Strategic Trends Investor: 5G Technology Revolution Stock?

Strategic Trends Investor by David Fessler focuses on a new 5G Superstock, device and the next tech giant set to create a big investment opportunity in the 5G technology revolution.

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Review of the Next Tech Giant and Its 5G Stock

Financial newsletter Strategic Trends Investor has launched a new marketing campaign based on 5G tech stocks.

If you subscribe to Strategic Trends Investor today, you’ll get 12 copies of the Strategic Trends Investor newsletter for a year along with a handful of bonus reports – including a report called “The Next Tech Giant: The Small-Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution”.

What is Strategic Trends Investor? What is the 5G tech stock the team is talking about? Keep reading to find out as we explain everything you need to know about Strategic Trends Investor and its new 5G-based marketing campaign.

What Is Strategic Trends Investor?

Strategic Trends Investor 5G technology device

Strategic Trends Investor is a monthly financial newsletter published online by David Fessler and Matthew Carr.

The newsletter promises to give readers the very best financial plays on the market, including “when to buy, why you’re buying, how much to pay and when to sell”.

Each report includes actionable research you can use to invest immediately. Strategic Trends Investor’s investment recommendations are accompanied by in-depth analysis and market research.

The team behind Strategic Trends Investor claims “you won’t find these deep-dive investigations anywhere else on the internet”.

As with other alternative investment advice newsletter, the emphasis with Strategic Trends Investor is on spotting the next big trend before it happens.

Smart investors who can capitalize on trends before the market does can reap a massive windfall. We’ve seen this happen with crypto and cannabis stocks. Now, Strategic Trends Investor believes 5G could be the next big tech stock surge.

“5G is set to be a $12.4 trillion global industry,” explains David Fessler, Editor of Strategic Trends Investor. “Many investors are about to get rich. I can’t wait to get my report into your hands so you can start profiting.”

What’s the story with 5G? What is this mysterious tech stock that Fessler is talking about? Let’s take a closer look.

What is “The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution”?

The latest marketing campaign for Strategic Trends Investor advertises a report called, “The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution.”

Here’s how the Strategic Trends Investor team explains the report:

“The Next Tech Giant is on the cusp of delivering the blinding speeds of 5G to up to 127 million U.S. households. It’s already inked deals with Verizon, Sprint, Qualcomm and many other 5G power players. In this exclusive dossier, I’ll reveal its name, its ticker symbol and ALL the reasons I expect it to skyrocket. This could be the most lucrative research I’ve ever published.”

We won’t spoil the ticker symbol for this “next tech giant” here. Once you subscribe and get the report explains the name of the company, its potential future growth, and other reasons to invest in it.

5G, or fifth-generation mobile network technology, is scheduled to roll out over the next four years. 5G will power the internet of things (IoT) devices. It will boost mobile network speeds It will change the way devices communicate with one another.

Many companies are scheduled to profit from the growth of 5G technology. Some argue that 5G has already been priced into the market, while others claim there’s still plenty of room for growth.

How Much Money Can You Make with Strategic Trends Investor’s 5G Investing Research?

Strategic Trends Investor has launched an aggressive marketing campaign based on 5G.

The marketing page is filled with stories about small investments turning into big windfalls for investors.

“Could this new 5G superstock become the next mega-winner?” asks the Strategic Trends Investor website. The website lists other telecommunication stocks that have experienced big gains recently.

Strategic Trends Investor also wants to convince you that 5G is going to change the world in the very near future. Within the next 3 to 4 years, for example, there will reportedly be $275 billion of new investments in 5G, $500 billion of economic growth, and 3 million new jobs created – all because of 5G.

The team is clearly excited about 5G. Here’s how they explain it:

“Experts call 5G “the holy grail”… “the lifeblood of the new economy”… and “the mother of invention”… with “an impact similar to the introduction of electricity or the automobile.”

The sales page also dazzles you with stories of the world’s biggest investors jumping onto 5G today:

  • “Bill Gates has staked $627 million in this wireless revolution.”
  • “Jeff Bezos has invested $1.7 billion in companies that will benefit from 5G.”
  • “And Warren Buffett has allocated an extraordinary $47.4 billion to a popular 5G play.”

Now, the team at Strategic Trends Investor wants to convince you that a small cap stock is the best investment you can make to reap massive profits from the 5G revolution:

“Do you take a chance on the small cap stock behind the device that will help power the 5G revolution?”

“Or do you sit on the sidelines and watch passively as these billionaires transform into trillionaires practically overnight?”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, your best shot at making the greatest tech trade in stock market history.”

Yes, Strategic Trends Investor is so confident about its investment recommendation that it’s calling its recommendation “the greatest tech trade in stock market history”.

What is the Stock? What’s the 5G Stock’s Ticker Symbol?

We’re not going to spoil the report by leaking the name of the $7 stock or its ticker symbol. However, some of the things to note about the stock include:

  • Vanguard, BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and other firms have recently purchased a total stake of $180 million in the company
  • Its CFO recently purchased thousands of shares, increasing his position to around $200,000
  • The CEO also recently increased his share, raising it to $775,000
  • One person on the board of directors now holds 6,401,995 shares worth approximately $31 million
  • In the past year, insiders have accumulated over $55 million of shares at the company

Strategic Trends Investor’s team argues that these insiders want a return on their investment:

“Think about it… Would they pour their hard-earned money into this stock if they didn’t expect 5G to send share prices rocketing to record heights?”

The mysterious company also holds more than 200 patents. It works with major industry leaders like IBM, GE, Chevron, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Uber, Amazon, and Wells Fargo. It also has contracts with the U.S. Army and the Department of Homeland Security.

In terms of 5G, this company also manufactures “the linchpin technology behind 5G”, according to the Strategic Trends Investor team. That’s why the company will reap massive profits from the 5G revolution.

When should you invest in this company? The team claims that June 25, 2020 will be a big date for the company. On June 25, 2020, the FCC is expected to have its spectrum auction. During a spectrum auction, big wireless providers bid for blocks of spectrum. On June 25, the FCC will begin a new auction.

“I’m nearly certain this company will be one of the Next Tech Giant’s partners. This could be a critical development for this Small Cap stock.”

What is “The 5G Millionaire’s Cheat Sheet: Six 5G Stocks to Buy Immediately”?

Your subscription to Strategic Trends Investor also includes a report called, “The 5G Millionaire’s Cheat Sheet: Six 5G stocks to Buy Immediately”.

The report lists six stocks that are “perfectly positioned to profit from the 5G revolution”, according to the Strategic Trends Investor team.

The report particularly emphasizes a dividend-paying stock that “could help you collect as much as $1,379 a month in what I call ‘5G rent checks’, explains the Strategic Trends Investor editorial team. By investing in 5G dividend stocks, you can earn money as the stock grows and earn regular dividend payments.

What is “Four 5G Stocks to Avoid at All Costs”?

Strategic Trends Investor comes with a third bonus report called “Four 5G Stocks to Avoid at All Costs”. The report identifies four stocks within the 5G industry that may not be smart investments:

“There’s a lot of noise surrounding 5G right now. Like in the dot-com boom, there will be some big winners and some even bigger losers,” explains David Fessler, Editor of Strategic Trends Investor.

In the report, Fessler and his team identify several stocks that are “ticking time bombs”. These stocks might look like lucrative 5G stocks to own, and these stocks may be recommended by other 5G investing gurus, but the Strategic Trends Investor team sees these stocks as problematic.

What is the Strategic Trends Investor Pricing?

Strategic Trends Investor is priced at $79 per year for a “Premium Subscription”, which is the most popular option. Three subscription options are available:

  • Basic Subscription (Digital Access): $49
  • Premium Subscription (Digital + Email Access + Bonuses): $79
  • Standard Subscription (Digital, Email, and Website Access): $129

The sales page for Strategic Trends Investor is designed to push you towards the Premium Subscription, which is the only subscription that comes with bonuses. There’s little incentive to purchase the Basic Subscription ($49), and you don’t get any bonus products with the Standard Subscription ($129).

What’s Included with Your Strategic Trends Investor Subscription?

Your subscription to Strategic Trends Investor includes all of the following:

Annual Subscription to Strategic Trends Investor (12 Issues): Your subscription to Strategic Trends Investor includes twelve monthly issues. Each issue gives specific stock recommendations and analysis, including what to buy, why to buy, and when to buy.

Bonus Report #1: “The Next Tech Giant: The Small Cap Stock Behind the 5G Revolution”: This report lists a specific company set to benefit from the expansion of 5G technology over the coming years.

Bonus Report #2: “The 5G Millionaire’s Cheat Sheet: Six 5G Stocks to Buy Immediately”: Six stocks perfectly positioned to profit from the growth of 5G technology over the coming months.

Bonus Report #3: “Four 5G Stocks to Avoid at All Costs”: Just like with the Dot Com boom, there will be winners and losers in the coming 5G revolution. This report lists stocks that are expected to lose – not gain – from 5G.

Bonus eBook: The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy: This bestselling book was written by Strategic Trends Investor editor David Fessler.

Bonus 5G Presentation: These Disruptions Could Make You Millions: This is a private 5G presentation led by David Fessler.

Access to Four Model Portfolios: Subscribers can view four model portfolios that will help them position themselves for the 5G revolution.

Customer Support Access: Subscribers get access to the Strategic Trends Investor customer support team.

Strategic Trends Investor Refund Policy

Strategic Trends Investor has a 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Here’s how the website explains that guarantee:

“If you decide that Strategic Trends Investor isn’t right for you, simply give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll refund 100% of your subscription fee, no questions asked.”

As far as we can tell, that means you get a complete refund on your subscription if you’re unhappy for any reason, and you can request that refund anytime within one year of purchasing the newsletter.

Final Word

Strategic Trends Investor has launched a new marketing campaign based on the upcoming 5G revolution.

In a bonus report included with your subscription called “The Next Tech Giant”, readers will discover a $7 stock that could profit enormously from the 5G revolution.

To get access to that report, subscribe to Strategic Trends Investor today.


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