Daily Double Club: St. Paul Research’s Alan Knuckman Trading Guide Launches

Alan Knuckman's Daily Double Club is a new financial investment report by St. Paul Research that claims to offer profitable one-minute-a-day trading opportunities.


Legit One-Minute-A-Day Profit Opportunities by Alan Knuckman?

The Daily Double Club is a subscription made by Alan Knuckman of St. Paul Research that helps consumers double their money in investments each day. The subscription can only be ordered through the official website, and customers must sign up for a two-year subscription.

What is the Daily Double Club?

Finding the right opportunities to invest in can be tricky, and there are many people who have worked to publish their secrets online to help other consumers. However, to actually make a profit, the key is to find advisors that are trustworthy and honest about their practices, like Alan Knuckman. Knuckman recently publicized his new subscription to a program called the Daily Double Club, which he is also referring to as “the New Breakfast Club.”

The Daily Double Club offers a simple promise – a chance to double the profits of the participant in the morning of each trading day. With a morning text each morning, the user will get a recommendation for where the money should be invested, which they can apply to their own trading or not. There’s no requirements that the user has to take the recommendation, though individuals that do could see huge gains.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Daily Double Club

Here are the answers to some of the common questions that consumers have about this new breakfast club.

Q: Who is Alan Knuckman?

A: Alan Knuckman is the author of this subscription provided by St. Paul Research. He has over 25 years of experience in the world of trading and has been a regular commentator on financial matters with CNN, BloombergTV, and other major news outlets.

Q: What do consumers get with their subscription?

A: Every morning at 9:29am, the subscriber will receive a text. They will also have access to web postings and email alerts that provide an analysis of the trades for the day, as well as a bulletin from Knuckman for the weekly trading and market status.

Q: Are there any other incentives to get involved?

A: Consumers have a few extra perks when they sign up, including a $300 VISA gift card, a digital guide to free and inexpensive brokers (along with trading platforms), and a guide to “zoom trading.”

All other questions can be addressed with the customer service team.

How to Sign Up for Daily Double Club Subscription?

The only way to get all of the benefits of the Daily Double Club is to sign up for a subscription online. After entering an email address, the user will be taking to an order page that allows them to sign up for the subscription for $1,999, giving the user two-year access.

Unlike other programs, the Daily Double Club doesn’t come with any return or refund policy, so any purchase must be made carefully. For any concerns about the order, or if the user is not satisfied, they can reach out to the customer service team at 1-844-858-9331.


The Daily Double Club promises to offer big opportunities to consumers with a daily recommendation that can help. While there are many promises of major gains, it is difficult to say how much the user stands to gain. However, with a fairly expensive price tag on the subscription, consumers are likely to see some profit, though users need to be sure about their commitment before they make a purchase, as there are no refunds.


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