Penny IPOs by Jeff Brown: Early Stage Trader’s Profitable Penny IPO Stock Picks

Jeff Brown's Penny IPOs presentation is part of the Silicon Valley insider's Early Stage Trader newsletter where America’s #1 angel investor reveals profitable penny stock IPO picks in a new time-sensitive opportunity.


Finding the right way to invest in the market right now may seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially with the uncertainty in the world today. However, Jeff Brown hasn’t lost faith, and this founder of the Early Stage Trader membership believes that he has ways that serious investors can come out on top – penny stocks.

Known as America's #1 angel investor, Jeff Brown's Penny IPOs presentation is all about the Silicon Valley insider revealing a controversial secret about how Wall Street lied to you regarding hyped up stocks like Lyft and Uber.

Realistically, penny stocks may not seem like the place for consumers to make a lot of money, but the tricks that Jeff plans to reveal could help to make major profits. The creator states that it is possible to get involved with these opportunities without having to already be an accredited investor.

Much of the details online center around the previous success that Jeff has had, and the bonus content that is delivered with a subscription to his newsletter.

Let's review the details of Penny IPO stock picks by Jeff Brown to see what the new Early Stage Trader's proprietary service has to offer investors looking for low risk, high reward ‘holy grail' opportunities.

Additional Content for Early Stage Trader

Along with a membership, consumers will have exclusive access to many different guides and reports. Those reports include:

  • Predictable Profits: My Top 3 Penny IPOs of 2020
  • The Secret of the Magic Window: How Penny IPOs Can Add Up to $347,200 to Your Portfolio
  • Power Plays: A Rare Chance to 64X Your Returns!
  • The Penny IPO “Watch List”
  • A surprise bonus gift

Predictable Profits, a report, offers a breakdown of the medical research behind Jeff’s top three choices for cheaply priced IPO stocks, along with a list of their VC backers. This report shows consumers other factors in the upcoming surges in price for these stocks as well.

The Secret of the Magic Window shows readers the patterns that these IPOS stocks take. It includes details on a “magic window” for these stocks that could increase profits by six times over.

Power Plays reveals Jeff’s research that has helped him to make upwards of 2,800%, though these instances are rare. Still, the report outlines what consumers need to do to take advantage of these circumstances.

The Penny IPO “Watch List” is a list of ten recommendations of stocks that Jeff is presently tracking, which includes two stocks in the biotech industry that have already gotten the backing of Bill Gates.

Though consumers are also promised a “bonus gift” from the creator himself, there are no details about what exactly this gift could be. Subscribers will only have access to this information by subscribing.

Subscribing to Early Stage Trader

The only way to get access to all of the content advertised is with a membership to Early Stage Trader, which costs $2,500. This program is not for casual investors, and the creator developed the price tag to show that. Along with the bonus content, consumers will have access to US-based support and a signed copy of the money-back guarantee.

If the user finds that this content doesn’t serve their needs, they have up to 90 days to get a full refund by giving up access.

For Additional Details

Even with the information made available online, consumers may find that they have other questions that they want to address. To get ahold of the customer service team, call 855-849-2885. To watch Jeff Brown's Penny IPOs, click here.


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