Behind the Markets: Dylan Jovine’s Holy Grail Biotech Stock?

Reviewing Behind the Markets by Dylan Jovine where he claims his latest investment opportunity is about the holy grail of medicine and a breakthrough living drug can remove disease from the body.


Can You Invest in the “Holy Grail of Medicine”?

Behind the Markets is an online investment advisory subscription that teaches consumers independent research on how to invest in biotech stocks and a small company that is revolutionizing medicine. Consumers can only access this subscription by signing up on the official website where they will get Behind the Market's financial investor service plus three bonus reports “Cut & Paste”, “Medical Money” and “Biotech Income” where the creator claims it could be the investment of the decade.

What is Behind the Markets?

Behind the Markets was created by Dylan Jovine where he claims to have the inside scoop on the holy grail of medicine regarding a living drug breakthrough that can cut and paste disease from your body. With quotes from The Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes and claiming this biotech company is funded by Bill Gates and a patent owned by Google, Behind the Markets praises this living software for being all about ‘the most consequential discovery in medicine'. The Behind the Markets report says this liquid drug can help a variety of dreaded ailments like autism, colon cancer, down syndrome, Parkinson's disease, skin cancer, tay-sachs, breast cancer, chron's disease, hemophilia, retinitas pigmantosa, sickle-cell disease and huntington's disease.

behind the markets holy grail of medicine

The Nobel Laureate committee attached the tagline of the “Holy Grail” of medicine.

The scientific community has made substantial progress in the last few decades, though there is presently a liquid that is being considered to give biotech giants “the power they could only imagine before.” This liquid could potentially change the way that disease is dealt with at the genetic level. However, the average drug takes nearly a decade of work to develop, and just introducing it to the market can cost $2.6 billion for the company that develops it.

Still, rather than just targeting one condition, the liquid being discussed in the medical community could treat 6,000 genetic diseases around the world. As a result, companies around the world, like Juno Pharma and Baxter Labs, are already investing hundreds of millions of dollars in it, which is what Behind the Markets focuses on.

The creator of the Behind the Markets subscription is Dylan Jovine, who began his work on Wall Street in the early 1990s. As he learned about managing accounts, he ultimately “fell in love with researching stocks,” eventually leading him to gain notoriety for his ability to find stocks before they were taken over by bigger investors.

Now, with the information that he brings to Behind the Markets, Jovine said that there are three “key ingredients” that help consumers to be successful in their biotech investments. Those so-called ingredients are:

  • A strong patent
  • A strategic partner
  • Successfully surviving a challenge to a patent

Jovine states that a company “is at the forefront” of this revolution, and there’s only a select group of people that even know anything about it. He even suggests that this is the one investment that consumers should make this year, even if they make no others, and it is in the company that is working on the CRISPR cells that can make a difference. He also says there is a deeper meaning to why President Trump signed “Executive Order 13771” after being in the oval office in less than two weeks to lower the FDA regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Behind the Markets

Let’s break down this information more simply with some of the most asked questions that consumers may have about the program.

Who is Dylan Jovine?

Dylan is the CEO of Behind the Markets and runs the company to help individual investors gain access and insights to high quality investment research that institutional investors have. Prior to starting Behind the Markets, Mr. Jovine started Tycoon Publishing in 2004 that managed to expand into 28 different countries and serve over 500,000 investors worldwide. After selling Tycoon to Agora in 2011, as an entrepreneur and investor, he opened Behind the Markets to focus on companies with $1 billion to $10 billion market capitalizations that have high potential for return on investments via returns on equity, low debt and a stand out competitive advantage.

What are the three key principles that contribute to a successful investment in biotech?

According to the creators of this program, investors should seek out biotech opportunities with a strong patent, a strategic partner, and successfully winning a challenge regarding a patent.

What do consumers get with a subscription to Behind the Markets?

Consumers will first get the ongoing support of a Behind the Markets subscription with new details and tips for biotech investments. They will also receive multiple bonus reports to expand on the knowledge of Behind the Markets for more investments.

How often do subscribers receive a newsletter?

The newsletter is sent out monthly. However, along with the newsletter, consumers will get updates whenever there is new information about the portfolio companies discussed, and they will have access at all times to the website.

What is the cost of Behind the Markets?

Typically, for a full year of Behind the markets, the cost is $199. However, there is presently a special introductory offer that provides access for a year for $39. All of the bonus materials are free.

Subscribing to Behind the Markets

Right now, consumers that are interested in getting involved with Behind the Markets have a unique opportunity. The first 1,000 people that respond to the advertisement, will have a risk-free trial for $39. Furthermore, the creator states that the new consumers will have the chance to review the product for a full year while being eligible for a 100% full refund if the regimen doesn’t work for them.

Bonus Reports

To ensure that consumers get the most value for the money they spend, the creators have developed several bonus reports with substantial value. Those reports include:

  • “Living Software” – The Small Company Revolutionizing Medicine ($297 value), which describes the company mentioned above.
  • Bullet-Proof: How to Create the Ideal Small Cap Biotech Stock Portfolio ($197 value), which shows users how to create a portfolio that will make them incredibly wealthy.
  • Medical Money: How to Generate Monthly Income from Your Biotech Portfolio ($199 value), which gives a step-by-step guide to demonstrate the use of biotech stocks for major upside opportunities and income.
  • 3 Ingredients to Biotech Profits ($179 value), which teaches consumers how to pick the right biologics and how to use them in trading.
  • Tidal Wave: How the Medical Revolution Will Change Your Relationship with Your Doctor ($197 value), which shows the changing of biotech companies and how prostate cancer is being treated with these new medicines.
  • Pot Stock Profits: What the History of Cigarettes Can Show Us About Making Money With Cannabis ($249 value), which teaches consumers how to properly identify successful marijuana stocks.
  • 6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Any Stock ($179 value), which teaches users how to find the next stocks that will reach major profits.

While these materials are not necessary to get success from the subscription, consumers will find substantially greater profits by applying the principles they are taught with them.

Contacting the Creators of Behind the Markets

Even with the information available online, consumers may find themselves with other questions. The customer service team can be reached by following the contact information on the email that is sent after signing up.

Behind the Markets Summary

Behind the Markets reveals secrets that the average investor doesn’t have access to. This guidance brings consumers to the cusp of medical innovation, where they could stand to make a fortune from the tips they receive. With a substantial amount of bonus content, beginning investors could end up making smart moves that bring them impressive wealth at a relatively affordable cost for the guidance.


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