Pryvate launches PryvateCoin along with Crypto Services

Pryvate launches PryvateCoin along with Crypto Services

Pryvate, a cross-platform secure and multi-tier encrypted communications app will soon launch its own utility token known as PryvateCoin (PVC). As per the anticipation, the crypto token will be released along with various associated tools such as secure storage mechanism, digital wallet, trading tool, a browser and a digital trading platform which is resistant to AI robots to conduct manual transactions.

Especially, a majority of features of the app will be available for free, with an exclusion of only 2% commission on transactions conducted over the network. Apart from PVC token airdrops, Pryvate app users will get 40 PVC (about $24) for every download and also 8 PVC ($4.80) for each and every referral. Additionally, users whose balance is more than 20 PVC will get advanced features along with Pryvate Pro membership package. If they possess less than 20 PVC, then they will only receive features available in Pryvate Lite Membership Plan.

Moreover, users also get an option to store the PVC tokens in hot or cold storage. From this storage, they will be able to sell, hold or purchase PVC. As PVC is mainly an ERC-20 standard token, it is compatible with Ethereum-based digital, web-based and hardware wallets. PVC will distribute 6% of the total 50 million PVC coin hard-cap, which is 30,000 PVC to anyone who finds an evidence or attempt of hacking the app's security.

What is the main objective of Pryvate?

Jonathan Parker-Bray, who is the CEO of Pryrate's parent company, Cryptique, the company has been in the business of cryptography since last 5 years. The firm launched the peer-to-peer triple layer encrypted app to provide truly private communication which is free from spying eyes and ears of corporations and foreign government-sponsored spy programs which can possibly steal and then sell the commercially sensitive information. However, these challenges increase the possibility of fraud within the crypto space, the main reason is that the majority of crypto users are dependent on software wallet on a computer, mobile device or cloud.

Cryptique LTD's head office is situated in Jersey, Chanel Islands, the location has a prosperous position on cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. Presently, the company is working towards the implementation of its goals which consists of preventing hacking or blackmail, and typical vulnerabilities including corporate and government sector spying. Cryptique also consists of its stores at Cayman Islands, Singapore, UK and the EU.


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