The Kibo Code by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Launches

The Kibo Code is a new eCommerce business training program developed by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton as a premium all in one done for you system to help users start making money online in 2020.


What is the Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code system is described as a membership that teaches beginners on the how-to’s of running an online ecommerce business. More specifically, said individuals will be provided with the tools and tips on how to make profits from selling an array of products currently existing in the world.

Let's review The Kibo Code details and research what the product and system have to offer those interested in learning how to start an ecommerce business and make money online.

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What does the Kibo Code consist of?

the kibo code review

Anyone spending a little time researching Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton's Kibo System will clearly see this is “not just another program launch” or some watered down product that claims to make money online without lifting a finger.

Unlike most systems that come with unsubstantiated claims or narrowed down information, the Kibo Code System appears to carry sub-systems within. The Kibo Code system creators also say you do not have to worry about dealing with Amazon, working with suppliers or warehouses, carry inventory stock or setup Facebook advertisements to make the program work for you.

What does that mean? Here’s what becoming a member with The Kibo Code looks like as a glimpse of the 7 modules found in the system along with the 8-week training program:

1. Central Intelligence

The first sub-system housed in the Kibo Code is called the Central Intelligence. As described, it is an 8-week training that covers topics including how to get a business started, stepping up the initial prep work to start making sales, the process of pricing products, factors useful in decreasing inventory pile-up, etc.

2. Storestorm

Next, we have Storestorm, which is a software package that permits individuals to set up a website in a matter of an hour. In addition to setting up, a number of features have been included to increase traffic on one’s webpage.

3. Hand-Picked Products

This system teaches individuals on how to pick profitable products to sell. To get everyone started, five unique products have been chosen, so that they can be used as not only a way to generate profit, but to study the different aspects that make it desirable. Based on the claims made, of the five, three should suffice to make at most $2500 per day.

4. Profit Vault

The Profit Vault is a software that consists of over three million products where individuals will study and choose as profit-generating for their respective businesses. In addition to the stock, access to information regarding suppliers, shipping processes, etc. will be granted. This system works alongside that of Storestorm. That is, once the products have been selected, Storestorm will input them onto one’s respective website.

5. The Traffic Black Box

When it comes to an online business, products aren’t going to sell if there’s no traffic on the website. This system shares all the secrets on how to get website traffic, including the appropriate use of search engines, source of traffic, process of getting clicks without an advertisement in place, etc.

6. Oracle X

Among all the softwares seen thus far, Oracle X provides access to the domain name selector, creating a desirable logo free of charge, running the website, products that make a website more credible, etc.

7. The Kibo Academy

The aforementioned alone are a lot of information to process. For this reason, individuals also have access to the Kibo Academy – a 24/7 support system with a team of experts waiting to help those in need. It is a private email-based system operating every day of the year.

In addition to the seven subsystems within the Kibo Code, individuals will also have access to Kibo 2020 and three bonuses, where the latter consists of workshops, recordings and much more. As for the Kibo 2020, it is an exclusive two days event where ecommerce experts will be sharing their tactics, strategies and secrets on making profits. This will serve as a networking event, where new relationships can be established.

How much does the Kibo Code Cost?

To become a member of the Kibo Code, the total price comes out to $3,497. For those who would prefer a different payment option rather than paying in full, the Kibo Code accepts four payments of $997 each, made on a monthly basis. Once you have bought The Kibo Code system, there is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Steve and Aidan's Blueprint Information Products company has a reputable status within the industry and both entrepreneurs have a long track record of providing value for online marketers and internet business owners.

FAQ About The Kibo Code System

As a prelude to the final thoughts on Steve and Aidan's Kibo Code System, let's recap what information is available and answer the most popular pressing questions about this trending ecommerce training business program.

Q: How does The Kibo Code System Work?

A: The unconventional four step protocol The Kibo System embodies is very simple to integrate and apply no matter what level of experience or tech savviness you have. Step 1 is to secure a domain of your choice and install your online store with 1-click setup. Step 2 is to load up your products using the Kibo Code software selection tool. Step 3 is to turn on the traffic, which the program teaches you how to find targeted individuals to visit your store. Step 4 is to make sales and earn profits by offering high-converting items.

The training portion of the program offers excellent insights on how to do each step further. The Kibo Code also prides itself on not worrying about traffic or supplier headaches, offers low risk startup costs, nearly no competition, high profit margin products, quick turnaround times from setup to results and does not require full time attention as it can be setup in part-time and require only a handful or two hours of work per week to manage.

Q: Who is Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?

A: Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth are serial entrepreneurs and notorious for creating businesses and systems that help entrepreneurs make money online. Their latest innovation is The Kibo System that is a web-based software program that trains individuals how to setup and run an ecommerce business online. Both internet marketing product creators first appeared in the industry around 2008 and had their most successful launch in 2018 by releasing an educational platform called 7 Figure Cycle. The dynamic duo also has released successful projects like 100K Factory and Parallel Profits that have all lead up to the creation and launch of The Kibo Code.

Q: How to Buy The Kibo Code System?

A: Steve and Aidan opted to use Clickbank as the platform of choice to offer The Kibo Code system. Clickbank is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing websites in the world who have one of the best industry-leading vetting processes for who they allow to use their platform to offer products, programs and services. The Kibo Code comes with a 60 day money back guarantee that is upheld and insured by Clickbank as well as Aidan and Steve.

Click here to make sure you visit the official Kibo Code website if interested in purchasing the one of a kind eCommerce business training system.

Q: Is The Kibo Code Product Right For Me?

A: There is no one platform, product or program that fits everyone's needs. However, The Kibo Code is a system that is easy to learn, doesn't require upfront investment once obtaining the modules and has honest, forward-facing creators backing every single person who joins the program. Anyone aspiring to make money online via ecommerce should always remember two things when it comes to being successful. The first is follow the right people, and the second is to act on the right information. The Kibo Code business model along with its pioneering founders definitely check both of those boxes.

Final thoughts

Based on the analysis above, the Kibo Code appears to be presented as a reputable all-in-one ecommerce training course that delivers results from two very experienced and seasoned entrepreneurs. This is a beneficial approach because selling products requires a lot of research into the market, and what consumers are interested in. Then comes the hard part where one needs to figure out how to present their products, selling strategies, getting clicks, etc. While the different steps may seem obvious, it requires knowledge and work to make desirable profits. As per the claims made, the Kibo Code system is founded on consumer demands, trends in the consumer market and the combined experience of creators, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Besides the fact that The Kibo Code offers knowledge, it also comes with web-based software that is accessible from anywhere in the world around the clock, which is rare in any course because they are normally offered temporarily.

In closing, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton's Kibo Code setup is easily one of the best programs to get started with if interested in setting up an eCommerce business. Given the creators prior accomplishments and the accumulation of first-hand experience, strategic insight and overall industry analysis since those successful launches, the new Kibo Code system is going to be one of the best products to get involved with in 2020 for aspiring internet marketers and online business entrepreneurs.

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