is a text storing website.
The unknown attacker who justifies itself as ‘Bitpino' said, “The combination guarantees several things: 1. The weakest nodes which are operating on VPS’s will crash or run out of bandwidth and become unresponsive. 2. All the other nodes will begin to delay out from multiple back-to-back pre-mined 32 Megabyte blocks.”

In one of its tweets, Bitpino said that it is planning for 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash Attack in September 2018. The intruder assumes that the test all the situations of Bitcoin Cash Network. The crypto-intruder designed a knock which is assumed to have 5,000 Bitcoin cash attack nodes in probably 6 weeks.

Apart from this, the intruder also explained the reason for attack when he was asked. Bitpino said it “stress test” and attack is mainly carried out for safety. The main reason is to check the integrity of network in front of all the other investors. BItpino said, “The #1 primary rule to all decentralized computer networks is that if it’s not attacked enough to resolve any problems then it will end badly. Skype is the perfect example of a decentralized computer network which was reverse engineered, attacked and subsequently, 3 individual collapsed all 100,000 backup supernodes ruling to a full centralization of the protocol to Microsoft’s datacenter”


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