Microsoft Taiwan collaborates with Two Chinese firms to develop Blockchain services


Microsoft Taiwan has declared a cooperative attempt with two popular firms in order to provide various blockchain-based solutions which are focused to enhance e-commerce, financial, entertainment and various other industries. Out of which one company is cloud management service provider Hot Cool and other is IT service provider Digital China

The collaboration was officially declared on the June 28th in Taipei City during a conference held at the Le Méridien Hotel.

All these companies will work jointly to establish solid Chinese Blockchain Industry and its foundation

As of now, the main purpose of making collaboration has not been declared. But the enterprise will combine services of Microsoft Azure Workbench, Hot cool's managed service provider and Digital China's Digital DADA.

The Workbench will serve as a pre-existing network and base for blockchain developers, providing access to SQL database, a key vault, and the Azure Active Directory. Sun Yutao, who is the founder of Digital China assumes that the Workbench will highly improve the growth of China's blockchain infrastructure as a whole.

Taiwan works hard to become Global Hub for Blockchain

Sun Jikang, Taiwan Microsoft’s General Manager said that Global Position of Tech hub has helped it to build the collaboration. He also said that Microsoft will enhance the security as well as the performance of China's Binary Blockchain service. He further emphasized on the technical potential of Taiwan in solid manufacturing, Research and Development (R&D) foundation, and lastly “excellent geographical location.” All these things will be helpful for building blockchain applications.

Yutao admitted that Blockchain technology should be incorporated with various other technologies along with Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, in order to support and enhance its connection. Apart from this, will joint partnership will be helpful to build various blockchain opportunities in Taiwan.


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