The Infinity Project: Learn How to Build Successful, Valuable Online Businesses

The Infinity Project by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth of Digital Success Network is a 3-step system for generating highly profitable long-term income generating assets and websites online.


Looking to establish a name for yourself within the online retail space? Need some guidance on how to get started? When it specifically comes to selling products, individuals are surely to be bombarded with thoughts – ranging from inventory and possible barriers of entry to building a supply chain filled with suppliers, wholesales and the obvious, customers. However, there exists one particular system that helps to generate consistent income from $50 000 to $100,000 on a monthly basis without needing much. This is none other than the Infinity Project.

Creators of the Infinity Project, Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton, who operate the Digital Success Network, want everyone to have one thing cleared up in their mind: “this is not eCommerce”. The purpose of this review is to dive into what the intention behind the Infinity Project is and how its system allows one to attain financial freedom using a 3-step system to generate highly profitable impulse pages.

What is the Infinity Project?

The Infinity Project is an eight-week training course that educates individuals on how to build a successful business. Divided into eight components, one for every week of the course, individuals will become informed on the following areas:

  • The three steps to making $100 per day followed by a training filled with 100 videos
  • Execution plans and action-steps that lead to a successful business
  • Ready-made impulse pages that help to secure leads within nine unique niches
  • “plug-n-play” sales funnels which require individuals to simply fill in the blanks
  • Traffic blueprints
  • Secret techniques that can be leveraged to make double, triple or even quadruple of one’s income
  • Access to a support and coaching team
  • The 60-day Super Seller Challenge, which motivate individuals to excel in their own businesses
  • Cash prizes to those who made insane profits within the first 60, 90 and 120 days.
  • A certificate of completion for having completed the challenge

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How does the Infinity Project work?

To achieve success through this system, individuals will have to execute three steps:

#1. Select the Niche and Product

Before getting started, it is important that one evaluates their niche of interest. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something in trend, matter-of-factly, it can be related to one’s current business or a hobby. Once the niche has been selected, individuals will have to choose a product that is high in demand.

#2. Build a High-Converting “Impulse” Page

The term “impulse” implies one where traffic turns to “leads”. To garner as many leads as possible, a certain structure needs to be followed so that consumers are tempted to join the email list. What makes this step simple is that the content-creating aspect has already been taken care of.

#3. Implement the Targeted Traffic Plan

This step entails increasing traffic whether it be through free or paid services. As a result, one can anticipate making commissions of $100 per day. However, in addition to these three steps, individuals will have to implement two income accelerators that help to transform the $100 to $500 and $1000 per day respectively.

The first of the two income accelerators is called the Profit Funnel. The lesson to be learnt here is that once leads have been garnered, they will need to be contacted several times. This is done through a series of automated emails that induce consumers to finally buy a product.

Next comes, Product Launch, which as the name suggests, recommends individuals to create their own products. Although the idea of coming up with a product might seem exhausting, again, much of the work is said to be taken care of. In fact, individuals will have to follow a process that helps them find hot-selling products that can be used as a foundation to their own product launch.

Once a “spin” has been added to an existing idea, it needs to be created, and the do’s and don’ts of this will be shared in detail. Finally, products will be plugged into, which supposedly includes readily available templates.

What are the benefits of the Infinity Project?

Besides laying everything out for individuals, the Infinity Project is deemed low risk, as it does not require one to have a physical inventory, or any contacts with suppliers or wholesalers (i.e. very little to spend). In addition:

  • There are no barriers to entry
  • This system has high profit margins with an income of up to 6-figures
  • Individuals do not need special expertise or technical knowledge
  • This system has been “proven to work” as it has been around for nearly 5 years

How much does the Infinity Project cost?

The Infinity Project costs $1497. This can be paid in full or in three installments of $597 each. That said, this system can be tested by individuals risk-free for 30 days. If within this period, one is dissatisfied with the results, a refund can be requested. As an addition, the duo is offered 2 years free membership to their online marketing classroom.

The Online Marketing Classroom is a monthly membership that covers strategies, business plans and marketing formulas poised to bring 7-figure incomes per month. Through this service individuals will gain access to six content labs, a library filled with plans, manuals and cheat sheets (total of 45 tutorials) and 40 live, beneficial workshops.

Who are Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton?

Steven and Aidan form the Digital Success Network, where they also offer the Underground Sales System.

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth is an established online entrepreneur with over two decades of experience within this respective field. Having started his career in the early 2000s, and faced a number of hurdles, he stands high today with several services from software as a service and coaching to eCommerce, affiliate programs and marketing to name the least.

Steven Clayton

Steven Clayton invested 15 to 17 years within the corporate world before joining forces with Aidan Booth. In fact, he was both a CFO and VP of Fortune 500 companies. Although he made a name for himself in the former field, he spent much of his life in misery, especially considering the fact that he’s always wanted to be an entrepreneur. This led him to move towards the online world given that he had some background on technology.

Final Thoughts

The Infinity Project is an online training course that covers everything there is to know in regard to establishing a business, namely, selling products. What makes this training exclusive is the number of resources that individuals will gain access to, most of which can be replicated when getting right down to business.

For $1497, members will not only acquire new knowledge, but will also attain support from successful earners to date. This is definitely an advantage as nothing beats learning from the best; from their hardships to approaches that worked. Both Booth and Clayton also have a strong background on marketing, coaching, and the ins and outs of setting up online businesses, which is obviously the foundation to this course.

The one drawback here is that the course is 8 weeks long, but the money back guarantee is only in place for 30 days. Hence, individuals will have to learn at a faster pace to assess its money-making potential. To find out more about The Infinity Project, visit here.


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