Death of Cash Survival Kit: “Five-Step Crash Survival Plan” by Andy Snyder

The Five-Step Crash Survival Plan by Andy Snyder of Manward Press is not only how to protect money, but grow your wealth portfolio despite a looming economic slowdown using the Death of Cash Survival Kit.


The current economic crisis is unlike anything that the world has been faced with before. In previous crises, consumers haven’t had the same technology that exists today, Bitcoin wasn’t around, and the advancements in artificial intelligence were just pipe dreams. The world is not what it was just over a decade ago, and there are many investors that are worried about the oncoming changes that may damage their financial portfolio. There’s no doubt about it – COVID-19 has created a major disruption, leaving many investors wondering if there’s a way to keep their money safe.

Andy Snyder, the founder of the Manward Press, has developed a “survival plan” that takes consumers through the five steps that they need to take to defend their financial portfolio. He believes that the market is only days away from a major change that the authorities and investors in Washington DC will make, and it will stop of the days of prosperity in its tracks. Money supply will be impacted, which means wealth can be in danger. With the methods outlined by Snyder, consumers have a greater chance of coming out on top.

The information that Snyder reveals could make a big difference to investors that own gold, invest in stocks, or even just rely on their fixed income each month. With the five-step solution that he introduces, consumers can come out of this change more than just unscathed; they could come out better than before.

Snyder explains that his solution is based off the root cause of this change, which has to do with the founding of the country in the 1700s, he says. Snyder stated that the Constitution included a line that proclaimed gold and silver coins to be the only legal tender in the United States, leading Snyder to explain what the “next phase” of physical money to be – “the hard asset period.” He adds that the changes in the economy could end up leading towards a money supply that is entirely electronic.

As Andy Snyder sees it, the changes being made could actually criminalize the use of fiat currency, making it illegal. While such a plan hasn’t been indicated by the government, Snyder encourages consumers to take advantage of his process to ensure that their money can be digitally protected. The five steps include:

  • “Secure your ‘personal money supply.’”
  • “Get ready for million-dollar bitcoin.”
  • “Collect your share of billions of cashless payments.”
  • “Get a yield of up to 24% in a zero-bound world.”
  • “Create your own bank.”

To claim one of the Survival Kits that Snyder advertises, consumers will need to subscribe to his research service / newsletter called the Manward Letter. This newsletter has revealed many secrets to the financial industry through the last few months, and it is the only way to have full access to all of the reports found in this Survival Kit.

Content Included with the Manward Letter

To ensure that consumers get everything that they can from their subscription, Snyder decided to bring a few guides with the purchase. Those guides include:

  • Manward’s Guide to Owning and Profiting From Gold
  • Crypto Profits: Everything You Need to Know to Win With Digital Currencies
  • Cashing In on the Cashless Payments Revolution
  • How to Get a 24% Yield in a Zero Interest Rate World

Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future

Manward’s Guide to Owning and Profiting From Gold: focuses on the first step of Snyder’s plan, showing investors what they should change in their financial portfolio to protect them the best. It includes details on investing in this precious metal and what users need to do to convert their current dollars into gold.

Crypto Profits: Everything You Need to Know to Win With Digital Currencies teaches consumers about the cryptocurrency world that is found in the second step of his plan. He focuses on teaching consumers what crypto assets to avoid and what to invest in, highlighting the way that the industry has changed since Bitcoin was first birthed in response to the last financial crisis.

Cashing In on the Cashless Payments Revolution: describes how to follow the third step of Snyder’s survival plan. He shows investors how they can use a little bit of money to be involved in one of the most profitable opportunities that has made its way to the stock market. He describes a company that could pay out big in the coming months, as well as other “winners” to watch for.

How to Get a 24% Yield in a Zero Interest Rate World: shows consumers how to follow the fourth step and describes a solution that he calls a “private savings note,” which allows consumers to have major yields paid to them. This technique has already been used by financial analysts to gain a profit, and users only need to spend a few dollars to start getting monthly payments.

Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future, which Snyder says could be “the most important” to prepare for this change, shows users what they need to do to store their profits safely and take it out of the banking system.

All of these reports are part of the Death of Cash Survival Kit, and they are free by purchasing a subscription to the Manward Letter.

Purchasing the Manward Letter

There are just 25,000 spots available to get the Death of Cash Survival Kit, which means consumers should act quickly to make sure they are part of it. A subscription for the Manward Letter for the first year is just $49 initially, though it is for the basic subscription to the Manward Letter alone.

To have access to the Death of Cash Survival Kit with the Manward letter, consumers will have to pay for the premium subscription. While ordinarily priced at $249, consumers can buy it for $79 right now. This subscription includes a digital and physical copy of the Manward Letter, the Death of Cash Survival Kit, and four bonus reports:

  • Three Secrets That Could Hand You $9,330 or MORE Each Month
  • The Money Transfer Company Set to Soar
  • Pot Stock Profits: Two Ways to Capitalize on Legal Cannabis TODAY
  • The No. 1 Investment in America Under $1
  • Though valued at over $300, the bonus materials are free.

If the user decides that these reports and the tips provided to them don’t help with their goals, they have up to a year to request a full refund. However, they will no longer have access to the materials.

For Additional Information

Even with the promises made on the official website, some interested parties may want to learn more before they are willing to place their bets on Snyder’s information. To learn more, speak with the customer service team at Manward Press with a call to 800-682-5210 between 8:00am to 8:00pm EST on any day of the week.


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