Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad: Weiss Ratings’ Event by Sean Brodrick is June 10

The Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad event by Weiss Ratings' Sean Brodrick is June 10, 2020 at 2PM ET where the Wealth Megatrends financial trading expert will reveal the Fed's monetary madness and a once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity using his using his secret “Gold X” indicator.


Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad is a free financial webinar scheduled for Wednesday, June 10 at 2pm EST.

During the webinar, host Sean Brodrick will explain how today’s economic climate gives investors a unique opportunity to earn big returns. According to Brodrick, the United States Federal Reserve is printing too much money – and that means smart investors should buy specific gold stocks today.

What will you learn during the Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad webinar? Should you attend the webinar? Find out everything you need to know today in our review.

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What is Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad?

Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad is a free webinar taking place on Wednesday, June 10, at 2pm EST. The webinar will list specific trades investors should make to give themselves “a once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity”, according to the sales page for the event.


Brodrick and his team specifically recommend buying gold and gold-related stocks. Brodrick believes that with the Federal Reserve printing money recklessly, the value of gold is expected to jump:

“With the Fed printing trillions of dollars … with the economy in a state of collapse … and with gold prices already exploding, there’s never been a better time to be a gold investor,” explains the official website.

By following Brodrick’s investment advice, investors can purportedly earn “as much as 1,000% on even minor jump’s in billion’s price”. Brodrick recommends tracking something called the ‘Gold X’ indicator, for example, which rises with the price of gold.

The webinar comes from a company called Weiss Group, LLC, which operates the financial email newsletter Wealth Megatrends (formerly known as Wealth Supercycle).

What Will You Learn During Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad?

The webinar will describe why today’s economic conditions have created a good opportunity for gold investors. Brodrick believes the value of gold will continue to rise in the near future. By buying the right stocks today, you can earn returns of 1,000% even if gold doesn’t skyrocket in value.

Some of the topics covered during the Wild Gold Profits webinar include:

  • How to use a ‘Gold X’ indicator to capitalize on higher gold prices
  • Specific investments that could generate returns of 1,000%
  • The exact trades investors can make to get potential returns of 229%, 370%, and 1,186%

How to prepare your portfolio for higher gold prices, including the specific moves to make today to ensure your portfolio is prepared

Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad Pricing

The webinar is free to attend. Just enter your email address into the online form at the official website.

Why is the Webinar Free?

It’s rare for someone to give away something for free online. How is Wild Gold Profits in World Gone Mad free? What’s the catch?

We assume investors will receive advertisements for various company products before, during, and after the webinar.

With similar investment advice webinars, viewers will get a taste of the company’s investment advice, then pay extra for additional reports and information.

The company claims that they will never spam your email address, however, nor will they rent, misuse, or abuse your email address.

As far as we can tell, the company is telling the truth: the terms and conditions do not mention selling your email address to partners. You may receive advertisements for Wealth Megatrends and certain Weiss Group products, but the company does not seem to sell your information to other companies.

About Weiss Group, LLC

The Wild Gold Profits in World Gone Mad webinar comes from a company called Weiss Group, LLC.


Weiss is a financial research publishing firm that “does not provide individual investment advice to its subscribers”, according to the official website. The company does seem to recommend specific trades and stocks. However, only certified financial advisors can legally recommend trades – which is why Weiss Group claims to give investment ‘ideas’ instead of investment advice.

Weiss Group also does business under the name Wealth Megatrends, formerly known as Wealth Supercycle.


Weiss Ratings is a ratings organization founded in 1971. The company provides a service similar to S&P, Fitch, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and AM Best: they analyze companies, then rate them. Today, WeissRatings.com has more than 40,000 investment ratings on stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs, as well as 16,000 safety ratings on banks, credit unions, and insurance companies. In recent years, the company has branched into the financial publishing space with products like Wealth Megatrends.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: ratings@weissinc.com
  • Phone: 877-934-7778
  • Mailing Address: 4400 Northcorp Parkway, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

What is Wealth Megatrends?

Wealth Megatrends is a product offered by Weiss Ratings. After watching the Wild Gold Profits in World Gone Mad webinar, you’ll receive a message for Wealth Megatrends.


Wealth Megatrends is a monthly financial email. Subscribers receive 12 issues of Wealth Megatrends per year.

By signing up for Wealth Megatrends through the webinar’s online form, you’ll receive several bonus eBooks and offers, including reports like Stock Market Tsunami, Europe’s Fall Is Your Gain, Flight Capital Fortune, and Kamikaze K-Wave, among others.

Wealth Megatrends is priced at $30 to $60 per year, depending on your subscription option.

Wealth Megatrends Pricing

Each Wealth Megatrends subscription comes with extra costs for additional insights and analysis, which may or may not be ideal for those interested in their financial services.

Based on the ordering page at WeissRatings.com, subscribers assume they’re signing up for a $30 to $60 per year subscription. Your subscription includes 12 issues of Wealth Megatrends.

As a heads up, please note the fine print at the bottom of the page to see the 90-day trial terms for the Weiss Stock Ratings Heat Maps. This service is value added and priced in at an additional $129 per year. It is easy to cancel should it not meet your expectations, but your credit card on file will be automatically charged after 90 days once subscribing to Wealth Megatrends.


About Sean Brodrick

Sean Brodrick is a financial analyst best-known for his financial blog called Wealth Wave. At that blog, Brodrick analyzes stocks across multiple markets, including gold, commodities, cannabis, mining, health, metals, technology, energy, and oil.

Brodrick is a former journalist who wrote extensively on stocks and commodities. He’s in charge of the Wealth Megatrends monthly newsletter. He also publishes trading services like Supercycle Investor, Gold & Silver Trader, and Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio.


Brodrick also leads the research team that created the Weiss Cannabis Stock Rankings, which aims to identify the best marijuana stocks available today.

Final Word

Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad is a free webinar scheduled for June 10. During the webinar, Wealth Megatrends editor Sean Brodrick will recommend specific gold stocks investors can buy to potentially earn returns of “1,000%” or higher.

Brodrick believes the price of gold will rise sharply in the coming months due to the economic crisis and Federal Reserve money printing. Investors who buy specific gold stocks today can earn huge returns.

The webinar is free to attend, although viewers will receive advertisements for Brodrick’s email newsletter called Wealth Megatrends.

Sign up for the webinar for free today. Wild Gold Profits in a World Gone Mad will take place on Wednesday, June 10 at 2pm EST.

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