Wirex adds support for Ripple wallet

Wirex adds support for Ripple wallet

Wirex, which is a well-known Crypto card provider, has technically added Ripple wallet to their services. All the users can purchase the goods outside by using XRP. By taking this move, Wirex becomes the first digital payment platform which supports XRP.

Wirex adds support for Ripple wallet

Apart from supporting Ripple wallet, Wirex also supports bitcoin as well as litecoin. By integrating support of XRP, users can now effective buy or sell all three coins and also utilize them to purchase goods in the outside world. The addition of a Ripple wallet carries substantially more functionality to the service and makes Wirex as the top Crypto card manufacturer.

As we all know, Ripple has the third highest market cap, due to which this announcement is getting a lot of attraction. Most of the crypto fans, investors and enthusiasts hold their funds in Ripple. Wirex adds support for the Ripple wallet so that the users can spend their earnings similarly as a fiat currency.

Patel Matveev who is the co-founder of Wirex states that “XRP has gained a reputation as a stable altcoin with a strong underlying offering.” He further stated that “While the value of most cryptocurrencies is influenced by the oscillations of Bitcoin, XRP is independent of the Bitcoin blockchain. It has grown considerably in value – with some significant gains in the last year. We are thrilled that we are able to offer this innovative new wallet on the Wirex platform, as there has been an increasing demand for the token“.

Wirex provides Crypto to the masses

By incorporating Ripple wallet to the Wirex service, it is obvious that why Wirex crypto card is considered an industry standard. Here, Veteran crypto users and novices endorse their debit cards. The main reason behind this the pure adaptability which Wirex cards offer. It's an integral contactless feature which allows users to purchase goods in shops, restaurants, bars, and anywhere else with ease.

Users will be able to use their cards on the public transport. The Chin & Pin feature permit users to carry Wirex cards to ATM and also allows withdrawing fiat currency. From this, it is clear that it is the most convenient crypto fiat exchange in the market right now. Using the latest update, Ripple users will also be able to take complete benefit of services similarly like bitcoin or litecoin. Also, users will be able to utilize the Wirex's Cryptoback feature that provides users cash back on all the purchases which are done using contactless.


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