Bull and Bust Report Review: How to Survive a Market Massacre Using THE OMEN by Christian DeHaemer?

Christian DeHaemer's Bull and Bust Report outlines why an imminent market massacre Is unstoppable and what you can do about it to survive THE OMEN crash that is inevitably about to happen.


Bull and Bust Report is a monthly financial newsletter delivered via email from Christian DeHaemer.

As part of a recent online marketing campaign, Bull and Bust Report is being promoted online with an eBook called “Market Massacre”. That eBook teaches you how to survive and prosper during the next economic downturn. You get a free copy of the eBook if you sign up for Bull and Bust Report today.

What’s the story behind “Market Massacre”? Is Bull and Bust Report worth the price?

Today, we’re highlighting everything you need to know about Bull and Bust Report and the new Market Massacre promotion.

What is Bull and Bust Report?

Bull and Bust Report is an email newsletter delivered every month formulated by Christian DeHaemer. As the name suggests, Bull and Bust Report focuses on regular economic cycles, including how to capitalize on gains during bull runs and maximize profits during bust cycles.

Some of the recent topics covered by Bull and Bust Report include:

  • Rising global oil prices, including how to tap into Saudi Arabia’s oil cash
  • The collapse of the United States and global economy, including the investments that will protect your wealth in the coming downturn
  • Rising gas prices, including how to take advantage of China’s thirst for liquid natural gas (LNG)
  • The government’s dangerous debt levels, including the one investment that will defend your money from inflation
  • The “new age of silver” and how to play it for staggering gains
  • And more

Most recently, Bull and Bust Report has focused specifically on the upcoming economic crash. The newsletter believes a huge crash is “imminent”. By taking certain steps today, you can minimize your risk during the next downturn – and maximize your profits.

“The bottom line is that the mission behind Bull and Bust Report is to ensure you’ll be financially secure in good and bad times,” explains the official website.

The newsletter is delivered monthly, although subscribers also receive weekly updates on the latest economic news.

Bull and Bust Report is published online by a Baltimore-based company called Angel Publishing.

What is the Market Massacre eBook?

Bull and Bust Report is being promoted online with an eBook called “Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Crash of Your Lifetime”.

The eBook dives further into the “imminent” market crash, including how to protect your current assets from the crash – and profit from declining prices during the next crash.

The writer of Market Massacre, Christian DeHaemer, believes that that “the imminent market massacre is unstoppable” because of something called “the omen”. That omen has predicted the start of every market catastrophe almost to the month, including the last two crashes.

We haven’t yet reached the next omen, but it’s expected to occur soon. Once that omen occurs, the next market crash will occur within months – at least, according to Christian DeHaemer.

“The omen has accurately warned of every bust since before President Reagan took office,” explains the official Market Massacre eBook.

“It couldn't be clearer: When the omen arrives, the countdown to when American financial markets will nosedive into the ground begins.”

Specifically, the next omen will occur when the Federal Reserve increases the interest rate. But according to DeHaemer, the next economic crash won’t just be any omen: it will be the omen preceding the worst economic crash in American history:

“The market massacre of 2019 will be the biggest economic storm to ever hit America.”

Ultimately, DeHaemer is trying to frighten you into buying his eBook and subscribing to Bull and Bust Report. If you are worried about the next economic crash and want to learn how to protect your assets and reap profits during the next crash, then the Market Massacre eBook may be the right choice for you.

How to Plan for the Next Economic Crash

What’s the secret behind preparing for the next market crash? Christian DeHaemer claims that you can protect yourself and limit your risk by implementing the “3 ‘P’ Action Plan”.

The action plan is designed to lock your retirement savings and portfolio into a fortress, leaving your money untouched by the coming storm – no matter how bad the crisis gets.

The “3 ‘P’ Action Plan” includes the following three Ps:

Prepare: The eBook teaches you how to prepare your current investment portfolio for the market crash. Even when markets are crashing, certain stocks will rise. DeHaemer mentions that Dollar Tree rose 53%, AutoZone rose 45%, and Panera Bread rose 36% during the last market crash.

Protect: The next step is to protect your wealth. That doesn’t mean liquidating all your assets and sitting on the sidelines. Instead, DeHaemer recommends specific investments “that are shielded from the whims and emotions of Wall Street traders and America’s retail investors”. Gold, silver, lumber, and payment processors may all be safe bets, according to DeHaemer.

Profit: If you followed the first two steps, then 90% of your portfolio will be protected during the next crisis. The remaining 10% of your portfolio, meanwhile, can be used to reap the most lucrative opportunities. The Market Massacre eBook teaches you how to start capitalizing on these opportunities before the market bust.

What’s Included with Bull and Bust Report?

As part of the recent marketing campaign, Bull and Bust Report comes with a handful of bonus eBooks, including:

12 Issues of Bull and Bust Report (Email Newsletter): This email newsletter is delivered monthly and highlights the latest economic movements, opportunities, and risks.

Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Crash of Your Lifetime (eBook): This eBook explains how to protect your assets – and capture profits from new assets – during the next market downtown.

The Anti-Crash Asset with 4X Profit Potential (eBook): This eBook describes how crisis investing works. During a crisis, investors flood into a specific asset class. During the next crisis, DeHaemer believes this asset could deliver 4x returns or higher.

The Duty-Free Portfolio: Profiting From Trump’s Trade War (eBook): This eBook highlights five specific books that could double or triple your money as the trade war continues.

Bonus #1 for 2 Year Subscription: Riding the Gold Wave: How to Make Millions with Gold in the Next 24 Months (eBook): This eBook highlights the advantages of gold as a store of wealth, including why gold will rise over the next two years and could be one of the best investments you ever make.

Bonus #2 for 2 Year Subscription: 80-to-1: The Magical Silver Profit Ratio (eBook): When gold moves, silver moves faster. This eBook describes how the “poor man’s gold” can give investors an even bigger shot at profits.

Bonus #3 for 2 Year Subscription: Fed-Lord: How to Bank an Extra $20,620 a Year in Income (eBook): “Collect landlord checks from the bloating bureaucracy [in Washington]” that are worth “as much as $20,620 per year”, explains this eBook.

Subscription to Energy & Capital: Your subscription to Bull and Bust Report also includes a subscription to Energy and Capital, a financial newsletter focused on energy investing. The newsletter is free for anyone through AngelPub.com, although it’s automatically bundled with your Bull and Bust Report subscription as well.

Access to Customer Service: You get access to the company’s customer service hotline for any questions or concerns.

Bull and Bust Report Pricing

Bull and Bust Report is available at two subscription levels: a one-year or two-year subscription.

One Year Subscription: $49

Two Year Subscription: $79

Both subscriptions are set to automatically renew every year. You get three bonus eBooks with the two-year subscription.

Who’s Behind Bull and Bust Report?

Bull and Bust Report is published online by Angel Publishing. The Baltimore, Maryland-based company offers free newsletters (including Wealth Daily and Energy and Capital) and paid newsletters (like Bull and Bust Report).

Angel Publishing has a libertarian, anti-government stance. Here’s how the company’s “About Us” page describes it:

“We prefer to keep it simple: We believe in the power of the individual. We believe people — when allowed to freely think, create, discover, experiment, and even fail — can achieve great things. We believe that when people are left alone — when Government leaves you alone — and when governments leave each other alone, the better off you are.”

Christian DeHaemer, the man behind Bull and Bust Report, is one of the key experts at Angel Publishing. DeHaemer claims he uses “a unique blend of value investing and a specific catalyst he calls ‘The Hammer, Trigger, and Spark System’” to keep your money in play and secure rapid profits.

Other key members of Angel Publishing include Brian Hicks, Briton Ryle, Jeff Siegel, Jason Stutman, Alex Koyfman, and Keith Kohl.

You can contact the company via:

  • Email Form: Here
  • Phone: (877) 303-4529
  • Address: 3 E Read Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Final Word

Bull and Bust Report is a financial newsletter published online by Angel Publishing. The newsletter focuses on economic cycles, including the “imminent” economic collapse. By making smart moves today, you can protect your assets and maximize profits during the next collapse.

As part of a recent promotion, Bull and Bust Report is being marketed online with an eBook called Market Massacre. The eBook is free with a one-year or two-year subscription to Bull and Bust Report ($40 to $50 per year).


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