Alpha Money Flow: Andy Snyder’s Alpha Code plus Money Flow Tripwire?

Andy Snyder of Manward Press, formerly with The Oxford Club, combines his Alpha Code and Money Flow Tripwire to form the Alpha Money Flow master class and handbook subscription service.


What is the Alpha Money Flow?

Before getting to what the Alpha Money Flow is, it is crucial that investors understand the story behind it. It all started when Snyder was introduced to the Alpha Code by an unnamed successful trader. As per the claims made, this code had the ability to show trading activity in six locations across Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and New York – all of which are options exchanges.

This is an important feature as it allows one to tap into the world of professional options traders. Options are typically preferred because they are inexpensive compared to stocks, gains are greater, and cheap insurances are offered for big stock positions among others. After having been requested to take a look at the Alpha Code, Snyder tested the waters and was supposedly impressed.

Hence, he decided it would be best to combine his technical indicator called Money Flow Tripwire and that of the Alpha Code to see how much of an effect it would have on his options-trading strategy. Based on his experience, it was the most powerful addition he’s ever witnessed, and so, he called this new addition, the Alpha Money Flow.

Who is Andy Snyder?

Andy Snyder is a proclaimed investment expert. Having worked some time as Editor-in-Chief at the high-profile The Oxford Club, he made the bold decision to quit and start an investment startup called Manward Press. Manward Press was created with the intentions of teaching consumers how to support their families by building wealth through investing in the stock market. Thus far, the firm claims to have given advice on 44 triple digit winning stocks.

How does Andy’s approach to picking stocks work?

Andy makes his best picks based on three steps. The first involves looking at the Alpha code, which measures the volume in the options market. The second involves inputting the Tripwire feature, which aims to target stocks with positive money flow. Finally, a step he refers to as “performing my due diligence,” is where he studies the stock’s fundamentals, i.e. company’s performance, potential new releases, headlines, etc.

What can investors expect from the purchase of the Alpha Money Flow?

Using his three-steps, Andy wants to share details regarding the stocks he deems are promising for the year. That said, upon purchasing the Alpha Money Flow membership, consumers can expect to receive:

  • 12 months of the Alpha Money Flow Trading Research Service
  • Seven Alpha Trades Set to Skyrocket, which gives the finest details from names and ticker symbols to what each firm is working towards
  • Alpha Money Flow Monthly Video Call, which gives investors the opportunity to ask Snyder any pressing questions they may have
  • The Alpha Money Flow Master Class, which addresses the major money makers, loopholes to day trading, learning to purchase stocks at the fraction of their costs, the best time of day to invest, best exit strategies, the golden ratio and the portfolio autopilot
  • The Alpha Money Flow Handbook, which covers the dos and don’t’s of making money. Investors can think of it as a database with all possible doubts clarified
  • 52 Email updates called Alpha Transmission, which helps one build their portfolio and Cash-Out Notices
  • Secret initiation gift

How much does it cost to become a member of the Alpha Money Flow Research Service?

It depends on the type of subscription plan preferred. For the aforementioned perks for a timeframe of one year, the membership price is USD$2000. For the same services over the course of two years, the price has been reduced down to $3,000 form $4,000 USD.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it seems like Andy Snyder’s claims are promising. This is simply given the fact that he’s worked at the Oxford Club, a firm of investors and entrepreneurs having earned a reputable name for their trading services. One can assume that some of his knowledge was founded on this respective experience along with others of course. To learn more about the Alpha Money Flow, click here.


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