Survey finds Turkey owns 18% Cryptocurrency users nationally


We all must have thought that the highest amount of crypto users and owners are from countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Northern Europe, but the Turkish Crypto people are leading in the race. According to one latest survey, 18% of Turkish Population owns cryptocurrencies, which is definitely more than 8% in the US. Why are people in Turkish investing more in Cryptocurrency?

Turkish is popularly known as a nation where western culture joins middle-eastern standards in order to form an amazing atmosphere where novelty joins Moorish architecture. Before few days, the Dutch banking and financial corporation have conducted a study which has shown fascinating numbers about Turkish Crypto Usage.

ING Bank Crypto Survey

Before few days, ING Bank has done a research in about 15 countries to discover what are the thoughts about crypto in different nations are and what part these countries play in spending and investing cryptocurrency. In the survey, 14,828 participants have taken part which is one of the biggest of its kind ever conducted.

The outcome of the survey says that 18% of Turkish people own Cryptocurrency. This result has amazed a lot of people all over the globe and turkey has surpassed the 8% users of America who owns cryptocurrency.

ING's behavioral scientist, Jessia Exton declared that roughly one-third of the Europeans consider that Bitcoin is the main future of online shopping and spending. Results shows, 32% of people believe that crypto is the future of investing, however, 29% users said that they will never invest in crypto. From this, it is clear that Europeans are very much excited to bring Crypto in their everyday life.

As the time of talking about risks in crypto, about 30% participants said that investing in digital currency is riskier as compared to stocks and shares. But, about 70% of people though oppositely. The survey also discovered that a large number of Europeans would give preference to crypto for payment of various things. The survey also shows that 23% of people would like to use crypto for payment of cup of coffee, 30% for global online purchases, and 20% would like to use crypto for children's university fees.

Turkey is leading in cryptocurrency race

Later, participants were asked is crypto a good option for online spending. A total of 53% of Turkey people agreed and highly agreed with various other aspects. Also, Romanians (43%), Americans (31%), Brits (25%), Australians (18%) and Dutch (17%) think that crypto is a good option for online spending.

Several people believe that the report is unfair for younger crypto users as the survey was held online so that only the youngest and more technologically sound people can take part. Moreover, the survey says that about 1 in 5 Turkish people own crypto. Hence, the craze of cryptocurrency is not just in the middle-east but in Africa also.

A majority of participants agreed to the idea of owning some of the other cryptocurrencies in the near future. Out of which 25% European users, 15% Australian users and 21% American users want to invest in cryptocurrency. From the survey, it is clear that a large number of countries have started accepting cryptocurrency.


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