Gold-Backed Retirement Plan: Andy Snyder’s Gold Investing Savings Protection Guide

A look at Manward Press and Andy Snyder's Gold-Backed Retirement Plan as the ultimate protection against all of the 2020 investment uncertainty, regardless of elections or market crashes.


Hosted by Andy Snyder of Manward Press, the Gold-Backed Retirement Plan claims to have helped the creator to bring in tons of money during the most turbulent of times in the market today. The goal of this plan is to help retail investors, though consumers are also able to use this opportunity to enroll in the Manward Digest.

Snyder states that he sees this year as an opportunity for investors to be careful with the way they invest in an effort to reduce the risk of losing their wealth. The pandemic that is sweeping across the globe has been having a detrimental impact on businesses around the world, and this has resulted in one of the fastest and most drastic sell-offs to ever hit the market. Governments seemingly were unable to make any dent in the damage and volatility, though the market is reaching a stable place nowadays. While 5G stocks and blockchain stocks are viable options, the precious metals industry could be ripe for the picking while the government stimulates the economy with trillions of dollars printed into circulation.

During a crisis, there are many people that turn to gold as a solid investment option, and Snyder states that it could be the most reliable way for consumers to see profits in this difficult year. Snyder, who is also the founder of Manward Press, created this company as a result of the constraint that he witness while in Alaska by individuals in a modern society. This inspired him to develop investment opportunities that would help them take control of their financial future.

Even though gold’s price has some volatility in short-term investments, it overall maintains value over time, while is why Snyder has developed a “gold package” that consumers can purchase. With a subscription to the Manward Digest (another product from Snyder) that is sent daily, consumers will get a few reports. These reports include:

  • The Perfect Gold Investment for 2020
  • How to Invest in Platinum and Palladium Superbonds
  • America’s REAL Gold Card

Consumers will also have access to monthly issues of the Manward Letter, giving them a new investment opportunity every month.

Even though the value of gold has dropped with the same initial fall as stocks around the world, it has continued to be a good investment through time. Unlike the economy and citizens around the world, gold isn’t at risk as a result of the pandemic, and consumers are invited to bank on the way that gold can withstand this pressure.

Pros of the Gold-Backed Retirement Plan

One of the keys to the success of the Gold-Backed Retirement Plan is that the investments have nothing to do with stock market involvement. For that reason, they don’t have the same risk of volatility. Since consumers are asked to operate outside of this market, it is possible to preserve wealth and even grow it.

Cons of the Gold-Backed Retirement Plan

As with any investment opportunity, this plan doesn’t have any guarantee of success. However, that is a risk that consumers have to take with all of these types of programs.

Subscribing to the Manward Digest

The only way to get access to the Gold-Backed Retirement Plan is to subscribe to the Manward Digest. There are three different levels that consumers can get involved with –

  • Basic Subscription ($49)
  • Premium Subscription ($79)
  • Standard Subscription ($129)

While all of the other content is free to access, consumers will only be able to get this information with their subscription. The basic subscription comes with just the newsletter, so consumers that just want general information each month will find their success with this option. The premium plans offers several bonuses, but the standard subscription will have what consumers need if they just want the main three reports advertised.

There are two ways to get a refund with this program – by cancelling the subscription and requesting a refund in the first year, or if the creator doesn’t sufficiently provide the chance to double the user’s money within that year.


Gold has continually been a safe investment through all economic struggles, and there are billionaires that have already put aside their own money in gold to protect it. With the use of the Gold-Backed Retirement Plan by Snyder, consumers can protect themselves from the damage that could be imposed upon them with this economic struggle. Even without following every bit of advice offered, there’s a big opportunity to come out on top of this struggle.


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