Keystone Investors Club: Crypto Investment Newsletter and Step by Step Training

The Keystone Investor Club led by Iman Shafiei is a publishing company who provides cryptocurrency investment insights, step by step financial training and a newsletter for users to subscribe to to learn about bitcoin, blockchain and the cryptoasset industry.


While billionaires, banks, public companies and governments want the ordinary investor to miss the best financial opportunities possible, so that they can make the big money, the Keystone Investors Club wants to change all this.

Its CEO, Iman Shafiei, is determined to help people from all walks of life to never worry about bankruptcy. He knows what smart investors are doing in order to minimize the damage of crisis situations and save their portfolios, also what it needs to be done so that money is made in any market.

Who Is Iman Shafiei?

Iman Shafiei is a crypto genius, who by the age of 19 has already sold the company he built for more than 1 million dollars. After, he made another million from cryptocurrency investing. He’s an MIT graduate who became obsessed with crypto coins. While traveling the globe to meet with different business owners, he even met some crypto coins’ founders.

What he concluded is that 95% of all these coins will end up being zero, so buying cryptocurrency blindly is not at all advised, and not even by him. He managed the crypto portfolios of more than 300 high net worth individuals and after, he decided that he wants to help ordinary people like his parents make the big bucks too.

Therefore, his proprietary FITT crypto system that made millions to his high net worth clients became available to 250 other people who join the Keystone Investors Club. FITT stands for Fundamental Analysis, Inside Information, Technical analysis and Technology Analysis.

What Does a Keystone Investors Club Subscription Offer?

All that Iman wants is for his Club’s subscribers to be aware of his very best crypto picks that can make a fortune. He will guide those who have never dealt with cryptocurrency before every step of the way, from the moment they will buy their first coin until they need to cash out. To understand better how this works, here’s what a Keystone Investors Club subscription includes:

  • The monthly Silver Platter Crypto Picks report that comes every month and contains the opportunities Iman and his researchers have discovered
  • Access to the members-only Crypto Insights and Advice weekly meeting that’s held by phone and where questions can be asked, discussions with other members can take place, also where the newest insights and advice from Iman and his team can be obtained
  • The video library that guides people step-by-step to safely and quickly invest in cryptocurrency
  • An amazing support system
  • The Keystone Quarterly Review, which is an analyze of accuracy and performance for the previous quarter

How Much Does a Keystone Investors Club Subscription Cost?

Iman wants people who struggle with money to have financial freedom, so the cost of a Keystone Investors Club subscription is not only affordable, but also REDUCED to 50% for a few days only. Besides, those who subscribe as rapidly as possible get an even BIGGER DISCOUNT. While the usual price is $3,000 upfront plus a $299 per quarter renewal, now it’s only $1,500 upfront and the $299 quarterly renewal fee.

The BIGGER DISCOUNT is for those who join the Club right now. These users will get an entire year subscription with only a one-time investment of $997.


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