5G Cash Command Center: Lifetime Income Report by Zach Scheidt

The 5G Cash Command Center by Zach Scheidt of St. Paul Research is the latest investor insights from the Lifetime Income Report where the service reveals why President Trump signed bills could help you become cash-rich due to the secret behind the story no one is telling as 5G reacts to coronavirus pandemic.


The team behind Lifetime Income Report just launched a new campaign for its “5G Cash Command Center”.

The 5G Cash Command Center is a package of eBooks and videos that explain how to profit from 5G. The materials explain which 5G stocks to pick for maximum returns, where 5G is rolling out, and which 5G companies are making big gains.


You can gain access to the 5G Cash Command Center by subscribing to Lifetime Income Report, an email newsletter priced around $80 per year.

What will you learn with 5G Cash Command Center? Can you actually get rich quick by following the investment advice contained within Lifetime Income Report? Find out everything you need to know about the 5G Cash Command Center today in our review.

Check Out the 5G Cash Command Center and Lifetime Income Report Here

What is the 5G Cash Command Center?


The 5G Cash Command Center is a series of digital products that teach you how to make money by investing in 5G technology.

To access the 5G Cash Command Center, you’ll need to subscribe to the Lifetime Income Report. Once you gain access to the 5G Cash Command Center, you can view things like:

  • A 5G calendar featuring important dates for the rollout of 5G
  • A 5G index tracking the top 5G stocks and assets
  • A 5G rollout map that displays where 5G is currently available
  • 5G world news and views, including the latest updated stories from the world of 5G

5G technology, for those out of the loop, is fifth generation mobile communication technology. 5G equipment is currently being installed across most of the developed world. It will provide faster speeds and better connectivity for smart devices, among other advantages.

Certain companies are dominating the 5G space and making huge profit. Ericsson, Cisco, Nokia, and Huawei, for example, have all played an enormous roll in 5G. By investing in the right companies, you can profit from the growth of 5G technology.

The 5G Cash Command Center is being marketed online through a lengthy marketing page that highlights the role Donald Trump played in the 5G revolution. The page makes enormous claims about the rollout of 5G, calling it the biggest investment opportunity in ten years:

“With a stroke of his pen, President Trump just endorsed the biggest income opportunity of the decade.”

How Much Money Can You Make with 5G Cash Command Center?

The 5G Cash Command Center sales page makes big claims about its potential ROIs. The sales page mentions an opportunity “to 3X…5X…or even 20X your income” as the rollout of 5G continues.

The sales page also discusses how average people have earned thousands of dollars by following the investment advice contained within the 5G Cash Command Center and the Lifetime Income Report newsletter. Investors are led to expect regular returns of $616 to $6,770.83 by following the recommendations, for example.

“Thanks to [President Trump’s] trailblazing efforts and connections, the stage is now set for ordinary people like us to take advantage. Because these payouts come multiple times, Carl was richer by $81,250 last year (2019). And you know the best part about these 5G payouts? Anybody can get them.”

Clearly, the 5G Command Center is confident about its potential to earn big returns for investors. But what will you learn with the command center? Let’s take a closer look.


What Will You Learn with the 5G Command Center?

5G is not a secret. 5G has been on the horizon for over a decade. Smartphone companies like Samsung have already launched 5G phones, and 5G networks are up and running in many countries worldwide. 5g-wireless-technology

Although 5G is already widespread and priced largely into the market, the 5G Command Center claims investors can “cash in on this wave” and “jump in on the 5G bandwagon” before 5G is fully rolled out.

Some of the topics covered by the 5G Command Center include:

  • A strategy that allows any ordinary investor to generate money from 5G before it’s fully rolled out
  • Why companies that invest in 5G infrastructure can get a unique tax break
  • Why mobile carriers like AT&T do not actually own cell phone towers, and how you can invest in cell phone towers to earn “5G cash”
  • How you can invest in the right companies today to earn “5G Cash” thanks to an Eisenhower-era infrastructure bill
  • How average investors can earn huge returns by investing in the recommended 5G companies

Here is a taste of the rainbow visual about what likely 5G infrastructure services are bound to benefit; from tourism, retail, health and social care, transport and public safety, industry 4.0, agritech, media and gaming, automotive, energy and financial services – all of these on the spectrum of business and activity will be influnced by 5G wireless cellular network technologies.


The system frequently mentions the potential of “5G Cash”, including how investors can invest in specific companies to earn huge returns through the rollout of 5G.

Check Out the 5G Cash Command Center and Lifetime Income Report Here

What is the 5G Cash System?

The 5G Command Center makes big claims about its “5G Cash” secret, claiming that there’s a secret strategy ordinary investors can use to generate huge returns from the rollout of 5G.


The secret strategy is that you can invest in cell phone towers to earn money through 5G:

Step 1) Giant telecommunication companies like Verizon and AT&T pay rent to the companies that own the cell phone towers

Step 2) Because of an Eisenhower-era law regarding infrastructure investments in America, cell tower companies can only keep a small part of the rent

Step 3) The rest of the rent has to be distributed to ordinary American investors by law

Specifically, the company references Public Law 86-779, which was part of the Cigar Excise Tax Extension Act. Eisenhower signed this law to fund America’s Interstate Highway System. The law incentivizes big corporations to invest in America’s infrastructure.

That law also requires corporations to hand out a large majority of their revenue to the American public in exchange for massive tax breaks. The idea behind the law is that America wins, American corporations make money, and individual Americans win.


The IRS recently tweaked the terminology of this law, allowing certain 5G companies to get the same tax breaks as many other infrastructure companies.

By signing up for the 5G Command Center, you can discover the names of the companies that could take advantage of this tax break. By investing in these companies today, you can earn huge returns as 5G rolls out.

The sales page mentions that the next 5G payout is scheduled for May 28, 2020, with regular payouts expected to continue in the near future. That’s why the company is promoting the 5G Cash Command Center heavily throughout May 2020.

What’s Included with the 5G Cash Command Center?

The 5G Cash Command Center (also abbreviated as 5GCCC) includes all of the following digital products:

5G Calendar: This calendar highlights important dates in the 5G industry, including dividend payout dates, launch dates, and more.

5G Index: The index displays the top 5G stocks from across the industry, including their performance over time in comparison to broader stock indices.

5G Rollout Map: Track the rollout of 5G across the United States and around the world using the 5G Cash Command Center 5G rollout map.

5G World News & Opinion: The platform features the latest stories, investment analysis, and opinion pieces from the world of 5G.

Lifetime Income Report Pricing

To access the 5G Cash Command Center, you’ll need to subscribe to Lifetime Income Report, an email newsletter offered by St. Paul Research, LLC.


There are two pricing tiers available, including:

  • Digital Download + Print Subscription: $79 for 6 months
  • Digital Download Only: $49 for 6 months

Your subscription will be automatically renewed every six months until you cancel. You can cancel at any time, and you can request a refund within 180 days.

Check Out the 5G Cash Command Center and Lifetime Income Report Here

What’s Included with the Lifetime Income Report?

As part of a recent promotion, Lifetime Income Report includes the 5G Cash Command Center and a handful of other bonus digital products, including:

The 5G Cash Command Center: After signing up to the Lifetime Income Report, you’ll receive a password to the 5G Cash Command Center, which explains how to generate “5G Cash” by investing in specific companies set to reap income through the rollout of 5G.

Big Data Payouts eBook: This eBook explains how you can earn a small cut every time someone watches a film on Netflix, books a hotel on Airbnb, or orders stuff on Amazon, or does any other activity involving the use of data.

Income 2020 eBook: This book highlights 47 proven methods for collecting income.

5G 2020 Cash Register eBook: This eBook adds onto the information in the 5G Cash Command Center, highlighting investment opportunities in the world of 5G.

The Little Booklet of Retirement Discounts: This book highlights money saving opportunities for seniors, including free electricity for seniors, free college degrees for people over 50, and other deals.

The Daily Edge Newsletter: This free newsletter breaks down current events and news stories, giving investors an “edge” over the competition.

5 Minute Forecast: This newsletter offers a roundup of market analyses and news stories every day.

Monthly FAQ Sessions: Subscribers get monthly question and answer sessions with the editors.

Lifetime Income Report Refund Policy

Lifetime Income Report has a 6 month (180 day) refund policy. You can request a refund at any point within 180 days of your purchase and receive a full refund with no questions asked.

The company will return 100% of your subscription fee, and you are also able to keep all the digital bonuses you received.

After the 180 days period has passed, there are no refunds.

About St. Paul Research

St. Paul Research is a Baltimore-based financial analysis firm that offers a variety of free newsletters and paid subscriptions. The company has launched several “get rich quick” products online in recent months, claiming that investors with limited experience can earn huge returns by following their advice.

Newsletters offered by the company include The Daily Edge, Rich Retirement Letter, Buyout Millionaires Club, and Family Wealth Circle, among others.

St. Paul Research has seven advisors on its editorial team, including Alan Knuckman, Beau Henderson, Jim Amrhein, Jonathan Rodriguez, Matt Insley, Patrick Stout, and Zach Scheidt.

You can contact St. Paul Research via the following:

Final Word

The 5G Cash Command Center is a package of digital products explaining how to profit from the rollout of 5G. You gain access to the 5G Cash Command Center by subscribing to Lifetime Income Report.

The 5G Cash Command Center cites an infrastructure law from the 1950s that was recently tweaked for certain telecom companies. Because of that law, ordinary Americans who invest in these companies can reap huge rewards from the rollout of 5G and earn “5G Cash”.

Lifetime Income Report goes a little extreme with its marketing. The sales page is filled with pictures of multi-million dollar yachts and homes, for example, and testimonials from “ordinary investors” earning six-digit percentage returns regularly.

Overall, it’s possible that the 5G Cash Command Center will provide good investment advice – but you should also be wary whenever someone is selling you a “get rich quick” scheme. Fortunately, your subscription comes with a good refund policy: you have 180 days to request a complete refund on your subscription price and you get to keep the digital products.

Check Out the 5G Cash Command Center and Lifetime Income Report Here


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