Andrew Krieger Big BIG Trade Event: Legendary Trader’s Secret Formula


Massive news is coming from legendary moneymaker Andy Krieger about his Big BIG Trade event coming February 20, 2020. The long-time decorated and celebrated multi-currency trader is coming out after nearly three decades of operating behind the scenes to share his latest secrets and revelations on what he calls the next big money making opportunity.

Before jumping into the phenomenal past Andrew pieced together, here is an FAQ breaking down the most pressing and pertinent details of the Big BIG Trade Event:

Q: When is the Big BIG Trade Event?
A: The BIG Trade Event by Andy Krieger is February 20, 2020 at 8PM EST where the legendary currency trader will be hosting a free live broadcast event where he will examine the unprecedented confluence of compression across multiple currencies in today's market.

Q: Who is Andy Krieger?
A: Andrew J. Krieger is known as one of the most aggressive multi-currency traders in the world with an impressive track record of over 30 years in the industry. His trading acumen is lamented with “Black Monday” and is most famously known for his strategic move back in 1987 called “Breaking the Kiwi” where he made Bankers Trust over $300 million in profits in a single day.

Q: What is the Big BIG Trade Event About?
A: Andy Krieger is reemerging after three decades of operating in the shadows to come back into the currency market and is looking to educate a small group of apprentices who want to make profits no matter what kind of market volatility is experiencing. From executing profitable short term plays to learning how to spot big trends, Andrew is revealing what he believes to be the biggest money making opportunity to happen in 2020 since his October 19, 1987 trade where he pulled in over $300 million with one trade.

Q: Why Watch Andy Krieger's Big BIG Trade Event?
A: In the past thirty five years, Andrew claims he only had two down years trading multiple currencies in the Forex, crypto market and equity industries. Now he believes there is a huge convergence happening in the middle of 2020 where a BIG trading occasion is unfolding that people who follow his advice will be able to take full advantage of should they watch and listen to his Big BIG Trade Event broadcast on February 20th. Andy is known for having impeccable timing, accurate futuristic forecasts, a level-headed approach and proper derisking mitigation when it comes to finding fully-leverage opportunities.

Q: Who is Hosting the BIG Trade Event with Andrew Krieger?
A: The free live event will be hosted by Fernando Cruz of Legacy Research. Mr. Cruz is known for his extreme preparation and attention to detail when it comes to asking questions, getting legendary moneymakers to open up and share their coveted secrets and highly-profitable techniques of earning profits.

While those interested can get the early scoop on Andy Krieger's BIG Trades Event, it's important to understand who Andrew is by taking a trip down memory lane to learn about all of the pertinent details of his prominent multi-currency trading career.

let's take a trip down memory lane and learn about all of the pertinent details of Andrew's prominent multi-currency trading career. This will get most excited to hear from a living legend who created a luxurious lifestyle at a very young age and is now about to spill the beans on how to make profitable trades no matter what market or volatility conditions are present.

Who is Legendary Currency Trader Andy Krieger?

The name Andrew J. Krieger, fondly known as Andy, might not be familiar to many average investors. However, to any investor who is keen on the details of the trading industry, Andy is a household name with a million-dollar tag. The successful forex trader is known for his trading tactics that continue to inform the decisions of many traders to-date.

Suffice to say, there is no mention of Black Monday (the day the world stock market crashed) in the economic cycles without mentioning Andy Krieger. What Andy did in 1987 is an indelible mark in the history of the trading industry, which made him one of the most economically influential people. The story of Andy Krieger is one laced with twists and turns and evergreen lessons to pick.

Educational and Professional Background

Andy Krieger rose from a humble background to an economic icon. Interestingly, at Wharton School of Business where he majored in Sanskrit and philosophy, he selected subjects that many believe couldn’t be what had given him an upper hand in the trading industry. All the same, Andy’s star began to shine in 1986 when he joined the Bankers Trust. Previously, he learned the basics of trading at Saloman Brothers where he worked for some time.

Within a few months of joining the Bankers Trust, Andy’s star shone more brightly as his reputation grew among the most successful market players, who thought he was a belligerent trader. Based on his merciless trading strategies, most of his trading peers turned into critics. However, as Andy’s strategies yielded more rewards, the Bankers Trust team sensed something special in the way Andy executed his trades.

Consequently, the management at BT hiked his trading limit from $50 million to a whopping $700 million. The amount was so huge that going by today’s rates, it could equate to some countries’ collective GDP. At only 32, Krieger had built a concrete name in the currency trading industry. In 1987, he executed the biggest deal of his career, as shown in the following sections.

The Famous Black Monday and Its Consequences

The Black Monday, (popularly known as the Great Crash of 1987) is the major phenomenon associated with Andy Krieger. The event happened on October 19, 1987. On that fateful day, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) market suddenly experienced a huge number of available stocks, beyond the overall demand at the time. Consequently, several markets across the globe crashed at a unique rate. To this date, no one knows exactly what led to the stock market downfall.

However, some of the reasons that might have caused the situation include:

Market Psychology: In retrospect, many people believe that someone could have tampered with market psychology to create fear that eventually led to unnecessary selling.

Insider Trading and Portfolio insurance: the portfolio insurance of the 80s as well as insider trading could have lent a hand to the events of the Black Monday. The former could have fueled a risky behavior among traders working at that time. Insider Trading was equally a possibility as the market picked up quite actively shortly after the Black Monday.

Artificial orders: This concept, popularly known as programmed trading, involves using digital algorithms to increase the process of selling stocks. While the idea was still new in 1987, it could be one of the causes of the Black Monday.

Sometime before the historic crash, the US economy had shown signs of slow-down. For instance, just the Friday before the crash, the Down Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), which is one of the globally recognized stock markets, lost 100 points in a single day. Many people didn’t take this occurrence seriously, not knowing that in just a few days, the market would completely collapse.

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Consequences of the Black Monday

From the United States where it all began, the effects of the crash quickly spread to Europe and parts of Asia that had strong trading links with the U.S. As the market crumbled at an unprecedented rate, several traders found themselves with huge market orders that they were unable to fulfill. Consequently, they downed their trading tools and stopped operations completely. The fact that orders took longer time to complete, with a lot of difficulties also threw a spanner into the works.

By the time the crash ended, the NYSE had lost a huge 508.32 points. The number might not be quite much according to today’s standards, but back then, it was such a huge figure. Following the Black Monday, the global stock value quotient dipped by up to 40%. The DJIA was the worst hit, with a value loss of 22%, which was worth almost $500 billion in 1987.

The event baffled many economists who believed that the U.S. economy could go into a serious downturn reminiscent of the Great Depression of 1929. Interestingly, the American economy corrected itself much faster just a few days after the event.

Andy Krieger and Black Monday

The Black Monday Andy Krieger was involved in was in a league of its own. It presented massive trading opportunities for clever strategists and traders like Krieger who spotted the opportunity early enough before the crowd and market did. For instance, when the value of the U.S. dollar began to plunge, many investors looked for a safe haven to store their funds until the period was over.

This idea saw many traders buy foreign currencies that they believed would survive the crash and come out stronger. With that strategy, Krieger decided to buy the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), which at the time was overvalued and was likely to collapse.

From a technical point of view, Krieger used his trading tactics to execute a strategy that saw him complete a trade worth between $200 and $300 million. However, others believe the figure could be higher, amounting to more than $1 billion. Speculation or wide ranging amounts that circulated in the news, quite an impressive feat for a young chap like Andrew who lead the charge for Bankers Trust.

With other traders joining the fray, the New Zealand economy suffered at an accelerated rate. Things went worse for the country’s economy to a point where the governor of the Central Bank consulted the Bankers Trust, pleading with them to stop trading the NZD. However, Krieger blatantly ignored the request, claiming that his activities were legal. Following Krieger’s trading tactics New Zealand became the worst-hit country of the Black Monday. The country’s stocks plunged by a huge 60%.

Interestingly, even after employing his tricks to generate huge profits for the Bankers Trust, it’s said that Krieger ended up with only 1% of what he raised, given to him by the Bankers trust as his share. The meager share did not go down well with the ambitious trader. Consequently, he resigned from Bankers Trust to hunt for greener pastures.

What Lessons Can We Pick From Andy Krieger?

From the way he conducted his trades, it’s clear that Andy possessed trading skills that many traders do not have. The following are lessons to pick from the currency trading genius:

  • Have a proper entry and exit plan: Krieger entered the market at the right time; he also left at the right time.
  • Prudence: Krieger was prudent, with great skills to know currencies that could be overvalued.
  • Going against the wave: When everyone else panicked of losing money, Krieger remained composed and keen to find an opportunity to exploit.
  • Risk Manager: He could not have executed such a mammoth trade without knowing the risks involved.
  • Knew when to use leverage: Leverage comes with high risk. Andy used it when he was quite sure.

The live broadcast even is free to attend, watch and listen-in on from a worthy currency trading expert and a wealthy multi-market trader.

Final Thoughts On Andy Krieger's BIG Trades Event

Overall, the biggest lesson that readers can pick from Andy Krieger is the importance of fundamental analysis. He had the right information about several international currencies that informed his trading decisions. He was great at analyzing the information and situation beforehand.

Successful traders today continue to look for new ways to venture into risky projects with big pay-offs. Krieger remains influential in the life of both new and old traders even more than 30 years after the Black Monday. Importantly, many economists believe that a Black Monday might repeat itself in today’s economy, and another Andy Krieger could be right in the making.

While the details on Andy's BIG Trade event are limited, there are other resources that explain a bit more detail at MasterTheCrypto and a few other review sites online. Learning from experts is one of the most optimal ways to absorb information from because of the been there and done that factor.

Andrew has an exceptional reputation as a legendary currency trader and is great at predicting what will happen next in a 24/7/365 time-sensitive economy. Between analyzing macro trends and timing micro trends, Mr. Kieger's Big BIG Trade Event is all about spotting and sourcing high ROI opportunities while mitigating risk and possible blind spots/downsides. The live broadcast is happening February 20, 2020 at 8PM EST with host Fernando Cruz and of course, Andy Krieger.


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