The 1450 Club: Andrew Keene’s 1 Hour, 4 Days, 50X Investments With Big Payouts

Andrew Keene's 1450 Club and the Transform Your Life Summit is about putting 1 hour a day, 4 days a week for 50X returns using the Money Map Press investors S.C.A.N. secret trading strategy.


The 1450 Club is a membership to a subscription that shows consumers new opportunities throughout the week to make profits that are substantially higher than the original investment. The membership can be found on the official website, where consumers are pushed to sign up for a Founders Membership for ongoing benefits.

What is The 1450 Club?

Finding the right opportunities to invest in can be a difficult struggle, considering the constant movement of the stock market. For that reason, there are many people who find a professional to guide their investments, but it is hard to find a financial advisor that meets the needs of every investment. Consumers may seek out other options, but the creators behind The 1450 Club may be able to help.

Andrew Keene brings to life a new chance to make thousands of dollars in profit, stating that he has found a secret that has managed to make him millions of dollars. Aiming to bring consumers the same type of success, he states that these secrets can be connected with triple-digit gains from big names like McDonald’s, Blackstone Group, and Urban Outfitters. He says that all consumers have to be willing to do is dedicate a single hour a day over the course of four days during the week, which is enough to grow the user’s net worth by 50 times over.

The requirements are simple – show up. The membership requires that the participant show up on Monday through Thursday by 9:30 am in the Virtual Training Room. During the session, an algorithm called S.C.A.N. works through a substantial number of trades and will allow Keene to bring each user about three opportunities to get their own profits. To see how much money the user has already made, they will get a Net Worth Boosted alert from the creator, though users can check their Daily Payday Forecast each morning.

The S.C.A.N. system stands for the following:

  • S: Spot the Tell
  • C: Confirm the Signal
  • A: Automate and Execute
  • N: Net Worth Boosted

Securing a Founders Membership with The 1450 Club

The only way to get all of this information steadily is by registering for the Founder’s Membership, which costs $2,900 annually. The user is charged this amount with the renewal each year.

While this program might not work for everyone, the creators ask that consumers give themselves a year. If the year ends and the user hasn’t made 25 times the amount of money they invested, they can get a full refund on the investment.

Contacting the Creators of The 1450 Club

Even with the information available online, there are some consumers that have other questions that they want to address. The customer service team can be reached by calling Money Map Press at 1-888-384-8339.


The 1450 Club is meant for consumers that are willing to get serious about their investments, considering the high price of the subscription. However, the amount of gains that consumers are promised with this level of trust is high, as many of the investment opportunities come with the promise of triple-digit percentage gains. Consumers are given consistent updates on their investment, and they can check the website daily for additional projections.


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