Empire Elite Growth: Enrique Abeyta’s Financial Investment Research

Empire Elite Growth by Enrique Abeyta of Empire Financial Research offers stock market investors hedge fund-quality growth research with insightful financial trading strategy analysis that can make extreme profits in extreme times.


Empire Elite Growth is a new membership program offered by Empire Financial Research.

Led by former hedge fund manager Enrique Abeyta, Empire Elite Growth shares exclusive research and ideas with members during a presentation that is based on a true story.

Empire Financial Research launched Empire Elite Growth in May 2020. By signing up today, you can become a charter member and get several additional items of timely interest.

Viewers of Enrique Abeyta's Empire Elite Growth are first welcomed with a headline stating:

Empire Elite Growth
“My Hedge Fund Clients Needed at Least $1 Million to Access This Strategy. Today, I’m Giving It Away for Free.” … “After 25 years on Wall Street, Enrique Abeyta walked away from a seven-figure job offer… and moved home to Arizona. Now, for the first time ever, he's “going public” with the radical strategy — involving just 10 stocks — that made millions for his clients.”

Membership is priced at $1,900 per year, making Empire Elite Growth one of the costlier financial subscription programs available online today, but does come with $2,200 in free bonuses and is normally priced at $5,000 according to Enrique Abeyta.

Is Empire Elite Growth worth the steep price tag? Will you discover radically simple investments with 1,000%-potential strategy for massive gains? Find out today in our Empire Elite Growth review.

Watch the True Story of Empire Elite Growth's Enrique Abeyta Here

What is Empire Elite Growth?

Empire Elite Growth is a financial newsletter available through a paid membership system priced at $1,900 per year.

What is Empire Elite Growth

Empire Elite Growth launched in May 2020. By signing up today, you can become a charter member and gain access to exclusive bonuses.

Empire Financial Research claims they plan on charging $5,000 per year for a subscription in the near future. By signing up today, you can get a membership discount and enjoy bonus products.

The goal of Empire Elite Growth is to tell investors how to make money by investing in the right stocks. The system is led by hedge fund manager Enrique Abeyta. Abeyta claims he used to require a minimum $1 million deposit into his hedge fund. Today, you’re accessing “hedge fund-quality growth research” at a fraction of the price where the Empire Financial Research analyst will show you how to not be a value investor or a growth investor, but a make money investor using five simple rules.

By signing up for Empire Elite Growth, you can get immediate access to five ideas “with 500%-plus potential” and many other bonus products. The sales page claims one member in Empire Elite Growth “already saw a $10 million gain in under six months”.

Who is Enrique Abeyta?

Who is Enrique Abeyta

Empire Elite Growth is built around the trading strategies of Enrique Abeyta. Abeyta had a tough childhood, then started a successful hedge fund and grew into a multimillionaire.

The Empire Elite Growth sales page highlights an interview between Enrique Abeyta and filmmaker James Baxter.

“The person you’re about to meet had to fight to survive his childhood. He went on grow his first hedge fund by 130,000%… and become a multimillionaire. After a lifetime spent learning to turn extreme crisis into extreme wealth…He’s now sharing his unique secret with regular folks for the first time ever.”

Over a 20-year career on Wall Street, Abeyta raised over $1.8 billion in investor money. His first hedge fund started with $585,000 in initial capital. Within four years, that fund had grown to $800 million, rising by 130,000%.


Legendary investors like Warren Buffett advocate patience, safety, and following the market. Abeyta, however, seems to advocate fast gains and “hyper-selective” stock picking. His trading strategy involves “going big” during market extremes and making “1000% returns” or higher.


How did Abeyta go from a rough childhood in Phoenix, Arizona to a Wall Street hedge fund manager? Abeyta excelled in school, working for Senator John McCain as a teenager, then attending the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

At Wharton, Abeyta triple-majored in finance, multinational management, and Japanese. After graduating, he started his career at Lehman Brothers, then spent the next 25 years working on Wall Street. He ran one of the top 100 largest hedge funds in the world, short selling WorldCom and Valeant Pharmaceuticals during downturns when the rest of the market was hyping these companies.

Abeyta claims his hedge fund was wildly successful:

“We launched that in March of 2001 with $585,000 under management – literally just like families and friends writing us $25,000 and $50,000 checks. Eventually in the next three years, we grew that to $1.35 billion.”

By 2004, Abeyta claims his hedge fund was the 84th largest hedge fund in the world and the largest Hispanic-owned long-short fund in the industry.

By signing up for Empire Elite Growth today, you can discover Abeyta’s secrets to exponential growth.

What Will You Learn in Empire Elite Growth?

Empire Elite Growth shares Abeyta’s trading strategies. By following Abeyta’s investment advice, traders are “guaranteed” to see “at least three triple-digit winners over the next year”. That means you’re guaranteed to at least double your money (three times) by following Empire Elite Growth’s investment ideas.

Some of the specific topics covered with Empire Elite Growth include:

  • How Abeyta’s trading strategy works, including how he goes “all in” during market downturns to generate triple or quadruple percentage gains
  • Abeyta’s favorite investments in the world today, including specific stocks with potential to grow “hundreds of percent”
  • How to recoup money you lost during the market crash without taking on a lot of risk
  • How to identify extreme growth opportunities spring-loaded for gains at today’s prices
  • How Abeyta is “guaranteeing you the chance to see at least three triple-digit winners over the next year”, including specific stocks that will double over the next year
  • How to analyze markets like Enrique Abeyta to enjoy massive returns
  • How to access data service subscriptions (for which Bloomberg charges $30,000 per year) for free

Your subscription includes a handful of bonus eBooks and other products. By signing up in May 2020, you’ll get access to several “beta” monthly issues of the Empire Elite Growth report that were published over the last few months.

Is Enrique Abeyta Legit?

Enrique Abeyta tells a wild rags to riches story, claiming he had a rough childhood before eventually becoming one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history.

It’s hard to verify every aspect of this story. However, we’re skeptical about some of the claims.

First, Enrique Abeyta claims he spent most of his early childhood living out of cheap hotels while bouncing around tough neighborhoods in Denver and Phoenix. His LinkedIn page, however, shows he attended Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix between 1986 and 1990. Paradise Valley is a famously affluent suburb of Phoenix known for its luxury golf courses, shopping, and real estate.

Is Enrique Abeyta Legit

Abeyta’s LinkedIn page does corroborate other aspects of his story. It shows he triple-majored in finance, multinational management, and Japanese while attending The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania between 1990 and 1995, and that he was a member of investment clubs and other groups at the school.

After graduating, Abeyta worked as an analyst at Barings Securities in Tokyo, Japan in summer 1995. At the end of that summer, he accepted a job as an analyst at Lehman Brothers, working there from 1995 and 1997.

Abeyta later worked as a portfolio manager at Atalanta Sosnoff Capital (1997 to 1999) and a senior analyst at Red Coat Capital Management (1999 to 2000) before starting his own hedge fund called Stadia Capital.

Abeyta claims his hedge fund started with $585,000 under management. Within three years, it had $1.35 billion under management. Those gains are insane. They’re also impossible to verify.

Abeyta doesn’t specifically claim how he made those gains. He mentions shorting certain stocks for massive gains during the Dot Com bubble, for example.

Abeyta was later involved with other financial firms, including 360 Global Capital, Falcon Edge Capital, 360 Global Group, and Project M Group.

Since August 2019, Abeyta has worked as an editor for Empire Financial Research. He has left Wall Street and moved back to Phoenix.

Enrique Abeyta Legit

Ultimately, Abeyta seems to have extensive experience on Wall Street, and he seems to have run his own financial firm in the early 2000s. However, it’s unclear if Abeyta genuinely turned $585,000 into a $1.35 billion. It’s also unclear what happened to that $1.35 billion fund – if it ever existed.

What’s Included with Empire Elite Growth?

Your Empire Elite Growth subscription includes a monthly copy of Empire Elite Growth along with several bonus eBooks:

Monthly Issues of Empire Elite Growth: You receive one copy of Empire Elite Growth delivered to your email inbox every month. Each issue analyzes market news, recommends investment ideas, and provides other information based on Enrique Abeyta’s experience.

Bonus eBook #1: Your Post-Crisis Shopping List: 5 Hypergrowth Stocks to Buy Now: This eBook identifies specific stocks that Abeyta believes are the biggest opportunities in the market today.

Bonus eBook #2: This Revolutionary Technology Will Soon Change Life as We Know It and This Embattled Stock Is a Potential Nine-Bagger in Waiting: This eBook (which is actually two eBooks) identifies a revolutionary technology, then recommends investing in one stock to take advantage of that technology. Abeyta discusses Virgin Galactic as one investment opportunity that could experience massive growth.

Monthly Issues of Empire Elite Trader: Your subscription also includes monthly issues of Empire Elite Trader, a newsletter from Enrique Abeyta that emphasizes short-term trades for massive gains. The company claims these stock tips are “like hitting lots of singles and doubles”, complementing the “home run approach” in Empire Elite Growth.

Monthly Issues of Empire Stock Investor: Your subscription includes monthly issues of Empire Stock Investor, a large cap stock research newsletter edited by Enrique Abeyta and financial analyst Whitney Tilson. This is the flagship newsletter from Empire Financial Research.

Empire Financial Research claims these bonuses are “worth over $7,000”, although it’s not clear where that valuation comes from. They claim the second bonus eBook – which is literally just a short PDF file that recommends one stock – is valued at $1,200, for example.

Watch the True Story of Empire Elite Growth's Enrique Abeyta Here

Empire Elite Growth Pricing

Empire Elite Growth is priced at $1,900 per year as part of a “charter member” offer.

Empire Financial Research reveals this offer will only exist for one week, after which the price is rising to $5,000 per year.

By paying $1,900 today, you get one full year of access to Empire Elite Growth.

One year after you sign up, the annual amount will be automatically charged $3,000 to renew your membership. Most users of Empire Financial Research's Empire Elite Growth crouse will know within days if not weeks or months and have plenty of time to decide whether or not want to renew the yearly plan. Your credit card will continue to be charged $3,000 per year until you cancel but is very easy to do should it not be the right fit for you. You can cancel your membership any time by calling (800) 961-2618 or emailing info@empirefinancialresearch.com

Empire Elite Growth Refund Policy

Empire Elite Growth has no moneyback guarantee whatsoever. Once the company has processed your $1,900 payment, you cannot get your money back.

Instead, the company will let you exchange your $1,900 for other Empire Financial Research products – but only if you request a refund within the first 30 days. You can also get a second year subscription to Empire Elite Growth for $25 if you are unsatisfied at any point within the first six months of your subscription.

Most financial newsletters have some type of moneyback guarantee. It’s unusual that Empire Elite Growth does not offer any type of refund.

About Empire Financial Research

Empire Financial Research is a financial analysis company founded in 2019 by former hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson.

Tilson is a Harvard graduate and author. He founded and ran Kase Capital Management, which managed three value-oriented hedge funds and two mutual funds.

Tilson grew the company “out of his bedroom” from $1 million to over $200 million assets under management.

Today, Empire Financial Research offers four investment newsletters, including Empire Elite Growth, Empire Elite Trader, Empire Investment Report, and Empire Stock Investor.

Whitney Tilson

You can contact Empire Financial Research via the following:

  • Email: info@empirefinancialresearch.com
  • Phone: (800) 961-2618

FAQ About Empire Elite Growth

Here is a quick recap summary about Empire Elite Growth course by Enrique Abeyta:

Q: What Does Empire Elite Growth Provide Investors?

A: Enrique Abeyta is Empire Financial Research's editor for the newly packaged Empire Elite Growth. The EEG focuses primarily on publicly traded stock with small to mid sized caps in the US as a long term, buy and hold service. The Empire Elite Growth program features his favorite investment ideas along with a diversified portfolio setup by recommending 10-15 stocks that have the potential for multibagger returns.

Q: Who is Enrique Abeyta's Empire Elite Growth For?

A: The Empire Elite Growth investment research service is primarily targeting high net worth individuals who have at least $10,000 of investment capital to start with upfront. On the fourth Wednesday of every month, Enrique will be sharing all of his team's biggest and brightest options towards long-time, high-growth stocks. Compared to the Empire Elite Trader, which is a weekly investment advisory focused on fast gains via short-term trade,s Empire Elite Growth expects its followers to have an average stock holding time of at least a few years to nearly a decade.

Q: Is Empire Elite Growth Worth the Price?

A: Empire Elite Growth normally retails for $5,000 annually is on sale for $1,900 today. At around $150 a month, EEG Charter Members can get the entire playbook and full access of everything Empire Financial Research's Enrique Abeyta has to offer. With over $2,000 in bonuses available immediately upon purchasing the newly formed Empire Elite Growth, members will gain instant access to hedge fund-quality growth research as on the official newsletter page it says this is a special introductory price and is the single best offer they will ever make. After watching the video or reading the story about Empire Elite Growth, users will see the statement about anytime they first launch a brand-new research service saying this, “It's a one-time-only chance for you to claim access at a price we never plan to make available again, for anyone.” The price of Empire Elite Growth is almost 65% off the full retail cost and comes with bonuses valued above the actual price today.

Final Word

Empire Elite Growth is a high-end premium email newsletter that makes bold predictions about its investment analysis and ability, revealing the tools necessary to help ordinary investors get triple or quadruple-digit percentage growth by investing in certain recommended hypergrowth stocks.

The information comes from Enrique Abeyta and the team at Empire Financial Research. They share the story of Abeyta turning a $585,000 hedge fund into a $1.35 billion fund in just three years – and while although it’s difficult to verify this claim, there is quite a bit of substance surrounding the intriguing story of how it started and where it all is today.

At $1,900 per year, Empire Elite Growth is one of the most expensive financial subscriptions available online today – and while some may balk at that notion, others may know a good value when they see it and understand net-worth-moving advice and insights isn't always cheap or come that easily. It is important to note that Empire Elite Growth has no refund policy available at this time. However, there responsive customer service support team does work with every Empire Elite Growth Charter Member to ensure everything is properly worked out should any problems arise.

It may be easy to be skeptical of many of the boldness presented by Enrique Abeyta's Empire Elite Growth, and the lack of a refund policy or money back guarantee may be worrying for some; but having the right mentor and acting on the right information can do wonders for investors who understand the perfect storm recipe of timing, momentum and skating to where the puck is going, not to where it is today.

You can learn more about Empire Elite Growth, Enrique Abeyta, and Empire Financial Research by watching and reading the compelling real-life-based story online today.

Watch the True Story of Empire Elite Growth's Enrique Abeyta Here


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