MicroCap Millionaire Project: Matt McCall's Live Event Details

Matt McCall’s Microcap Millionaire Project is a free live event being held on February 5th where the financial investment analyst will be revealing his Microcap Stocks Portfolio of nine high-growth picks.

MicroCap Millionaire Project Review

The MicroCap Millionaire Project is an upcoming financial event that will share nine microcap stock picks with investors.

The event is led by Matt McCall, who claims to be “one of the first financial analysts to predict the beginning of a new bull market in 2009.”

Now, self-made millionaire and microcap specialist Matt McCall sees another opportunity. He’s found nine microcap stocks that could grow 2,500% or more.

Previous picks by Matt McCall have gone on to see extraordinary gains. He claims to have recommended Stamps.com before it rose 2,772%, for example, Ulta Beauty before it rose 2,043%, and Advanced Micro Devices before it rose 2,235%.

Now, he’s launching the MicroCap Millionaire Project. The event is targeted towards readers who want to invest in small, high-growth companies set to experience big gains.

Do you want a small investment to turn into a big gain? Of course you do. Matt McCall claims that by following his investment advice, you can get rich quick in the microcap market.

This all sounds good, but is there any truth behind Matt McCall’s claims? Let’s take a closer look at who Matt McCall is and what you’ll learn during the MicroCap Millionaire Project event.

What is the MicroCap Millionaire Project?

The MicroCap Millionaire Project is a financial event scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February 5th, at 7pm EST.

During the event, Matt McCall, an investment analyst and self-made millionaire, will release his nine favorite high-growth microcap stock picks for the new decade.

The event is free to attend. It’s a livestream open to any number of people.

(Matt claims the event is only being released to a small number of readers, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any limit on the number of attendees).

Matt McCall claims investors can make a lot of money by following his advice. Specifically, he claims that a single $10,000 investment in any of the stocks he recommends will turn into $277,000. By investing in all nine of his recommended stocks, McCall claims investors can reap an even bigger windfall.

As the name suggests, the MicroCap Millionaire Project event will focus on microcap stocks. Microcap stocks are different from blue chip stocks or index funds. They’re small companies with higher potential for massive swings. That means greater risk – but also greater gains.

Typically, a microcap stock has a market capitalization between $50 million and $300 million.

“Yet the average American is clueless as to how microcap investing works and why it’s so lucrative,” explains Matt McCall.

McCall, meanwhile, claims to have been investing in – and recommending – microcap stocks over the past two decades.

As mentioned above, some of McCall’s hottest stock picks have included Ulta Beauty, Stamps.com, and Advanced Micro Devices. He identified all of these stocks when they were still microcaps and reaped huge profits on each.

It’s unclear how many other microcap stocks McCall recommended, of course, or how many of his recommended investments lost money or declared bankruptcy. Microcap investing is a high-risk, high-reward game.

What Will You Learn During the MicroCap Millionaire Project Event?

During the MicroCap Millionaire Project live event, Matt McCall will discuss today’s financial market, including how you can profit by investing in McCall’s recommended stocks.

Some of the things McCall will discuss during the event include:

  • Matt McCall’s nine favorite microcap stocks he recommends buying today and holding for the new decade
  • McCall’s update on the timeline of today’s bull market, including how long you can expect the high-growth period to last
  • The #1 mistake investors are making in the bull market right now (McCall claims this mistake “could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars” by falling into this trap, and he’ll teach you how to avoid it)
  • The top sectors and industries in which to find microcaps in the coming years (McCall claims his recommended stock picks in these sectors will experience “2,500% gains or more in the years to come”
  • McCall’s favorite 5G microcap stock that is currently 0.5% the size of Apple
  • McCall’s top blockchain microcap stock that is currently worth $290 million but could become a billion dollar blockchain business soon
  • McCall’s favorite IoT microcap that’s currently selling shares at $8, but that McCall believes could be trading at $50, $100 or higher in the near future

How Much Does MicroCap Millionaire Project Cost?

MicroCap Millionaire Project is free to attend. All you need to do is enter your email address into the online signup form.

On the date of the event (February 5), Matt McCall will send you an email with a link to the livestream. You attend the event by clicking the link to the livestream. That’s it.

You can expect to receive plenty of emails from Matt McCall’s team after entering it into the event page. McCall promises to email you “each day” with updates related to the MicroCap Millionaire Project event. You also get automatically signed up to his free newsletter called MoneyWire. You can unsubscribe from both at any time and still attend the event.

Why is MicroCap Millionaire Project Free? What’s the Catch?

Matt McCall is affiliated with InvestorPlace Media, LLC, and the MicroCap Millionaire Project livestream is an InvestorPlace event.

Matt McCall and his InvestorPlace team offer a range of free email newsletters, including InvestorPlace Insights, InvestorPlace Digest, Louis Navellier’s Market 360, and Matt McCall’s MoneyWire.

Much of InvestorPlace’s online content is free. The company has built its business model on providing enough value through online content that you want to pay for the company’s premium investment analysis.

Here’s how the InvestorPlace website explains it:

“By making so much of our work available for free, our hope is that you’ll quickly see the value and usefulness of our independent research and recommendations… and consider joining so many of America’s most successful people as a member of our “family.”

There’s no obligation to buy any InvestorPlace products or Matt McCall products after signing up for the MicroCap Millionaire Project event. You can attend the event, unsubscribe from emails, and never hear from InvestorPlace again.

The goal, of course, is to convince you to sign up for some of InvestorPlace’s paid investment advice subscription services.

Who is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall is the editor of MoneyWire, a financial newsletter published online through InvestorPlace. McCall has two decades of experience investing and tracking high-growth microcap stocks.

Prior to running his investment newsletter, McCall managed investments for wealthy clients through his own advisory firm called Penn Financial Group (for which he serves as founder and president). He’s also the founder of a financial publishing company called Point B Publishing.

He also claims to have been one of the best brokers at Charles Schwab. He launched an early-stage equity funding firm (CrowdVest Co), then launched a FINRA/SEC-registered broker-dealer called Crowdvest Securities.

McCall has also co-hosted a daily investment show on Fox Business Network. Plus, he’s made over 1,500 appearances on CNN, Bloomberg TV, and Fox. He has also authored two bestselling investment books, including The Swing Trader’s Bible and The Next Great Bull Market.

You can view Matt McCall’s full bio at Investopedia here.

FAQ About MicroCap Millionaire Project

We’ve received a number of questions about the MicroCap Millionaire Project event already. Before contacting us, read through the following FAQs.

Q: When Does the MicroCap Millionaire Project Start?

A: The MicroCap Millionaire Project event will begin on Wednesday, February 5th, at 7pm EST.

Q: How Much Money Can I Make with the MicroCap Millionaire Project?

A: Matt McCall is confident in his investment advice. He claims his nine recommended microcap stocks (revealed during the event) will gain 2,500% to 3,000% over the coming years. The sales page for MicroCap Millionaire Project is filled with testimonials from customers who followed Matt’s advice and “turned $500 into $3,500 in 48 hours” or “profited $25,000 in just 9 days”.

Q: Who is Matt McCall? Is He Legit?

A: Matt McCall isn’t your typical online investment guru. McCall has launched several of his own companies, has appeared on television thousands of times, and has co-authored two investment books. He has a Master of Science in Finance from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Finance from the University of Colorado Denver.

Q: How Do I Attend the MicroCap Millionaire Project Event?

A: The MicroCap Millionaire Project is an online event taking place via livestream. You enter your email in the online form prior to the event, and McCall will email you with a link to the event the day it takes place.

Q: How Much Does Does It Cost to Attend the MicroCap Millionaire Project?

A: The MicroCap Millionaire Project is free to attend. You can receive a link to the event just by entering your email address (no phone number, name, or other information required).

Q: Which Nine Microcap Stocks is Matt McCall Going to Recommend?

A: Matt McCall will announce nine of his favorite microcap stocks during the February 5 MicroCap Millionaire Project event. The nine microcap stocks will include microcaps from multiple sectors, including one 5G microcap stock, one blockchain microcap stock, and an IoT microcap stock, among others.

Q: What Else Will I Learn During the Event?

A: In addition to releasing his favorite stock tips, McCall will release his predictions for today’s market, including how long today’s bull run will last. He will also reveal the #1 mistake today’s investors are making, including how to avoid this trap.

Q: What is a Microcap Stock?

A: Microcap stocks are smaller companies that typically have a market capitalization somewhere between $50 million and $300 million. These companies have a lot more movement potential, which can make them very risky – or very profitable.

Final Word

Self-made millionaire investor Matt McCall is hosting an investment livestream called MicroCap Millionaire Project on February 5, 2020 at 7pm ET.

During the event, McCall will discuss his nine favorite microcap stocks, including stocks that could rise as high as 2,500% within the coming years.

You can attend the event for free simply by entering your email address into the MicroCap Millionaire Project sales page.


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