Urgent Money Miracle: Morning Prayers to Manifest Financial Blessings Now?

Urgent Money Miracle is a new system that claims to help individuals manifest financial blessings now using a set of morning prayers and a state of Bliss audio program and available to download the PDF digitally.


GainBitcoin is all about the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based tokens, and as an organization who avidly follows the financial investment space, it is always an interesting shift to briefly overlook other types of finance products like how to “manifest financial blessings now”. However, one of the biggest impacts that the coronavirus has had was on the job market. In particular, it is all over the mainstream news about businesses being forced to cut down the workforce by at least up to 50% and counting with no clear indication of when the old norm will ever be the new norm. With such cuts it wouldn’t be of surprise if consumers started to lose hope and even question their very existence.

Now, according to a newly released presentation dubbed, “Money Prayers” that leads with a headline of “How a Quarantine Led a Laid-Off Waitress to Discover ‘Money Prayers’ and Manifest Up to $1,732 in 2 days,” close to 33,437 people have now turned to Money Prayers to receive financial help. The waitress is none other than Abbey Fuentes, who affirms that a prayer book was all it took for her to make enough money that would last 2 years. While we have reviewed more extensive financial newsletter services about Morning Profits, this new program seems to be billed as an introductory course with 37 prayers for immediate financial blessings.

With nothing going on for her, Fuentes was introduced to the prayer by a woman named Anna who went through a similar yet unique phase in her life only to live in luxury right now. What is this prayer all about and where can one find information about it? This is where it is most fit to introduce Urgent Money Miracle.

What is Urgent Money Miracle?

Urgent Money Miracle is a book filled with 37 prayers. As per the claims made, when read in a “blissful state,” one can expect to find a solution to their everyday problems. In other words, it seems like this prayer book instills hope and optimism among those who see the world negatively due to COVID-19.

What does Urgent Money Miracle include?

In addition to the 37 prayers, Urgent Money Miracle comes with an audio called the “State of Bliss”. As previously mentioned, one’s state of mind contributes to the prayer’s effectiveness. Hence, it is as simple as playing the audio and reading the digital copy of Urgent Money Miracle, and according to Fuentes, the rest will be taken care of.

What can one expect from reading Urgent Money Miracle?

Depending on one’s respective goals, Urgent Money Miracle could help one regain their self-worth and confidence amidst financial struggles. Fuentes believes that this prayer book could help:

  • Attract more financial blessings during the pandemic
  • Manifest more riches
  • Overcome global depression
  • Overcome financial burdens
  • Spread love to others

How much does Urgent Money Miracle cost?

The Urgent Money Miracle prayer book is free when consumers purchase the State of Bliss Audio for $27. That said, a 60-days money-back guarantee is currently in place, so should the audio bring dissatisfaction, it is as simple as contacting customer service and requesting a refund.

Final Thoughts

Urgent Money Miracle is a prayer book that appears to instill optimism in consumers amidst the corona virus. Offered for free, it is actually the State of Bliss Audio that is priced at $27. According to Fuentes, ensuring that one achieves a blissful state is crucial, as it is what truly makes the prayers work. However, there are a number of things consumers should bear in mind.

For starters, there is no guarantee that reading the listed prayers will result in cheques per say. It might help to induce positivity in consumers, which in turn might allow one to take the necessary actions. But the claims made here seem far too real. Second, it is unclear as to who actually created Urgent Money Miracle and the State of Bliss Audio. We are told that it is a “Abbey Fuentes,” but it is later revealed that it is a pen name.

Most of all, each purchase comes with a 60-days money back guarantee, but it is not clear as to how one would go about contacting customer service. Upon scanning the official website, there’s no email or phone number that is visibly present, which is definitely of concern.

Ultimately, if consumers simply need some form of comfort or reassurance that things will be better with time, the Urgent Money Miracle and the State of Bliss Audio might help, but it is best to proceed with caution.

To learn more about Urgent Money Miracle and its associated State of Bliss Audio, click here.


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