The Stock Quitters Retirement Summit: The Oxford Bond Advantage

The Stock Quitters Retirement Summit with Marc Lichtenfeld and George Rayburn is the latest reaction about the market crash and to present The Oxford Club’s American Stock Quitters and Bond Advantage service.


Tired of watching the stock market continue its downward trend? Scared that your retirement plans have stepped down quite a bit? If you’ve come across a presentation called, “The Stock Quitters Retirement Summit,” this might be an investment opportunity to consider.

Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club, Marc Lichtenfeld has been introduced here as someone who typically analyzes real-time data and makes the appropriate moves to secure millions in gains. His experience working at Wall Street is said to have enabled him to become the trader he is today. As per George Rayburn, who interviews Lichtenfeld throughout the presentation, the expert’s strategy rarely failed to bring profits.

According to both Rayburn’s and Lichtenfeld’s claim, quitting the stock market can help individuals make huge returns. How? Here’s what there is to know:

What is The Oxford Bond Advantage?

The Oxford Bond Advantage is a financial research service that Lichtenfeld is the editor of. This service is deemed appropriate for anyone who needs guidance amidst the dropping market. Lichtenfeld claims to focus on fixed-income investments (i.e. bonds) that bring better returns than stocks. The reason for straying away from stocks is simply because of the time it usually takes to attain full recovery from a crash, which can take years.

What do I get by becoming a member of The Oxford Bond Advantage?

There are supposedly a number of perks that arise from becoming a member of The Oxford Bond Advantage. These include:

  • Superbonds: Grow Your Nest Egg and Lock in Up to 334%: In this report, investors will be provided information regarding three superbonds, along with Lichtenfeld’s entire model portfolio. The goal is to help investors build a comfortable retirement plan.
  • Weekly updates on the bond market
  • Information on new bond opportunities are shared two to three times/month
  • Lichtenfeld’s Bond Basics: This is a five-part training series that teaches investors everything they need to know about buying superbonds. Step-by-step instructions will also be provided to avoid any kind of frustration or confusion.
  • Elaborate advice: Each alert comes with the ticker symbol to search, company background, the reasons why they make a solid investment option, expected returns payout, and the length of time to hold the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much of a return can I anticipate from The Oxford Bond Advantage?

Lichtenfeld affirms that investors can get a return up to 334% locked within two years, and interestingly, one’s principal cannot legally go down once invested, as it is written into legal contract.

How does Lichtenfeld pick his recommendations?

Lichtenfeld focuses on companies with sufficient cash flow so that they are able to overcome anything that the market can possibly throw at them. If he is confident that the minimum expected annual return is better than that of the stock market, then he will recommend the investment opportunity. As for bonds, he only recommends them if there is a potential to make 10 times that of the stock market’s return.

What’s the average holding time for targeted bonds?

On average, the holding time ranges between one to two years. This has been done so that investors can make use of the returns made without having to wait a long time to actually see results. That said, one either has the option to sell bonds well before they reach full maturity or hold it. In the case of the latter, Lichtenfeld typically likes to stagger the maturity on his bonds, as payouts can be collected more frequently.

What are the risks associated with investing in bonds?

One thing that investors need to bear in mind, is the single most common risk associated with bonds. If a company goes bankrupt, then the bond wouldn’t be paid out in full. That is why Lichtenfeld prefers companies with enough cash flow, as this allows them to cover their debts. Other factors that influence his decision-making include strong leadership and reputation among others.

Do I have to invest in everything Lichtenfeld suggests?

No, in fact, Lichtenfeld encourages investors to start with the three superbonds in his first report. At the end of the day, one should consider their respective goals (short- and long-term) prior to investing.

Is there a money-back guarantee in place?

Unfortunately, Lichtenfeld will not be giving a cash refund, however, he will give a credit instead. To be more specific, if investors feel his recommendations have not performed as expected within the first year, then one can either choose to get another year for free, or move the money paid towards another product offered by The Oxford Club.

Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding my membership?

To address any questions or concerns, investors have been advised to contact customer service directly at either 1 (888) 570-9830 or (410) 864-3090.

How much does it cost to become a member?

To become a member of The Oxford Bond Advantage, the annual price is $2,200. This has been reduced down from an original price of $4,000. This offer will be made to the first 1,000 individuals who join the service.

How do I get started?

To get started it is as simple as visiting here and clicking, “Become an American Stock Quitter”. In doing so, a page will pop up in which investors will have to fill out their information and pay for the service.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lichtenfeld’s approach to growing wealth entails investing in bonds. Compared to stocks, which are deemed stakes of ownership in a company, bonds are actually debts. This type of investment ensures that investors are paid a fixed interest along with the full amount as per the legal contract. While one might argue that the income generating potential is not as high as that of stocks, at least they don’t experience volatility, which makes this a more consistent income to rely on.

Lichtenfeld has been focusing on bonds throughout his career. What makes this service unique is the quality of information provided. Instead of simply giving recommendations, investors are provided a complete analysis, which is often preferred but lacking in most services of this sort. According to existing and/or former members of his service, the overall investment performance, quality of analysis and customer service have all been slightly above average. That said, the best way to go about bonds is to keep the purchases small, while following the suggested percentages. This, as per a member of Stock Gumshoe, minimized risk altogether.

Bearing all this in mind, investors should be doing some research as well. Especially considering the fact that the major risk associated with bonds is a company’s decision to go bankrupt.

To find out more about The Oxford Bond Advantage, click here.


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