Growth Investor AI Master Key by Louis Navellier [Review]

The New A.I. Master Key by Growth Investor's Louis Navellier claims to have found the most disruptive innovation in the last four decades. Here is a full review of Louis' 5G report on the new technological megatrend that Mr. Navellier says is the biggest investment opportunity he's ever put together in the past 45 years.


Financial subscription service Growth Investor has launched a new marketing campaign called A.I. Master Key.

What will you learn in A.I. Master Key? Is a subscription to Growth Investor worth it? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Growth Investor and A.I. Master Key.

What is Growth Investor?

Growth Investor is a financial newsletter led by Editor Louis Navellier. Navellier and his team recently published a video online advertising their newsletter. The video – and the accompanying transcript – describe upcoming technological changes – including how investors can make money with smart, targeted investments today.

Specifically, Growth Investor sees three big trends over the coming decades, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I)
  • 5th Generation Wireless Communication Technology (5G)
  • Cybersecurity

Growth Investor has published one report on each of these topics. By signing up for GrowthInvestor today, you can get access to each of these three reports and other bonus books.

The reports include The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution, The One AI Company Set to Corner the Booming Cybersecurity Industry, and The A.I. Master Key.

A subscription to Growth Investor is priced at $49, $89, or $99 per year, depending on which tier you select.

Who is Growth Investor's Louis Navellier?

The man behind Growth Investor is Louis Navellier who is a renowned growth investor and chamption for the individual investor. With an impressive track record of beating the market, Louis focused primarily on growth stocks versus passive index investing as the returns were superior using his custom formula. Fast forward to today, now he has put together the AI Master Key as Growth Investor's latest formula for cashing in big on the upcoming 5G technological wave.

Louis Navellier is an employee of “one of the world’s leading independent financial ‘think tanks’ located just outside of Washington, D.C.,” explains the official website. He claims the think tank was founded 45 years ago and, since then, “has been responsible for accurately forecasting many of the world’s most innovative technological trends and breakthroughs long before they achieved mainstream acceptance.”

Today, Navellier continues with his mission of identifying world-changing trends and then sharing those trends with subscribers through the Growth Investor newsletter.

Navellier claims his firm identified Apple in the 1980s when it was just a 56-cent stock, for example. The stock has gained 32,400% since then.

He also claims to have identified other stocks before they became mainstream, including Cisco (4,900% gains between 1990 and 2001), Walmart (5,200% gains since 1990), Home Depot (6,300% gains since 1990), and Netflix (26,250% gains since 2002).

What’s the secret to GrowthInvestor’s success? How can this mysterious think tank identify the best companies before anyone else? The sales page for Growth Investor simply states:

“The secret to our success? Connections and good old-fashioned know-how.”

Growth Investor vaguely mentions an “elite network of forward-thinking businessmen and leaders” who have worked in exclusive circles throughout Washington, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. These leaders have played influential roles at every stage of economics, politics, and business.

“Simply put, to my knowledge no other research firm in America has enlisted a more knowledgeable – and more connected – group of experts and leaders than our firm,” explains the official website.”

How Much Money Can You Make with GrowthInvestor?

Growth Investor claims ordinary investors can make a lot of money by following the firm’s investment advice. Thanks to all of the firm’s high-powered connections, GrowthInvestor has been able to help average investors like you make enormous amounts of money.

The sales page mentioned one retired military member, for example, who invested $40,000 following the advice of Growth Investor. Today, the balance sits at $600,000.

Other customers claim GrowthInvestor has helped them make “in excess of one million dollars”. Some customers claim they have paid off their mortgage or achieved early retirement thanks to Growth Investor’s investment advice.

In any case, GrowthInvestor talks a big game about its investment advice. So what does Growth Investor see as the next big opportunity?

AI, 5G, and Cybersecurity: GrowthInvestor’s Next Big Opportunities for Investors

Are you a growth investor looking for the next big opportunity?

Growth Investor claims to have identified the next big thing – just like they spotted Amazon, Netflix, and Apple long before they were trendy investments.

Specifically, GrowthInvestor believes 5G, cybersecurity, and AI are the next big things.

With that in mind, GrowthInvestor has published three books discussing these topics, including:

  • The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution
  • The One AI Company Set to Corner the Booming Cybersecurity Industry
  • The A.I. Master Key

Each book is self-explanatory: you get hot stock tips about which companies are best-positioned to take advantage of each upcoming trend.

Which company has the best AI technology for the upcoming AI revolution? Which company builds the AI that more self-driving cars are using? Which AI company is about to corner the booming cybersecurity industry? What’s the best investment you can make in the leadup to 5G?

What is The A.I. Master Key?

The A.I. Master Key is an investing report that, in the words of Louis Navellier, will “help you profit from one of the greatest wealth creation events in the stock market of the past several decades.”

The A.I. Master Key lists specific companies that will benefit from the upcoming artificial intelligence revolution, including one explosive company that is set to dominate the industry.

Here’s how Navellier introduces The A.I. Master Key:

“Even if you’ve never bought a stock before in your life… or even if you don’t know the difference between a stock and a bond… I’d urge you to consider this opportunity. Artificial Intelligence is now one of the fastest-growing industries in America. And it may be decades before we get another chance like this, to get in at the very front of a major multi-trillion-dollar transformative shift.”

Navellier claims that by following his investment advice, anyone can “turn a tiny sum of cash into an absolute fortune over the next 3-5 years” as the AI industry explodes with growth.

What is The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution?

Navellier has also published a report called The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution.

That report explains the company that holds a significant number of 5G technology patents. This company will fuel the rise of 5G worldwide.

5G is more than just the fifth generation of mobile wireless technology; 5G is also the connection technology that will connect the Internet of Things (IoT) devices together. 5G will help create a smart world, smart appliances, smart driving cars, and more.

Navellier claims he has identified one company that will be “one of the biggest beneficiaries” of the coming 5G revolution.

What is The One AI Company Set to Corner the Booming Cybersecurity Industry?

Finally, Navellier has published a third report called The One AI Company Set to Corner the Booming Cybersecurity Industry.

That report lists a company with “a breakthrough AI-driven detection system” that analyzes past criminal behavior, then predicts “with stunning accuracy” where a cyber attack will occur next.

Navellier’s firm believes that this specific company is prepared to capture a huge chunk of the $1 trillion cybersecurity industry.

What are the Growth Investor Subscription Options?

Growth Investor offers three different subscription options, including:

Basic Membership ($49 Per Year)

  • 12 monthly issues of Growth Investor
  • The AI Master Key eBook
  • Two special bonus reports (The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution and The One AI Company Set to Corner the Booming Cybersecurity Industry)
  • Urgent position updates
  • Access to the Investment Opportunities customer support team

Pro Membership ($89 Per Year)

  • Everything included in Basic
  • Access to Louis Navellier’s “Private Conference Line” podcasts, where he shares his insights and thoughts on new investment trends and technologies

VIP Membership ($99 Per Year)

  • Everything included in Pro
  • 3 Small-Cap Plays Set to Double eBook
  • 8 Ways to Pick a Winning Stock in Any Market eBook

What’s Included with GrowthInvestor? How Does a Subscription Work?

If you subscribe to GrowthInvestor through the new order page, then you’ll get 12 monthly issues and a handful of bonus reports. Here’s what is included with your GrowthInvestor subscription:

  • 12 monthly issues of Growth Investor (email newsletters delivered to your inbox once per month)
  • Bonus Report: The #1 Investment for the Coming 5G Revolution
  • Bonus Report: The A.I. Master Key
  • Bonus Report: The One AI Company Set to Corner the Booming Cybersecurity Industry
  • Urgent position updates (timely updates if any significant movement is happening in any Growth Investor positions)
  • Access to the Growth Investor support team (available by phone or email from 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday)

VIP investors also gain access to two bonus eBooks, including 3 Small-Cap Plays Set to Double and 8 Ways to Pick a Winning Stock in Any Market.

Pro investors, meanwhile, get access to one bonus option: the Private Conference Line podcasts.

Growth Investor Hidden Fees

GrowthInvestor’s checkout page is unusual. There are prices listed beside each membership, but it’s not 100% clear whether you’re paying a monthly or annual fee.

The VIP membership is simply listed as “$99.00”, for example. We have assumed this is an annual fee. However, it’s possible this could be a monthly fee. GrowthInvestor never explains. We recommend checking your credit card after you sign up. It’s possible that GrowthInvestor is deliberately misleading customers here. It’s extremely unusual to not list a “per month” or “per year” beside your subscription price.

It also seems your credit card will continue being charged until you cancel: your subscription will continue to be renewed. You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting GrowthInvestor’s customer service team at (866) 363-5769 or by email at

GrowthInvestor Refund Policy

GrowthInvestor claims to come with a 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, GrowthInvestor does not provide any further details about the refund policy or how it works.

However, we assume the refund policy gives you a 100% refund on your subscription fees if you are unsatisfied with your purchase anytime within 365 days.

Final Word

Louis Navellier and the team at Growth Investor Service have launched a new marketing campaign for their GrowthInvestor newsletter.

If you subscribe to GrowthInvestor today ($49 to $99 per year), then you gain instant access to three eBooks. The eBooks discuss A.I, cybersecurity, and 5G, which GrowthInvestor’s team has identified as the three biggest trends over the coming decades.

GrowthInvestor makes big promises about its investment advice, claiming that subscribers have made millions by following their advice. If you believe in Louis Navellier and the GrowthInvestor team, then you may want to subscribe today.


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