The Tesla Killer Crow’s Nest Investment Service by Jimmy Mengel

Jimmy Mengel's The Crow's Nest releases there new report called "The Tesla Killer" to help investors make profitable gains inside the fuel cell technology revolution for batteries inside electric vehicles.


The Outsider Club has Jimmy Mengel coming back with a great latest pitch newsletter that takes a deep dive into the revolutionary technology powering the next generation’s cars. And it’s not about electric vehicles. The Tesla Killer investment service puts the Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a dilemma, seeing that it’s based on a new technology meant to replace EVs as the next successors to the combustion engine cars.

Who Is Jimmy Mengel?

Jimmy Mengel works as an Outsider Club senior analyst and writes for the Crow’s Nest investment service. He’s known for showing his readers how to grow their investments in a safe and efficient manner that uses dividend stocks, ETFs and other alternative methods of investing. Before being a contributor to the Outsider Club, he was an editor and the Wealth Wire, covering mainstream financial news. His experience and knowledge make him one of the best financial advisors at the moment.

What Is the Tesla Killer Based On?

The latest Jimmy Mengel promotion from the Outsider Club promises to be based on a revolutionary technology that is sure to kill the Tesla business involving electric cars. This new technology is ultra-compelling and called Blue Gas. Furthermore, it offers the benefits of both combustion vehicles and EVs. It’s all about hydrogen fuel cells, which means it uses hydrogen, the most abundant chemical compound in the Universe. Mengel thinks car manufacturers in America won’t stand a chance but to use it, which will make certain businesses and stocks boom.

What Does the Tesla Killer Offer?

Those who have put their money into Jimmy’s recommendation have turned $10,000 into $700,000, on average. With a membership to the Crow’s Nest, subscribers get their free Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution report and:

  • The 12 issues of The Crow's Nest, which are delivered each month and cover elite investor ideas on how to boost income, dramatically cut living costs and put something aside for the retirement account, plus much more.
  • Jimmy’s Latest Investment Research that contains updates to markets, world events and breaking news.
  • Exclusive 24/7 Website Access with a login to The Crow’s Nest, where articles, videos, and research tables are available.
  • Insider Opportunities, which contain the best investment opportunities
  • The “Buyout Frenzy: The 5 Small Cannabis Stocks That Could Make You 1,000% In the Weeks Ahead.”
  • The Uplist Bump: Proven Pot Stocks Join the NYSE and NASDAQ

Access to Jimmy’s undefeated portfolio is not available for $199, which is how much a 1-year subscription costs, but for $99 instead. In case The Crow’s Nest isn’t to the liking of some subscribers, there’s a no questions asked refund for it. The 66% price discount is still going on and it offers, aside from everything that has been mentioned, members-only access to the Crow’s Nest website and private alerts. The fuel cell opportunity that’s about to take over the world is sure worth being given some attention and a minimum investment.


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