Bixtrim Crypto Exchange Service releases New Trading Platform


Bixtrim, a Georgia-based smart contract platform released a new Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Bixtrim is describing its Crypto exchange platform as ‘One Solution for all Blockchain Issues'.

Cryptocurrency trade industry is expanding greatly in 2018, along with helping new crypto-coins to increase their presence in the market. The firm wanted to provide simple and quick access to crypto-money related administrations hence they created a new trading platform suitable for the crypto space.

Bixtrim released its token on the beginning of this year. The token is mainly used to pay fees on the Bixtrim Platform. ICO for BXM token started in June and it will end on August 31st, 2018.

Moreover, BXM is also trying to make cryptos available and can be used daily. This type of new initiative by Bixtrim will surely increase new infrastructures and other traditional types of installments, ventures, and various utilities.

Apart from Cryptocurrency exchange, Bixtrim schedules to release a complete ecosystem of financial instruments.

The main goal of the Bixtrim's ecosystem is to resolve the main issues which are currently annoying the industry.

What are the main issues Bixtrim wants to solve? In the press release, the firm describes the issues with long-term money transfers and inappropriate transaction process:

“BXM recognizes the main problems that are currently plaguing the industry. This includes the slow exchange of cryptos and in many cases the inability to exchange them to fiat money instantly. This process is still lengthy and can take upwards of several business days. Moreover, many coin holders are risking their investment and could potentially lose money.”

Bixtrim exchange will resolve the issues by enabling transfer methods like SEPA for all the customers. Bixtrim also schedules to release a “crypto pawn shop”, where cryptocurrency owners can pawn their own coin for a fixed period of time.

“This possibility is extremely beneficial as it affords customers the opportunity to keep coins, as well as obtaining the needed cash for a short-term and profit in a long-term.”

As per the recent announcement, the firm hasn't disclosed anything about the Bixtrim ecosystem. Bixtrim's main feature is its cryptocurrency exchange. You can use BXM token on the exchange in order to get discount on transaction fees.

We still don't have any detailed idea about how Bixtrim's cryptocurrency exchange will work, also we don't know how it will be different as compared with other crypto exchanges. We only know that exchange will consist of a pawn shop, however, it's still not clear how it will work.


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