Ad Value Academy: Jon Penberthy’s Legit Online Marketing for Social Media Traffic

Ad Value Academy by Jon Penberthy presents the Legit Online Marketing training that reveals the 3 steps to increasing social media traffic that is built to boost sales and revenue in your business.


It has just come to our attention that Legit Online Marketing’s Jon Penberthy of Ad Value Academy is offering a free online training class where individuals will come to learn of the three steps one should take to increasing traffic on Facebook and Instagram through effective campaigning.

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What is Ad Value Academy's Legit Online Marketing?

According to the official website, Legit Online started as a platform that educates individuals on marketing. The main goal is to help those with a business, product or service grow their revenue, and attract new customers over the internet. This service currently offers access to several free trainings, programs and communities that one can join and ready-in-place facilities as well.

What will I learn from the Legit Online Marketing Training Course?

More specifically, the free online training will teach individuals everything there is to know when it comes to:

  • How Penberthy’s advertising blueprint permits them to make a $3 return on every $1 spent
  • The steps that one should to take in order to “future-proof” their respective Facebook and Instagram campaigns
  • How his team was able to architect several 6-figure campaigns with a handful of ads
  • The approaches that lead to profitable ad campaigns in just about any industry

Who is the instructor?

The instructor of Legit Online’s free training course is Jon Penberthy. As per Penberthy himself, he has 10 years of online marketing experience and has worked with multiple seven-figure companies in his career. He also uses a wide range of mediums to spread the message, whether it be through videos, webinars, select funnels and even paid traffic. To date, he’s generated over $7 million in revenue online, built an email list of over 260,000 leads and continues his mission to educate individuals across the world. To learn more about Penberthy, here are a number of his social media accounts:

How do I get started to Legit Online Marketing’s Free Training?

In order to access the free training, individuals are highly urged to reserve a spot by entering their name and email addresses. In doing so, the team will continue to keep one in the loop so that if any services arise, details will be available immediately. Should any questions or concerns come up in regard to Legit Online, customer support team can be contacted at

Final Thoughts on Ad Value Academy

Starting an online business might seem like a simple step, but what makes or breaks it is customer following. When the latter falls short, just about any business will be nothing more than remains. Given the importance traffic plays in online businesses, Penberthy has decided to offer free training courses to so that they have a feel for what Legit Online is all about. In addition, this opportunity is meant to enhance one’s knowledge on marketing.

Most of the tricks shared are those that Penberthy personally found to be crucial, driving forces. Ultimately, the fact that this training is offered for free is surely to make it all the more enticing and motivating. To find out more on Legit Online’s free offering, click here.


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