Samsung will not be Accepting Crypto Payments

Samsung will not be Accepting Crypto Payments

By considering the rumor which was spread last week that Samsung has made a collaboration with the Lithuanian blockchain startup, CopPay, by which users can pay for in-store purchases with cryptocurrency, Samsung has declared that it is not accepting Crypto payments in the Baltics.

However, now it can be observed that there was never a collaboration between two firms previously. One spokesperson from Samsung declared that the collaboration is absolutely fake, such as

“Our official response is that the rumor is not true.”

The rumored partnership was published via a post on Copay's Medium blog, which is now being removed.

With the help of this collaboration, Copay was going to install the cryptocurrency merchant platform in 31 Samsung stores spread around the Baltics. Also, the post declared that users will be able to make payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Nem, and Steem.

Presently, the announcement has been declared as fake, with no answer about why this news was being released earlier.

Crypto news which was declared fake previously

Previously, the Kodak Bitcoin mining rig was confirmed to be fake just after the critics raised questions about the authenticity of the projected figures being provided. Critics were sure that the given numbers are “unrealistic” as bitcoin mining is becoming extremely difficult. Kodak later declared in a statement that the firm never planned to install any devices on the Kodak campus.

Earlier in March, Cryptocurrency startup has surprised various firms with its announcement of a new partnership between German Automobile Manufacturer BMW.

Similar to a CopPay announcement this news was also declared fake. BMW hasn't made any collaboration with CarVertical and it is using its own BMW's CarData Interface for data retrieval.

Important tools to eliminate fake crypto news

In order to stay awake within the crypto space, some tools are being developed to help promising investors and anyone who want to get latest cryptocurrency headlines.

One of the latest tools is Coindar, which is an internet-based cryptocurrency calendar that gives information and real-time alerts from all the official sources. It is developed with the effort to remove fake crypto news revolving around the web.


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