Automatic Profits Alert: Chad Shoop’s Profit Stacking Strategy Service

Automatic Profits Alert by Chad Shoop of Banyan Hill helps investors use an elite Wall Street investment strategy known as Profit Stacking that can help traders overcome the COVID-19 bear market.


Since it’s all about investing in seasonal trends, the Automatic Profits Alert strategy helps people buy in right just before the maximum gains are peaking, which means it’s perfect during a situation of crisis such as the one generated by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s created by Banyan-coined “guru” Chad Shoop and can make profits from the downtrends.

Who is Chad Shoop?

Chad Shoop is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), so one of the few 5,000 individuals in the entire world who has great statistical analysis capabilities and the expertise in risk management, behavioral finance and technical investing strategies.

The subscribers to his Automatic Profits Alert, Quick Hit Profits and Pure Income newsletters have achieved great success in the world of finance by following his advice, so they ended up making safe, weekly and monthly long-term gains.

Aside from being a part of the Banyan Publishing Team, Chad is also an Investopedia regular contributor.

How Does Automatic Profits Alert Work?

Chad has taken the approach to profit stacking on Wall Street and turned it into his Automatic Profits Calendar that he updates every year to reveal the market’s seasonal trends based on historical charts of each sector’s basket of stocks. Because the calendar functions according to a rules system, Chad sends its subscribers trade alerts that are carefully researched while each of the sectors gets to its prime season.

This means he informs people when there’s the bottom of the S-curve to obtain profits during the prime season’s spike hits and the time to buy has come. In other words, Automatic Profits Alert sends Chad’s messages on when, what and why to buy, also when to sell so that profits are obtained according to the market-sector seasonality.

Chad’s analysis is based on seasonality. His dips are predicted according to the historical performance of each sector. Stocks can tank in a slow season, only to be on a peak if the seasonal trends predict they will be.

What Does Automatic Profits Alert Include?

Included in the Automatic Profits Alert newsletter there are many of Chad’s reports, trade alerts and texts, also his model portfolio, as it follows:

  • The Automatic Profits Calendar for every year
  • Trade alerts for when it’s time to get in or out from a specific trade so that benefits from peak seasons can be obtained
  • Publication updates sent weekly
  • The special reports released by Chad throughout the entire year
  • Chad’s model portfolio
  • Text alerts when Chad releases a new issue

How Much Does Automatic Profits Alert Cost?

The subscription to Automatic Profits Alert has different prices, according to the length of service users want to commit to. The lifetime membership, for example, costs $1,495, whereas a 1-year premium membership is $995 and can have more years added at discounted rates. The 6-month trial costs $595. It should be noted the lifetime subscription has a $9.97 annual maintenance fee.

Since Automatic Profits Alert is sure to increase the S&P 500 gains by 2x in 1 year, as it’s evidenced in the model portfolio, it can be used for free for the second year if this doesn’t happen.


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