Crypto IQ Tradecraft Review: Charlie Shrem’s Automated Cryptocurrency Trading System

Reviewing the new CryptoIQ TradeCraft automated cryptocurrency trading system put together by Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem to help investors make profitable trades to earn cryptoassets.


Crypto IQ is launching an online event called the Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar.

The free webinar is hosted by crypto investor Charlie Shrem. Shrem will discuss how he “makes 200 – 500% on cryptocurrency trading even in down markets” using a “fully automated system”.

Obviously, bitcoin users are wary any time they hear about triple digit percentage returns and fully automated systems. So is the Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar introducing yet another crypto trading scam? Or is this a real system proven to work?

Find out everything we know about the Tradecraft by Crypto IQ presentation today in our review.

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What is the Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar?

The Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar is an upcoming online event launched by Crypto IQ.

The event will be hosted by Charlie Shrem, a crypto investor who claims to use an “automated system” to generate returns of 200 to 500%.

You can attend the event for free. Just sign up through The signup form asks for your name and time zone.

There are three listed dates for the webinar, including:

  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 9:00am
  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 2:00pm
  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 9:00pm

Note these webinars for TradeCraft by Crypto IQ's Charlie Shrem are likely recorded and will be available to watch any time any interested user has the time to watch the presentation. For those who want to buy Tradecraft automated cryptocurrency trading system, visit here directly to see the pricing and options available.

The event will introduce users to Crypto IQ’s Tradecraft automated trading system, which purportedly generates returns of 200 to 500%. Although the webinar is free to attend, Tradecraft membership is $997 per month.

What Will You Learn During the Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar?

Webinar host Charlie Shrem will explain all of the following during the Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar:

  • Why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are “primed to explode in value over the next 6-12 months”
  • How you can capitalize on crypto trading in either a bull or bear market
  • Why today is the right time to make the largest financial gains – and why this opportunity will not last for much longer
  • How to use Charlie’s fully automated system to “trade like a pro and make gains even in your sleep”

The webinar tells users to expect gains of 200 to 500% by following Shrem’s investment advice.

What is Crypto IQ?

Crypto IQ is a crypto media website. The site features news, reviews, and analysis from across the crypto space.

Crypto IQ is based in Sarasota, Florida. The company was founded by Charlie Shrem.

Most content on Crypto IQ is available for free. However, the company also operates a membership-based trading room and an automated trading system (Tradecraft).

You can join Crypto IQ’s membership programs for $47, $297, or $997 per month, depending on your level. Although the Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar is free to attend, we assume users will be shown advertisements for Crypto IQ’s trade room.

What is the Automated System that Generates Returns of 200 to 500%?

The Crypto IQ Tradecraft Webinar hints about an automated system that generates returns of 200 to 500%. What exactly is this automated system?

Crypto IQ calls it the Trade Craft Fully Automated Trading Platform, also known simply as Tradecraft. They claim you “set it and forget it”, letting the system do all of the work for you. To gain access to the system, you’ll need to pay $997 per month.

The system is a combination of affiliate marketing program and automated trading system. An automated trading program makes trades on your behalf, buying and selling cryptocurrencies to maximize gains and earn bitcoin profits. It seems likely you also receive a referral bonus by convincing people to sign up for the platform, making it like a multilevel marketing program.

There are three tiers to Crypto IQ membership. Only the highest membership ($997) tier gets access to the Crypto IQ Trade Craft autopilot system.

Crypto IQ Essentials ($47 Per Month): Gain access to exclusive news and analysis from Charlie Shrem and the Crypto IQ team.

Crypto IQ Trade Room ($297 Per Month): Join “the highest performing trade room in crypto”, learning from other users as you pick coins. You also get access to real-time trade signals, take profit signals, market analysis, and more.

Crypto IQ Trade Craft ($997 Per Month): Get access to an automated crypto trading program that makes money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can set it and forget it to generate returns of 200 to 500%, according to Crypto IQ.

Who is Charlie Shrem?

The Crypto IQ website describes Charlie Shrem as a “bitcoin pioneer”. He’s a 30-year old bitcoin entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, New York.

Shrem started investing in bitcoin in 2011. He later founded crypto exchange BitInstant, which has since shut down. Shrem is also a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

In 2014, Shrem was sentenced to two years in prison for aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money transmitting business related to dark web marketplace Silk Road. He was released from prison in 2016. Since his release, Shrem has served as the Chief Operating Officer of crypto wallet Jaxx. He also founded cryptocurrency advisory service CryptoIQ.

Today, Shrem claims to generate 200 to 500% returns with cryptocurrency trading. By signing up for Crypto IQ, you can expect similar returns.

Final Word

Crypto IQ is a cryptocurrency advisory service that claims to have an automated system that generates 200 to 500% returns. You need to pay $997 per month to get access to that automated system, which is called Tradecraft (or Trade Craft).

Crypto IQ is hosting a webinar called the Tradecraft Webinar to advertise the system. The webinar is free for anyone to attend and is available on various dates in April 2020.

To learn more about Crypto IQ’s Tradecraft automated system, or to sign up for the free webinar today, visit

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