Teeka Tiwari 2020 Phenomenon Playbook: Bitcoin Halving, Crypto Investing Research Report

The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook by Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Research Group is the newest edition of Palm Beach Confidential's bitcoin halving report and cryptocurrency investment research for the last chance until 2024 for the 5 Coins to 5 Million buy list.


The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook is a new cryptocurrency investment research report by Teeka Tiwari of the Palm Beach Research Group's Palm Beach Confidential newsletter.

While the story has been forming for many years with Teeka and running a successful financial market advisory, on May 6th The Crypto Oracle hosted The Last 5 Coins to $5 Million event and held a multi-hour broadcast to give and deliver the nuts and bolts of everything moving and shaking in the cryptoverse. Of course, the bitcoin halving was of top-shelf importance, but also was the greater cryptoasset ecosystem itself.

Teeka is showcasing the new 2020 Phenomenon Playbook where investors can download the PDF eBook report of what are the top five coin recommendations Mr. Big T brings to the forefront in his trending $500 crypto retirement plan report. The 5 Coins to $5 Million series is a build up to the release of all Teeka's research, who was voted as the number one cryptocurrency advisory analyst, into bitcoin and other blockchain-based digital assets.

During the limited-time only presentation, Teeka delivers hours of valuable content for anyone to watch, absolutely free and at no risk at all. Those that want to understand which 5 coins are on Teeka's list will be able to see why each has incredible potential for strong return on investment as well as which buy-zones are optimal in Teeka's report.

The “5 Coins to $5 Million: Last Chance Until 2024” presentation will no longer be available after the bitcoin halving takes place sometime around May 12th, 2020.


To receive The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook, you’ll need to sign up for Palm Beach Confidential, an email newsletter from Teeka Tiwari and his team. Palm Beach Confidential is priced at $2,500 per year.

Is The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook worth the price? What does Teeka discuss in The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this offer.

Download Teeka Tiwari's 2020 Phenomenon Playbook Here

What is The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook?

The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook is an eBook published by Teeka Tiwari and the team at Palm Beach Confidential.


The in-depth cryptocurrency investment research identifies small cryptocurrencies that could skyrocket in price in the near future that are still within his recommended buy zones.

In fact, Teeka claims that a $500 investment in each of these tiny cryptocurrencies “could potentially help you grow $5 million richer”. In the build up to the event, the 5 coins to $5 million series was referred to as the $500 cryptocurrency retirement plan.

If you regret not buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies four years ago, then Teeka claims this is your chance for redemption.

“This is exactly what could’ve happened the last time this rare crypto phenomenon occurred four years ago. And now, the 2020 phenomenon is just days away.”

Teeka has a notorious track record within the bitcoin investment arena, having bought in and release reports to buy Bitcoin when it was trading in the mid-$400s in 2016 as well as Ethereum in 2016 when it was roughly $9 ETH/USD. The replay for the 5 Coins to $5 Million: The Final 5 also goes on to share why Mr. Big T became so involved with the blockchain industry and went on to pen Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), and ChainLink (LINK) as the 2017, 2018 and 2019 best performing cryptoassets respectively each year.

Luck, fate or outright magic crystal ball style, Teeka's Palm Beach Confidential newsletter regarding cryptocurrency investment insights is at the top of the list when it comes to who can reveal timely suggestions in the name of altcoins with low market caps and high potential to rally during the next bitcoin halving phenomenon bull run.

What exactly is this “rare crypto phenomenon” discussed by Teeka Tiwari? Why do you need to take action immediately for maximum potential? Keep reading to find out.

What is the “Phenomenon” in The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook?

Teeka Tiwari’s The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook mentions an upcoming “phenomenon” that will send shockwaves through the crypto world.

That phenomenon has been expected for some time: it’s the bitcoin block reward halving, which takes place automatically every four years. Bitcoin’s block reward is scheduled to get cut in half every four years for the next century.

On May 12, 2020, bitcoin’s block reward will get cut in half for the first time since 2016. Instead of mining 12.5 bitcoin with every block, miners will mine just 6.25 bitcoin. That means half as many bitcoins get released every 10 minutes. It means bitcoin’s emission rate – which is essentially its inflation rate – gets cut in half.

The last time there was a bitcoin halving in 2016, bitcoin rose to its all time high of $20,000 within just 12 months.

Bitcoin’s block reward has been cut in half twice, including once in 2012 and again in 2016. It dropped from 50 bitcoin per block in the first halving to 25 bitcoin per block in the second halving. In both 2012 and 2016, bitcoin reached all time highs within months of the halving. In fact, it was reported that Bitcoin is up over 1,500% since the last halving took place on July 9, 2016.

Watch Teeka Tiwari's 2020 Phenomenon Playbook Presentation

Why Do Bitcoin Prices Rise After a Halving Event?

Why does bitcoin reach new all time highs after a halving? It’s basic economics of supply and demand.

If bitcoin’s supply (its block reward) drops, and demand stays the same, then prices will inevitably rise. That’s economics. In The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook, Teeka Tiwari and his team convince you that now is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies.


The eBook doesn’t just tell you to “buy bitcoin”. Obviously, bitcoin is the biggest player in the cryptocurrency space, and it’s no secret.

Instead, Teeka mentions smaller cryptocurrencies that could see enormous gains after the bitcoin block reward halving. When bitcoin’s price prices, other cryptocurrencies tend to follow. Some cryptocurrencies rise much higher and faster than bitcoin. Because of that, these coins have “millionaire-making potential”:

“In The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook, you will discover the names of the coins Teeka believes still have millionaire-making potential. As well as a full analysis of each coin and its profit potential. You will also see clear instructions on how to buy these coins… BEFORE The Phenomenon hits.”

What’s Included with Palm Beach Confidential?

To get access to The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook, you need to subscribe to the high-priced Palm Beach Confidential newsletter, priced at $2,500 per year.

To entice users to sign up, Palm Beach Research Group is giving away several bonuses:

2 Year Subscription to Palm Beach Confidential: Your $2,500 purchase gives you a two-year subscription to Palm Beach Confidential. You receive monthly issues of Palm Beach Confidential from Teeka Tiwari and his team. Teeka claims to travel the world 200 days a year, meeting with cryptocurrency insiders and experts. Teeka shares his analysis and cryptocurrency recommendations to subscribers of the Palm Beach Confidential newsletter.palm-beach-research-group-5-coins-pdfTeeka’s Model Crypto Portfolio: What does the crypto portfolio of a crypto expert look like? Teeka gives subscribers access to his model crypto portfolio. The portfolio lists open dates, price targets, take profit targets, stop loss targets, and more. You can build your own portfolio and follow Teeka’s recommended cryptocurrencies.teeka-crypto-portfolio

Short-Term Crypto Trade Recommendation Alerts: Teeka periodically recommends crypto trades via email alert. He claims investors who followed his crypto trading recommendations in the “Crypto Winter of 2018” earned returns of 26% in 1 day, 89% in 1 day, 2,004% in 7 weeks, and other impressive returns.teeka-tiwari-5-coins-reportMobile App: Palm Beach Research Group now has its own smartphone app. That app will send push notifications for new crypto trades, including short-term and long-term plays.

teeka-crypto-alertsMembers-Only Website: Subscribers get access to a members-only website, which includes Teeka’s bi-weekly video updates and his “Crypto Corner”, which includes his model portfolio and general crypto analyses.


Palm Beach Confidential Pricing

Palm Beach Confidential is priced at $2,500, making it one of the most expensive email newsletters in the financial industry:

  • 2 Year Subscription: $2,500 (under $3.42 per day)

As part of a recent promotion, Palm Beach Confidential is offering two-year subscriptions for $2,500. When you sign up today, you’ll receive two years of Palm Beach Confidential (24 issues, delivered monthly) over the next two years. You’ll also receive the bonus products mentioned above. All of this is also backed up by Teeka's 1,000% guaranteed gains mentioned below.

Palm Beach Confidential Refund Policy

Palm Beach Confidential has no money back guarantee. Once you have paid your $2,500 subscription fee, the company will not refund your money.

However, you can request in-store credit within 90 days of your purchase.

If you are unsatisfied with your membership, then you can request in-store credit that can be put towards digital products from Palm Beach Research Group, Bonner & Partners, or Casey Research (including email newsletters, eBooks, and digital reports, among other products).

You can request a refund or contact customer service via the following:


FAQ About Teeka's 2020 Phenomenon Playbook

Here is a quick recap summary of everything there is to know about Teeka's crypto offer.

Q: Which 5 Coins are In Teeka's 2020 Phenomenon Playbook?

A: The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook by Teeka Tiwari is the latest name given to the Palm Beach Confidential's most recent release of which are the best altcoins to buy before the bitcoin halving takes place. Teeka's 5 Coins to $5 Million is actually a 3-part series that started in September 2019 when the first 5 coins were released. Then, exactly 6 months later Mr. Big T shared his newest five coins to buy on March 18, 2020. Now, with the onset of the bitcoin halving phenomenon, those interested in Palm Beach Research Group's 2020 Phenomenon Playbook will be getting all 10 coins plus an additional two tokens included. The coin names, symbols and buy up to price zones will be revealed and included in a downloadable ebook PDF report once purchasing the 2-year subscription service.

Q: Can Investors Trust Teeka Tiwari's Cryptocurrency Picks?

A: Teeka Tiwari has time, market momentum and one of the most robust rolodex's of crypto-centric community connections than any financial advisor in the world on his side when it comes to trusting The Crypto Oracle's coin recommendations. While he is on record for calling bitcoin and blockchain as the number one investment of the decade, Teeka also has an impeccable track record when it comes to finding diamonds in the rough of an ecosystem that has over 2,000 tokens and blockchain-based projects. As mentioned, in 2016 he advised his audience to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum, going on to do Ripple (XRP) in 2017, Binance Coin (BNB) in 2018, and ChainLink (LINK) in 2019, which all posted the biggest gains end to end each calendar year. In 2020, Teeka has a fresh basket of coins to buy and believes that two forces are emerging in the bitcoin halving and institutional demand which will drive adoption and prices to astronomical heights.

Q: How Long is Teeka Tiwari's 2020 Phenomenon Playbook Available?

A: The newest edition of Teeka Tiwari's Palm Beach Confidential research report is the 2020 Phenomenon Playbook guide as part of the last version of the 5 Coins to $5 Million series. Due to the nature of how The Crypto Oracle himself positioned it, the report will no longer be made available after the bitcoin halving spectacle takes place on or around May 12, 2002.

Final Word

Palm Beach Confidential is a high-priced email newsletter that focuses on cryptocurrency investing. Led by Teeka Tiwari and the team at Palm Beach Research Group, Palm Beach Confidential is currently being marketed to anyone who watched the recent “5 Coins to $5 Million” event.

If you subscribe to Palm Beach Confidential for $2,500 today, then you’ll receive a bonus copy of Teeka Tiwari’s 2020 Phenomenon Playbook, which lists specific coins to invest in before the bitcoin block reward halving scheduled for May 12, 2020.

Teeka claims that by investing $500 into each of these small cryptocurrencies today, you could potentially grow your portfolio as high as $5 million in the coming months.

Watch the Teeka Tiwari Final 5 Coins 2020 Phenomenon Playbook


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