Near Future Report by Jeff Brown: New A.I. Investment Deal?

Jeff Brown's Near Future Report financial investment advisory releases new details about the facts of a $15.7 trillion tech breakthrough in the artificial intelligence industry.


Let's review Jeff Brown's Near Future Report and his $15.7 trillion ‘McCarthy Chip' presentation where he says Amazon and Facebook technology scientists as well as Yale and Stanford PhDs are set to release the biggest tech breakthrough of our age.

Near Future Report is a newsletter that helps consumers to learn about the way to invest in technology with major gains. The purchase, which requires an annual prescription, comes with multiple bonus reports to offer more support to new and seasoned investors.

What is the Near Future Report?

The technology world is constantly evolving, and the tech companies in the market right now have the power to drive stocks in a way that other businesses cannot. The innovations being made right now are at the forefront of world-changing innovation, but it can be hard for the average consumer to determine what tech development is worth investing in, and what tech development won’t even get off the ground. The developers of the Near Future Report aim to help.

According to the information available from the creator, there is a company that plans to invest $9 billion in a chip company, which will be highly lucrative for consumers. The “chip” refers to a highly specialized chip for electronic devices that uses AI intelligence. For the average consumer, this may just sound like a technological game-changer, but investors can use this opportunity to be amongst the earliest investors, paying out big later on.

Aiming to bring consumers double-digit returns, host Jeff Brown brings over two decades of tech experience to consumers, which has helped him to make profitable recommendations. Through the membership to the Near Future Report, consumers will learn about the technology shifts that will boost their stocks, like artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing. The newsletter lays out specific recommendations, allowing consumers to be privy to recommendations that many investors don’t even know about.

How Much Does Near Future Report Subscription Cost?

In order to get access to the content of the Near Future Report, they need to sign up on the official website for $49 per year, after which time they will receive emails with the information. Along with their subscription, consumers will be given access to multiple bonus materials that will help with their investments, including:

  • Microchip Millionaire: How to Profit From the Next Tech Boom, which describes the way that a certain stock in AI chips can make a difference.
  • AI Pioneers: Three Ways to Make a Fortune on AI, which describes the 5G companies that the creators expect to thrive this year.
  • Amazon Coin: Two Ways to Profit From the Next Blockchain Revolution, which focuses on the launch of digital currencies and how to make money from it.

Consumers will also have access to customer service and will be able to view daily tracking of companies with recommendations of when to buy and sell.

Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a decorated financial investment advisor with a 25-year history who runs The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor and Early Stage Trader. The experienced high-technology executive, who is also an active angel investor seeking pre-IPO opportunities, focuses on sharing keen insights on large-capitalization stocks and tech companies who are optimally positioned for growth in a variety of industries. These include 5G wireless and broadcasting technology, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, high-speed networking, emerging biotech, 3D printing and cybersecurity.

Contacting the Creators of the Near Future Report

Even with the information online, consumers may have other questions. While there will be email correspondence available after the purchase is made, the customer service team can also be reached by calling 888-681-1765.

Final Word on Jeff Brown's Near Future Report

The Near Future Report and included materials provides some guidance to investors looking to get involved in the tech industry in a way that can earn them tons of money. While this program isn’t necessary to be involved, the information available offers direction that is easy to comprehend and easy to add to a financial portfolio. There’s limited information about the actual investments to be made, but consumers will be covered by a return policy if the details don’t give their desired financial profits.


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