VeChain published on Twitter that its separate blockchain VeChainThor is live and has produced its first block. This is the first main step taken by VeChain to migrate from Ethereum.

VeChain also released official timeline of all the upcoming events on its Twitter. The main net formerly started with authority Masternode deployment for the live net succeeded by the production of genesis block.

Next Big VeChain Events

As per details, On July 9, X-Node Binding service will be officially available. Also, VeChainThor official mobile wallet will be launched. The Token-swap will occur in the mid of July. A various number of wallets are proving support to the Blockchain. Token Swap will result in VET tokens which will be available for trading on various exchanges. However, the accurate time for the live trading of VET Tokens is still unknown.

Basically, the time will be managed by considering trading platforms which support VeChain trading and transactions. At the end of July, VeChain Foundation will provide current token swap service just after exchanges finish the token swap.

Based on the timeline, On August 1, X-Node status monitoring will be continued on VeChainThor Blockchain. But the team firmly believes that the resuming of X-Node status monitoring will be solely dependent on the how much token swap is successful.

VeChain also offers Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) hoping to spread its services to a large number of enterprise-level startups. The platform has developed various amazing plans to carry supply chain logistics to the blockchain to confirm product authenticity and to prevent fake goods. Apart from this, VeChain has recently declared that it is working with the global supply chain company DB Schenker.

Most of the popular exchanges are supporting VeChain token migration. Bithumb, one of the world’s most popular exchange lately declare that they are also supporting the Blockchain.

According to one latest survey of senior-shipping representatives, more than half of the supply chain companies are centered on Blockchain Technology.

VeChain Ecosystem is not build to just consider the supply chain companies. The firm has lately updated its Whitepaper and Roadmap which states how its protocol will be utilized in Vehicles, digital IDs, the Internet of Things, Automobiles, government affairs, etc.


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