American Golden Age: Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report Service

The American Golden Age by Jeff Brown, the nation's top tech investor, reveals the number one way to profit in President Trump's second term in his latest Near Future Report newsletter.


If you’ve come across a presentation called, “The #1 Way to Profit in Trump’s Second Term,” then surely your curiosity levels must have heightened. This could simply be due to the fact that presenter, Jeff Brown is in support of Trump. That said, nowhere in this presentation is politics of any sort mentioned. Keeping that on a side, the main focus is the investment opportunity that supposedly exists with the outcome of the 2020 elections. Interestingly, it takes as little as three steps to make exponential gains. Here’s what there is to know:

Watch the American Golden Age Presentation Here

What is The American Golden Age Blueprint?

The American Golden Age Blueprint is a briefing that looks at the potential gains associated with America’s possible corporate tax cut. In it, Brown lists three company stocks that will surge by the end of the 2020 elections. This is deemed the first step.

How is the upcoming election an investment opportunity?

Before giving away the remaining two steps, it is important to understand the association between elections and stocks.

As per Brown, the result of the upcoming election will lead to a tripling effect on the tech market and in order to take advantage of this, investors need to onboard this opportunity well before November. The reason why Trump is associated with investments is because of the profits witnessed while he was in office. An example provided was that of NASDAQ. Brown argued that the work Trump has done thus far, has allowed NASDAQ to grow by 60%, Ameristar Networks by 1,000% and Galaxy Next Generation by 8,500% among others.

That said, investors are being advised to purchase a basic technology fund before the election, as it is part of Trump’s technology plan. Upon Trump’s “win” in 2020, this specific stock is anticipated to increase one’s gains exponentially. He further predicts that under Trump, corporate taxes will be slashed by 57%, which means better performance in stocks.

Who is Jeff Brown of The Near Future Report?

The man behind this respective presentation is Jeff Brown. Jeff Brown is deemed a notable angel investor in Silicon Valley, as he’s invested in nearly 130 tech startups over a course of 26 years. Of all the startups he’s put his money in, 93% of them brought gains. Having graduated from Yale and well as Purdue’s School of Astronauts, Brown has a wide range of skillsets. His past experience involved working alongside advanced technological firms, making this sector most dear to his heart.

What else is offered besides The American Golden Age Blueprint?

As per the claims made, The American Golden Age Blueprint is one of three steps. The second step includes the “5G: The Lifeblood of the American Golden Age”. In this guide, investors will have a closer look at two 5G firms worth investing in given Trump’s strong feeling towards them. Additionally, these two company’s 5G is anticipated to be in everyone’s phones with time. In the past, he tweeted,

“I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts or get left behind.”

The third report is called, “Trump Defeats China: The Best Stocks to Own When the Trade War Ends,” where two primary American companies with the highest upside from the trade deal with China will be revealed.

What are the perks of joining The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is a service in which access to reports such as the American Golden Age Blueprint and the 5G: The Lifeblood of the American Golden Age among others will be granted. With three steps altogether, it is actually the last one of these respective blueprints that is likely to bring gains. Here are some of the perks of joining The Near Future Report:

  • The aforementioned three special reports
  • Exclusive members-only email alerts of when to buy, sell, etc.
  • Back issues of The Near Future Report as well as the complete archive of special reports
  • Full access to The Near Future Report model portfolio
  • 12 months of The Near Future Report

How much does American Golden Age Cost?

The American Golden Age blueprint is part of the membership cost for The Near Future Report at $49 per year, which has been reduced down from $199. In addition, a 60-days money back guarantee is in place for those who want to test the waters and see whether the service is suitable for their needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brown believes that the outcome of the 2020 election has the potential to drive the stock prices of specific tech firms. With over 26 years of experience in the field of investments, Brown’s advises rarely taken lightly. That said, most of his predictions rely heavily on the 2020 elections, which is a big enough risk on its own. In particular, he is convinced that Trump will win, however, the way things are currently playing out in the U.S. does not seem to reflect this prediction. But then again, anything can happen with time and if Brown is right in believing that Trump will win, then it’s possible for his selected stocks to perform as well.

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See Jeff Brown's American Golden Age Video Here


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